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Rob Whitfield

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2020-11-09 06:09:52

Keith Ferrazzi -- the CEO and Founder -- is a narcissist and abusive
I?ve watched Keith Ferrazzi climb to success by gaslighting and manipulating his way to the top. Behind the scenes, he verbally abused employees and texted them all hours of the night. He also does not have an HR department so you cannot report the abuses that are happening here. He also advised employees to write false reviews on Glassdoor to cover-up the negative ones (see below). The reason why it is difficult for many people to recognize Keith?s abusive behavior is because he can be very charming on the surface. As a speaker, he can captivate audiences with his loud personality. As a coach, he mesmerizes clients by hosting fancy dinner parties at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills. He will be polite, professional, and charismatic to clients who pay him. But, behind-the-scenes, Keith exhibits a "Jekkyl and Hyde-like" personality and is verbally abuse, conducts "bait-and-switch" tactics, will intimidate and bully employees by threatening to fire them, and is the quintessential ego-maniac boss. He is very conniving and calculated with his manipulation and abuse. He will also easily "flip-a-switch" and speak negatively about a client if they begin to question or see through his manipulative tactics. I can write a novel about the horrible treatment and range of abuses that go on here. But, for the sake of keeping this review short and honest, I advise companies not to hire Ferrazzi Greenlight. Please do not reward narcissistic and abusive behavior. For people who are contemplating whether to work here, I caution you. Your mental health will suffer. And you deserve better.


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