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Daniel Klohn

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2020-11-09 05:39:55

I have PTSD now.
Toxic work environment. Some co-workers are spies (no joke) and if you rub them the wrong way they can get you fired instantly. Everyone that works there is selfish and only think of themselves. Collaborations are non-existent and nobody likes feedback. The owner aligns with the definition of bi-polar and a personality disorder. He's loaded with personal problems. Not nice AT ALL. Typical stereotypical 'christian' (note: the cross in the logo) that poses as 'pure' and filled with the 'love of God', but really he hates your guts. Pack a lunch because it's frowned upon if you leave for 30 minutes to grab a snack or a very expensive sandwich at the nearby French cafe. If you take a break and are needed during that time, you are toast. Breaks are heavily monitored. HR cannot tell you not to take a lunch, but they definitely insinuate it. The owner will throw you on projects suddenly even if it puts another deadline in jeopardy. One time the owner screamed at me. He has tantrums like a spoiled 5 year old. Several times the owner bolted away from a meeting for no reason. He is misogynistic. He is homophobic despite the fact he hires people from the LGBTQ+ community. All of this negativity is dumped on your head and it is very distracting affecting your work. I wish former employees would join together and sue him because he is a the absolute definition of an A-hole. It took me 4 years to get over the PTSD from this studio and I'm just now starting to trust employers again.


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