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@Saginthesun, an artist versed in a multitude of creative mediums, is a dedicated student of the universe and the human experience, with a keen focus on spirituality and the unfettered expression of imaginative ideas.

Her art serves as a powerful catalyst for personal growth, transformation, and healing, illuminating the realms within and without. She firmly believes in the cosmic potency of creativity and employs it to forge connections with others and their higher selves.

In addition, @Saginthesun is deeply impassioned by matters of social justice, equity, and human rights. She harnesses the transformative potential of art to advocate for marginalized cultures.

As both a poet and artist, she places unwavering faith in the potential of words to effect positive change in the world and employs her platform to champion underrepresented communities. Her commitment to social justice and the instrumental role of art in driving action is unwavering.

@saginthesun's poetry is a raw exploration of themes like love, sorrow, identity, and injustice, having earned recognition in various publications. Presently, she is putting the finishing touches on her inaugural poetry collection.

She is a beacon of love and enlightenment, on an unceasing quest for truth and knowledge, with a steadfast dedication to spirituality, the liberation of black communities, and the creation of an all-encompassing world.

@saginthesun believes that creativity stands as one of the most potent tools for enhancing our lives and the world around us, constantly exploring fresh avenues for self-expression.

As a self-taught artist in painting and sketching, she embarked on her artistic journey with landscapes and seascapes, but her current repertoire spans diverse genres and mediums. She perpetually seeks new conduits for conveying her essence and innovative concepts.

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11/02/2023 @ 04:35 pm

"A Creative Force Uniting Hearts and Souls"

@Saginthesun's artistic prowess is truly remarkable. As an artist who explores the realms of spirituality and human experience, she channels her creativity into a powerful tool for personal growth, transformation, and healing. Her work delves deep into both our internal and external worlds, emphasizing the profound connection between them. She beautifully demonstrates how creativity is a force that can bridge gaps and help us evolve, bringing people closer to their higher selves. A true visionary and a five-star artist!

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11/02/2023 @ 04:36 pm

"A Cosmic Artistry Journey"

@Saginthesun is a multi-talented artist who explores a diverse range of mediums. Her work is a captivating blend of spirituality and creative expression, with a strong emphasis on personal development and healing. Through her art, she takes us on a journey that delves into both the inner and outer dimensions of human existence. Her profound belief in the transformative power of creativity shines through in her work, as she skillfully connects with others and helps them connect with their higher selves. A five-star artist who guides us on a cosmic journey of self-discovery through her artistic brilliance.

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