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Ward Mahowald

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2020-11-09 03:34:58

Disappointed in the management and ethics
Boring and monotonous most of the year. Micro management and unequal treatment. Unethical behaviors from upper management left a bad taste in my mouth. Rules are not followed by everyone but are enforced on a few when it is convenient for management. ie. to get rid of an employee who causes too much ?trouble? (speaks their mind) or that they just don?t like. Assumptions are made by people who know next to nothing about the job being done and with no direct communication with the people doing the work. Promotions given in the same manner and positions made up to keep certain people happy. Certain accents are not acceptable and others are, ie. Chinese or Indian accents are not acceptable but British or Australian accents are fine regardless of relevant qualifications. Other discriminations also that are more indirect but still noticeable. Rules put into place and then disregarded or retracted by corporate once problem employees have been fired or quit. I could go on but the gist is that the environment is great for someone who can conform to the stepford ways they want from lower level employees and keep their mouths shut. There is no room for advancement through good work or excelling in your position, only through brown nosing and mimicking management?s behavior. Pay is not up to industry stands for the work being done and job descriptions do not match the actual job responsibilities, I imagine so they can keep the pay that way.


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