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Micaela Erlanger

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2020-11-03 01:13:01

Working with a Bunch of People Who Hate Their Lives Makes You Hate Yours
This was quite literally the worst internship i?ve ever had. Staff is full of artificial, mean, conceited ladies who just make you do the crap work around the office. Think they?re better than you or entitled because they are working entry level positions with 11 hour days 6 days a week. They don?t have any substance and only want to make you do the work they don?t want to do. You also don?t get trained whatsoever. You read through this stupid manual (with no helpful content) and then review it with someone and then they tell you you can ask any questions but if you ask too many they start to get so obviously annoyed even though there is little to no help in these other ?resources.? Micaela and the entire staff don?t even care to call you by your name (i?m pretty sure they don?t even learn it) they just refer to you as ?our interns.? Micaela talks condescendingly and doesn?t even acknowledge your presence 99% of the time unless she?s calling you ?sweetie? because you did something wrong. She doesn?t do any work, everyone else does it for her. You?re expected to have everything DOWN 1.5 weeks into the internship even though there is no training or help and if you take too long with sample trafficking they make you feel like an idiot. They provide absolutely no opportunity to do anything fun or creative (like they put in the description). You also work ungodly hours (9-?5:30? but they make you do horrible runs near the end of the day and it results in being done at 8pm). You are so worn at the end of the day but then you?re usually taking something far away after or some large amount of fedex boxes down because they can?t do it themselves. You don?t even get A BREAK AND YOURE NOT PAID!!! I dreaded going to this internship every day and i got so upset near the end of my shift. This is exploitive labor at its absolute peak. No pay, you?re treated horribly, and they just take advantage of your free labor with no opportunities to grow in any capacity. Absolute worst company ever.


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