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11/09/2020 @ 10:05 am

The job market is too good to waste your time here! Niagara is a family owned and operated company whose only concern is more money in their pockets. This is great but they need to be honest and not hire people under false pretenses which they always do. If you are not a family member, family friend, or close confident of the family you will not be successful at Niagara. The average tenure at Niagara is 3 years so don?t waste your time here when there are so many better opportunities in today?s job market. 22 of the 66 employees have left Niagara in the last 18 months because of the company culture and lack of respect by Niagara owners and executives. A large majority of the employees who have left were educated professionals in higher up positions like VP positions all the way down to customer service and the warehouse. The majority of people who work at Niagara are not higher educated which may be why executives treat us the way they do. This is not a great place to work and has only been given the award the last 2 years because if you didn?t complete the survey you continued receiving emails reminding you to do so. Employees felt pressured to keep their jobs so they did the survey because if it was an anonymous survey no one would have known who had or hadn?t completed it. If you like surveys, there?s never a shortage because Niagara uses them instead of face to face communication with employees. Niagara boosts values that they in no way stand behind. There isn?t a bit of integrity in any of the actions by this company. To avoid defamation claims this will be left here but know if you?re a person with morals and a conscious this isn?t the company for you. They use their employees until they are no longer of any use and then dispose of them as if they were never vital in change or growth.

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11/05/2023 @ 12:13 pm

"Kyle Cutler"

Kyle Cutler reviewed Niagara, and the feedback is rather critical. The job market is described as being too good to waste time at Niagara, a family-owned company. The primary concern highlighted in this review is the company's apparent focus on profit, often at the expense of its employees. The reviewer suggests that Niagara tends to hire people under false pretenses, and success within the company seems to be closely tied to being a family member, a family friend, or someone with a strong connection to the family. The review points out that the average employee tenure at Niagara is just three years, and a significant number of employees have left the company in the last 18 months due to issues related to company culture and a lack of respect from Niagara's owners and executives. This turnover includes educated professionals in various positions, from VP roles to customer service and warehouse jobs. The review also suggests that there might be a discrepancy in education levels among employees, potentially contributing to the way executives treat the workforce. The company's recent awards are criticized as possibly influenced by pressuring employees to complete surveys, and the reviewer indicates that Niagara heavily relies on surveys instead of direct communication with their staff. The review concludes by questioning the company's integrity and suggests that Niagara uses its employees until they are no longer useful and then discards them without acknowledgment of their contributions to the company's growth. Overall, Kyle Cutler's review of Niagara is critical and raises concerns about the company's treatment of its employees, hiring practices, and workplace culture. It may serve as valuable feedback for those considering employment with the company.

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