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United States, New York, New York
29 years old
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My name is Martha Clark, I am 28, based in New York.
Work as a Brand Manager in Callmechat
Focusing with new strategies in brand strategy, also working with my blog about relationship,
mental health and social confidence.I am very impressed by people who are capable of thinking
largely and disclose the potential where they could not even think. As a journalist and as a
Brand Manager, the most important will be making decisions that go beyond the usual.
There is where no one has come in, but with the experience of my work,
I can say that these are the most obvious things.
As a journalist I working with articles for a few blog sites, basically about relationship, advice's for marriage and dating online.
I worked on Freelance for many years, mostly copyrighting and visual development for sites and brands.Today I work in the Internet service for dates, where we are developing strategies to attract different audiences. Communication Key to understanding, so I learn languages, in addition to English - German and French
Infidelity Matters! It Can Create Serious Problems

Being cheated on is the worst thing to happen to a person who truly believes that the person they love is faithful to them. It hits the core of your life and breaks your heart to suddenly realize that you are being played with by that someone whom you really trust.

But why do your partners need to cheat? Are you not that good enough for them? What makes them turn into cheating partners from being loving partners? All questions doom every part of your life, and  being cheated on makes you feel insecure about yourself that it lessens your confidence being a person. But how can anyone know that his partner is cheating on him when all he does is showing you good things and acting as if you are his one and only love?

You always look answers for those questions that you even seek relationships advice  from other persons who have been through it or just to have someone to talk to. Or you even read books about how to keep the relationship strong so that your partner would not even try to cheat on you, or worse, you don't really  notice that what you are trying to look for are signs if your partner is already cheating on you. 

If you are looking for this signs and patterns, The Handbook of Cheating is the right guide that you must read. It is a book that contains many stories of being cheated and possible reasons why your spouse's cheat on you.

The book provides answers to frequent questions when someone is being cheated and also possible solutions to  prevent this kind of dilemma in a relationship. One cannot fathom the fact that relationship problems can greatly affect oneself especially to those who have caught their cheating spouse together with his lover.

The Handbook of Cheating also contains candid insights on how you could adjust to your spouses who used to be good and loving wives or husbands, but  now turned into  cheating spouses. It will also open your mind of the real reasons  why and how he or she cheats on you, and realize that maybe his reasons are true.

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10/27/2021 @ 07:05 am

Martha really working as Professional. Friendly and always open for different decisions to make the best!

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  • Brooklyn College , United States , New York

    Journalsit , I get really nice knowledge about writing.
    10/2004 - 11/2008
Career History
  • Callmechat , United States , New York , I formed trademark for future clients. Now we work with promotion the idea Communication is a KEY. Better interface, support updating, visual basics.
    Brand Manager
    New York
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  • responsibility
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  • trademark
  • marketing
  • soft communication skill
  • deadline work
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