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Randy Young

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2020-11-09 10:50:12

Too Stressful and Too Abusive
First off the office is very small, so all the animators are stuffed into a small room and forced to work with a lot of distractions. It makes being creative and keeping your concentration very difficult. While you are working on a hard deadline, you will have to listen as your coworkers gets chewed out for not creating something correctly or for not responding to their email within 5 minutes. The turnover rate for the animators is very high, so you will have to get used to new people every few months. Overtime is expected, enforced and unpaid. You will be working late nights, weekends and sometimes as much as 60+ hours per week. This also means being forced through meals and sometimes work til as late as 3am. And just to reiterate, the overtime is not paid because you are a salary employee and Lionshare breaks the employment laws of California. When it comes to the work, you will be asked to redo, remake, revise the projects over and over again. Most of the day is spent making changes to changes. The Owners aren't very visually creative, so their process is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks, then throwing it a few more times. They will also constantly tell you to add "cayenne" to projects, without being anymore specific then that. The littlest mistakes are treated as they massive errors and things will come to a screeching halt. Everything is blown out of portion and taken as a personal offense. As if each error was purposely done to harm the business and in turn harm the owners. If the Owners get frustrated they will berate employees and threaten to fire them. Yelling is a common thing, but this usually happens between the Owners. One of the Owners is also someone who is constantly stressed out and upset. They take it out on the team and this creates an abusive and hostile working environment.


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