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JosephTaylor Southlake

United States
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Joseph Taylor of Southlake Texas is a renowned veterinarian in the Connecticut region.

Joseph Taylor excels in his work as a veterinarian, his loving and kind approach puts both the beloved pet and its owner at ease. As he stays up-to-date with his techniques and education, he is the best choice for care for your pet. Taylor provides treatment throughout a pet’s life, offering everything from lifetime services to beginner shots. He also provides dental care, health exams, spay and neuters, and various lab services.
Joseph Taylor stresses the importance of dental care for your dogs and cats. Because these animals are particularly vulnerable to gum diseases, they need proper dental care. Any type of dental problem can have a range of symptoms, including tartar that you are able see on the teeth, swelling under the eyes, trouble eating, lethargic behavior, red or swollen gums, weight loss, discharge from the nose, and bad breath. By conducting thorough cleanings and exams, Taylor will be able to address, handle, and likely cure your cat or dog of their dental issues and complications. Additionally, he and his knowledgeable Southlake staff will offer tips and techniques for at-home dental care. Taylor suggests seeking care for your pet during his or her first year. He instructs pet owners how to brush the animal’s teeth at home with tools geared towards animal dental care. This will ward off additional problems that could pop up in the future. Taylor will ensure that your pet’s mouth has the best protection and prevention possible.

As a board certified veterinarian from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Small Animal Internal Medicine, Joseph Taylor has over a decade of experience and practice under his belt. Completing both his undergraduate and veterinary degrees at Cornell University, Taylor thrived in his studies and education. The respected and esteemed veterinary program at this school supplied him with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful veterinarian.

In an ever-changing world of veterinary techniques and medicines, Joseph Taylor makes sure he stays on top of any new content or material. He is often seen conducting research during his lunch break, as he combs through journals and magazines. In a constant hunt for new developments and advancements in the area of veterinary study, Taylor is constantly being exposed to new material. Classic rock and classical music are his favorite kinds of music to listen to while he relaxes and unwinds. An active participant in conferences and various networking events, Joseph Taylor is always in the loop about new techniques, and the most modern veterinary developments.

Parasites are extremely common in pets, especially cats and dogs. While these parasites can cause health problems and even death, Joseph Taylor of Southlake Texas and his team of experts are able to prevent these harmful bugs from getting into your pets’ systems. Heartworm can kill a pet or cause heart failure with no warning whatsoever. As a precaution, it’s good to plan ahead for heartworm, instead of waiting until a diagnosis. Seeking out the preventive techniques of a veterinarian such as Joseph Taylor, will put you steps ahead of any parasite problems.

Fleas and ticks are also a main concern with pets, Taylor points out. There is no such thing as one flea, either. While this can have painful and irritating effects on the animal, it can also wreak havoc in your home. Side effects can include hair loss, anemia, and irritation of the skin. Ticks and fleas like to hide in tall grassy and densely wooded areas, and can lead to more serious health problems, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. Furthermore, fleas and ticks can cause internal parasites. These symptoms are often severe, and include weight loss, dry hair, coughing, vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. If your pets contract the harmful parasites, your family is also at risk. Some pests are harmful to humans.

A large part of Joseph Taylor’s success as a veterinarian comes from maintaining the overall health of people’s pets. His focus on animal nutrition enables him to actively prolong the life of a treasured pet. Working closely with obese or overweight animals, Taylor’s dedication and knowledge will help your pet get back to a healthy weight. After this is accomplished, he will make sure owners go home with instructions and tips for healthy weight maintenance. Taylor explains proper diet and exercising practices in order to make sure the pet is taken care of and lives a healthy, long life. Providing each and every animal with superb and thorough care, Joseph Taylor is the veterinarian many local pet owners turn to.

Joseph Taylor's office in Southlake Texas, he is able to pamper his pet patients. However, there is a hidden reason behind this, as he is able to also sneak in grooming treatments. The pet is given a warm bath and a nail trim, along with a vigorous scrub/scratch. While the progress is enjoyable for the pet, it also benefits their health, as nails that go unmanaged can bleed, break, or become infected. Longer nails can cause tears in furniture or rugs, along with scratching floors and people.

Joseph Taylor extends his love of animals to volunteering, using any free time to help the American Humane Association of Southlake. In operation since 1877, this noble group has provided aid to pets and farm animals that endure abuse or neglect. Reaching out to millions of animals each day, this group has provided revolutionary research, documents, education, training, and various types of services that influence just about everyone. These services include the Second Chance Fund, which aids in the care of homeless animals. The American Humane Association uses profits from this fund to rescue, take care of, and provide stable homes to animals that require help. In 2009 alone, the group was able to provide financial support to over 80 organizations to help in the care of virtually 1,000 animals. These animals go beyond ordinary pets, and include cats, dogs, donkeys, pigs, goats, parrots, sheep, cows, horses, and llamas. Taylor is proud to be linked with the association, as it offers truly selfless and endless support to animals that need it most. The American Humane Association does not simply accept and distribute funds, however. It also offers educational programs to public. They hope to raise awareness and knowledge in terms of providing the best and highest level of care for animals. This helps in the goal of giving all animals a stable, loving, healthy home.

Joseph Taylor, Southlake TX is constantly showing his love and affection for animals, as he glides through his career. While he offers treatment and medications to his customers and their pet, he also makes sure to educate them in the best interests for the pet. His thorough and clear understanding of animal’s needs provides the top care for pets, as he treats each individual pet based on their individual necessities. Furthermore, Joseph Taylor is significantly involved in the American Humane Association. In a cause that is nothing but noble, Taylor is determined to help as many pets as possible. There are too many animals without a home, food, and water or are victims to abuse and neglect.

Joseph Taylor will never lose his love for animals, and values his understanding of what they need. He will continue to work extra hard for his clients, knowing their pets are a piece of their identities. Continually seeking out further education, Taylor will always learn the latest and greatest in terms of veterinary medicine and treatment. When faced with pets that suffer extremely difficult symptoms or illnesses, Joseph Taylor will continue to take extra care of both the animal and its owner.

With their never-ending objective to save all animals that suffer, the American Humane Association is lucky to have Taylor as a sponsor. While he is able to donate his funds, Joseph Taylor of Southlake is also able to donate his knowledge. His adoration of animals will allow him to make a difference in the world of animal health, treatment, and saving of abused and neglected animals.

  • N/A to N/A
    : American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
    : Small Animal Internal Medicine
    : United States
    : Lakewood, CO
  • N/A to N/A
    : Cornell University
    : Undergraduate & Veterinary Degree
    : United States
    : Ithaca, New York
Career History
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Veterinarian
    : United States
    : Soutlake, Texas
  • N/A to N/A
    : Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional
Core Competencies
  • Pet Health
  • Veterinary Services
  • Entrepreneurship
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