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Christopher Morra

United States
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Christopher Morra is an experienced carpenter, outdoorsman, and farmer who also owns a very successful security & fire alarm company.

Christopher Morra is an experienced entrepreneur with quite an impressive skill set. In fact, he is a gifted carpenter, technician, businessman, and outdoorsman. He is the current owner of the National Security Fire alarm systems, which provides high quality alarm systems to homeowners, government offices, and even to Fortune 500 companies.

Beginning as a carpenter

When Christopher Morra was still in high school, he went to work as an assistant for a master carpenter. This experience inspired his love of working with his hands. Over the years, Chris has parlayed his passion for craftsmanship into an incredibly lucrative business. Every day that he works, Mr. Morra utilizes the basic skills and business acumen that he learned while working as a carpenter‘s assistant.

The benefits of having a skill

In today’s economy, it is very important to have a skill to fall back on. We live in a culture where more than half of the people who graduate from high school go to college. Because the job market is currently so flooded with educated workers, no one is guaranteed to find a job in their field of study right after school. Carpentry, on the other hand, is a highly technical skill that few people have these days. For this reason, carpentry may prove a lucrative way to make a living for those who excel at the craft.

The importance of the security fire alarm business

Unfortunately, whenever the economy takes a downturn, the crime rate tends to increase. With this in mind, all individuals should look into purchasing a high quality security system to protect their assets.

Christopher Morra is best described as a multitalented individual. From the time that he was a young man, he showed a natural inclination towards science, mechanics, and electronics. Even as a boy, Christopher always found himself wondering how things work and how he could make improvements upon traditional designs. He began his career as a carpenter; he now owns and operates his own security business.

An early introduction to the working world

Before Christopher Morra had even graduated from Warrick Veteran Memorial High School in 1981, he was already preparing for his career. As a teenager, he worked after school as a carpenter’s assistant for two years. This experience taught him the value of hard work. It also helped him to learn a lot about workplace safety and about how to take proper care of tools.

Working at a car dealership

Chris went to work for an automobile dealership. This experience would prove very useful in his later career. Working at a car dealership taught Christopher a lot about salesmanship. He learned that if he wanted to own his own business one day in the future, he would have to learn how to properly address customers’ concerns.

Buying his own business at age 19

In 1981, when Mr. Morra was only 19 years old, he went to work for a security company known as RCS Security. This company sold and installed alarm systems in clients’ home. When the owner of the business became unexpectedly ill, Chris decided to buy the company and continue running it. Owning and operating his own company at such a young age proved a formative experience for Mr. Morra. It helped him to hone his business skills and to learn the fundamentals of customer service.

The beginning of National Security fire alarm systems

After Christopher bought his own burglar alarm company when he was only 19 years old, he felt that it was time to start another business. He decided to call his new project National Security fire alarm systems. Mr. Morra’s brainchild provided high quality security systems to homes and businesses. Today, his business even supplies alarm systems to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

A love of working outdoors

Ever since he can remember, Christopher Morra has always enjoyed working outdoors. Whenever he completes a difficult task with his hands, he always feels a great sense of accomplishment. In fact, he enjoys the outdoors so much that he decided to purchase a cattle farm in Rehoboth, which he calls Morrabrook Farm. Mr. Morra takes great pride in his ranch and enjoys working on it whenever he can.

Vacationing in Florida

Although Chris is very busy with running his own business, he always tries to take a nice vacation at least once a year. Whenever he can find time away from work, he enjoys visiting Florida. He finds the warm, seasonable weather incredibly pleasant.

Donating fire alarms in his father’s honor

As a young man, Mr. Morra always looked up to his father. In an effort to preserve his memory, Christopher decided to donate security & fire alarms systems to the Saratoga Memorial in Rhode Island.

The family man

Although Mr. Morra’s job places a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, he remains devoted to his family. In fact, he loves nothing more than spending time with his loved ones. Whenever he has time off of work, he enjoys taking his family out on the family boat. Spending time on the open water is a wonderful way to relax.

Making considerable donations to Rhode Island charities

Chris is very proud of his home state and is always more than willing to help out Rhode Islanders who are in need. In fact, he donated nearly $50,000 to Brigham Farm in 1993. He made this generous contribution to help preserve a 21-acre tract of land.

Providing the government with cutting-edge security systems

Interestingly enough, Christopher Morra’s National Security Company provides top quality alarm systems for the United States government. By offering federal institutions valuable securities systems at a fair price, his company not only protects public property, but helps to guard taxpayers’ dollars.

Guarding historic buildings in the State of Rhode Island

As an avid history buff, Mr. Morra understands the importance of guarding noteworthy buildings in his home state. For this reason, the Rhode Island Historical Society has selected National Security Company to protect some of their most valued historical buildings. As a patriotic Rhode Islander, Mr. Morra takes great pride in the fact that his own business is able to provide such a valuable service to the state.

The importance of protecting your assets

As a knowledgeable professional with many years of experience in the security & fire alarm business, Christopher Morra understands the importance of protecting one’s assets. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous thieves in the world who have no problem taking what is not theirs. In addition, there are also individuals out there who, shockingly enough, may want to do your family harm. With these two points in mind, it becomes obvious that investing in a quality home security system is an absolute necessity.

Installing security cameras

Although the idea of installing security cameras may seem like an extreme measure to some individuals, it is actually a very reasonable and wise idea. Outfitting your home or business with a video surveillance system will give you the ability to see outside of your house at any time. If you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, rather than taking the risk of looking outside, you can simply refer to your security cameras. A system such as this can provide any homeowner with an incredible peace of mind.

Choosing the right security system

Selecting the right security system to suit your personal needs will ultimately come down to what sort of home or business you are trying to protect. Every building has its own unique strong points and vulnerabilities. Christopher Morra recommends working with a professional who will custom design an alarm system for your particular home or business.

Christopher Morra plans to continue leading his National Security Company to great success. He takes great pride in his ability to continuously provide homeowners, government agencies, historical landmarks, and Fortune 500 companies with cutting-edge security capabilities.

The future of the security industry

As our culture becomes more technologically oriented, thieves and criminals will look for new ways to commit crimes. In light of this realization, security companies will have to continue to upgrade their alarm systems in order to safeguard clients’ assets.

The future of home security cameras

Although a few progressively-minded individuals have already discovered the benefits of installing home security cameras, a majority of homeowners have yet to catch on to the trend. The truth is, however, that home surveillance systems are now more affordable and easier to operate than ever. As this news continues to spread, more individuals are expected to purchase video surveillance systems to help safeguard their homes.

The future of home security technology

As an expert with many years of experience in the home security & fire alarm business, Christopher Morra understands the important relationship between technology and innovation.

  • N/A to N/A
    : Warwick Veterans Memorial High School
    : High School Diploma
    : United States
Career History
  • 01/1982 to 12/2099
    : Founder
    : United States
    : East Providlence, RI
  • N/A to N/A
    : Owner
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Sales Manager Pacific Northwest
    : Seattle
Core Competencies
  • Operations Management
  • Surveillance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Negotiation
  • Start-ups
  • Product Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Carpentry
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