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11/09/2020 @ 11:29 am

Very negative gossipy bullying place, terrible salary and pay No one smiles here- enough said. Take that as a visual cue. Don't read the short fake reviews here on glassdoor read the long ones. Working at Dr. Dennis Gross skincare is like going to a funeral every morning. I honestly do not recommend working at the corporate office of Dr. Dennis Gross skincare, please don't come here, may be a field position will be okay, but at the corporate office in new york, there is a low vibration energy of negativity, gossip, dirty looks, politics, toxic, mean girls nature, and just low frequency of your soul hurting. You will develop anxiety and low morale here and go home feeling sad wondering why you work here while looking for a new job. There are people here who gossip all day long, managers talking dirt about all employees, speculating gossip and judging employees on how they dress, how they look, the ceo judges you on your appearance, if you don't dress well here you won't be respected, even though they say it is business casual- the upper managers only respect those who dress like vogue magazine, literally the negativity comes from the top of the chain here and spreads down to lower employees. It's like a bunch of top management sitting at a wedding venue talking trash and gossip about all the guests and you -a normal sane person just stay far and away. The upper managers do favoritism, how do you become their favorite? simple: become their best friend, talk about your personal life with them, tell them they're good looking, go to happy hour drinks with them, sense of humor, add them on instagram, make them laugh! then you wrap them around your finger and join their bullying talk dirt about everyone secret club while winging your 9-5 job and feeling like you have the baton to bully others. The managers here are more about the friendship then about professional work and ethics. Friendship, drinking and sense of humor gets you far here. There are also a couple of men here in very high management positions who also act like the ladies and gossip, speculate, and spread negativity. Literally every time someone hands in their notice they have to say "thank God they're leaving" or make rude comments about their departure and just speculate and talk dirt cause they have nothing better to do. This company has had bullying complaints before where some mean girls have hurt another employees mental health and morale here and HR did not do anything because of friendship favoritism or romantic relations, there was another here who would yell and scream from her office, scream on the phone, and talk trash about every employee yet they were promoted and a favorite of the ceo and top managers, other women who worked here were bullies, talking horrible unnecessary things about other employees who did not even work in their department, or had anything to do with them, and they would gossip all day at their desk infecting the place with their negativity it was like 13 Reasons Why on netflix mixed with mean girls and these women are like 28 years old...but you know what they say, when someone's a bully they have deep rooted insecurities and hidden psychological traumas from childhood that makes them turn into bullies and poop on others to make themselves feel better. Normal humans who are mentally good and secure with themselves do not laugh and make fun of others they simply keep to themselves and stay humble. I also saw top management women talk dirt about one employee simply because she was making coffee in the kitchen, and they wanted her to get out of there so they could make their own coffee. The CEO is not a good person, she is really mean and judgmental and if you don't dress like vogue magazine around her she has no respect for you. She doesn't even look at her employees down the rank or talk to them, she only talks to the top elite managers here her squad members. This place has a lot of politics, like even your desk space where you sit everything is decided by the top elite management and they do it very politically, judgmentally and everything has to be broken down by if they like you or they don't, not by your work and how much you diligently do your job every day. There is no real HR presence here, the HR is a placebo effect here, not really an active role here, the HR team here just focuses on basics, parties and office management like ordering supplies and food. When you have questions about your days off or medical stuff or jury duty, they have no clue and don't want to deal with it, and the HR managers in the past even did not have a valid education degree in Human Resources, psychology or sociology to be a qualified HR manager here, they were simply selected by the CEO for mom duties and ordering food for the office or organizing parties. Even if you get a promotion here, the upper managers and top position people make it seem like it was a political move for their own selfish reasons, and they still act like they don't like you or want you gone, it's like why did you promote me then when I had another job interview lined up? Nothing adds up at Dr. Dennis Gross skincare. Things feel eery and questionable. When you first start working here, it feels great like you made it to a great business empire corporate company and are going to work hard and make money for the CEO, but as time goes on there are moments where you feel like you are not even part of the team, your work goes unnoticed, you don't get to show your creative business moves or pitches, you never get to pitch an idea to the CEO or top team members, you have no voice, and instead no matter how good you are at your role, you feel "talked about" "gossiped about" bullied, you feel this eery creepy feeling like you're not wanted there for some reason because you're not a favorite who went to drinks with a top manager or suck up to a VP or something. There is a lot of fear here, a lot of anxiety, when there are company parties or office gatherings, you have to do buddy system and find a friend to stick with cause it is that intimidating and anxious to be around gossipy, judgy upper management people. Once you witness the CEO, the Vice Presidents and top elite managers talk crap about other employees, do fake smiles with you, and make awful facial expressions at other employees, you will never feel good in your heart working at your job ever again. You will never have peace and comfort in your soul knowing that your career or job is fulfilled. Working at Dr. Dennis Gross skincare corporate business office, I always feel a void, something is not right, something is missing, it does not feel like a long term career, it feels like a paycheck job where you are just passing through. The high turn around rate and lack of smiles here speak for themselves. No one says good morning here. Sometimes they can be cheap here too, they hate paying for and ordering printer ink for example. After having other jobs on the side, and several other offers, I know my worth and value and can proudly say I am far more happier and respected at a new job now and the empty void in my heart that I felt at Dr. Dennis Gross has now been healed and filled with team togetherness, team motivation, being valued and needed, and my talent and hard work is now recognized. My new job has a positive atmosphere and a strict no bullying policy where you have to sign a form that you will respect and love other employees. Instead of talking negative or gossip, at my new job everyone is so nice and friendly, they are secure with themselves, intelligent and talk about the work that needs to be done, working as a team to complete it, technology and strategy, celebrations. There is no negativity like there is at Dennis Gross. There is so much better out there, don't settle for Dr. Dennis Gross skincare. The name and the products may look good when you're a consumer, but the behind the scenes at the corporate office as an employee is really scary, sad and filled with tears.

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