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Tim Mcbride

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2020-11-09 04:46:05

Get in and get out quick. Exploit those who exploits you.
They will penny pinch you and take every advantage of you. If you're relatively new or short on experience, they will exploit that fully by underpay you and throw you more responsibilities than what your job title says. It's another reason why the quality of their work could never break through a certain level. Once young talents are trained up, they find the first chance to get out. Most of the work force is comprised of Jr talents with very few Sr level leads that are very well compensated. They will send you home for half a day and tell you to come back in the afternoon just so they can get away with not paying you for 4 hours. I've seen young artists who traversed from afar, just to be sent home and asked to come back later so it won't hit their books. Of the very few staff artists that were on staff, many were also asked to go on vacation during slow season even when they had already exhausted the measly number of vacation days that was provided to them. Many end up taking unpaid vacations. Which they would deny and called it voluntary. They seem to have very little to no artists on staff and mostly rely on heavy freelancing. Very often they would put you on hold for a very short period of time (few days or few short weeks if even) and every chance they get, they'll send you home if you have a few hours of spare time to save money. Several co-owners here, but many look down on you. Some of the things you hear in the hallway, and the way people are treated by some of the co-owners would make normal HR cringe. But don't let their HR fool you, they're nice with a friendly smile, but have no real HR training, they're mostly there to get by and process paper work and payroll. If any quality come out of any work, they're mainly being done by the on-the-box leads, but credits are claimed by their co-owners. My advice is, get in and get out quick. If you're relatively new to the industry. They will give you a chance, but they will exploit you. But also take this opportunity and exploit them too. Once experience is gained, get out and find something/somewhere better. it's hard enough to find steady work in LA, but they are still out there. Many will treat you better. If only they will invest in its people, imagine what quality of work it can achieve. Instead, they'll never be able to retain talent and will never be able to do any real high end work.


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