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68 years old
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Livia Combs strives to bring success to the companies she works with and values diligence and dedication in every aspect of her life.
Livia Combs lives without fear of tomorrow. She leaps through life without the confines of a safety net and walks each day knowing that she has the capability to make lives better. With each day of her life, Livia provides the people of her community support and wants nothing more than to see the day when everyone is accepted for who they are. As a mother, Livia shows her children that anything is possible with a great education and the will to see a task through to the very end. As a professional, Combs is a leading model of how strength and determination are the only elements needed for a successful career.
Currently looking for work in Florida, Livia Combs does not worry about finding the perfect position. What she is hoping to gain from any position she chooses is the value in knowing that she is working to bring profit and achievement to the company while also bringing positive energy around her. This recent professional hiatus has given Combs a renewed appreciation for all she has worked for in the past and the energy she knows she will need to return to an active working life. With her family encouraging her along the way and her education and experience supporting her efforts, Livia has what it takes to bring any company to the next level of success.
Always looking to grow, learn and change, Combs believes that her next career move will take her to places she has always wanted to go.
Working hard since she attended high school in Miami, Livia Combs never lets an obstacle get in her way of success. Working at a fast food chain is typical for a high school student, but Combs took her position at McDonalds as a sign for the future. She knew that the position as crew member would elevate her potential for the future, but at the time she didn’t know how. Possessing excellent decision-making skills, she never took a moment for granted at McDonalds and did what she could to make her time there worthwhile.
Using the resources available to her, Livia Combs soaked up as much knowledge as she could about the food industry while in high school. When Combs left high school and enrolled at Loyola University in Louisiana, she took a job at another McDonalds to further her knowledge about the field.
Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, puts tremendous value in seeking students with rich, diverse backgrounds. Because Livia Combs was born in Cuba and raised in New York and Peru, Loyola University choose an excellent pick when deciding to accept her as a student. The University leads by truth, virtue and wisdom and instilling these important elements into all students is crucial for allowing them the best opportunities for future success.
With a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the University offers opportunities for students to engage in research, creative activities and service to the community. The elements of service and creative activities became a staple for Livia and she applied these throughout the course of her work life to help achieve success. Striving to better educate the student as a whole and not merely the mind, Loyola University knows that each student will dedicate their lives to helping others and working to produce a better community and world.
Combs focused on communications while majoring at the University. She used the cultural background of the institution to give her a stable foundation for her future career choices. In attending classes and learning about various cultures, societies and people while studying, Livia knew that working with a richly diverse group was what she wanted to do.
Livia took her new college ideals and past life experience and applied them to what she wanted from a profession. A career in the food industry grants people the opportunity to interact with individuals from many places. Combs knew that rekindling her love of industry by taking another job at a McDonalds would give her the best chance possible for beginning her ascent in the field.
Since Livia Combs already had experience working in the food industry setting as a high school student, she was able to take a position as assistant manager at the McDonalds in Louisiana. Managing a culturally diverse crew and taking it to new successes each shift solidified Combs' belief that this was exactly what she wanted. Livia worked hard so that her store could increase customer satisfaction for her area and personal satisfaction for herself.
Taking one step at a time, she worked diligently and never complained about any setbacks she encountered. While encouraging her staff to perform to the best of their ability, Livia led by example and always showed up to work ready for the day and with a smile on her face.
When the opportunity to train new employees came around, Combs knew exactly what to do. Quality service depends on proper training and a deep understanding of regulations and store techniques. In giving new trainees the Livia Combs training, Combs knew that her store was well on its way to standing out from the rest. By the time she left college, Combs had moved from assistant manager to store manager and brought increased profit to the company.
Going to Loyola University endowed Livia with an education and mission to lead a meaningful life with and for the people of her community. Not only did she learn to appreciate global cultures, she also learned to understand what motivates the people of those cultures to speak out against negative opinion. Thinking critically and making decisions for the common good became a mantra for Livia Combs and she applied it to every facet of her professional life.
Two years after she left Loyola University, Combs became multi-unit manager for the McDonalds she worked at and continued to make changes that would benefit her McDonalds and the community as a whole.
Professional Career
Working for the Taco Bell Corporation as an area manager, she used all the knowledge she gained from past personal experience in college and professional experience from her work at McDonalds and pushed forward for new success. Combs was responsible for 189 stores in her area and had the opportunity to recruit and developed a staff to work with her in the day-to-day functions of the job. While working in this capacity, Combs developed strategic business plans and competitive assessment tools to increase the profit and success in each of the stores under her watch.
Having created a team of six operation supervisors, five field consultants, a human resources manager, a development manager and a recruiter, Combs took on the livelihood and responsibility of every single worker on her team. While others would find this stressful and overwhelming, Livia Combs used this as a way to ensure that no one is let down because of her. The strong work ethic and utter determination she possesses to get every job done allowed Combs to increase the operational capacity throughout each store. Before she left the company in 1991, Combs had produced a turnaround in overall sales growth and increased profit for three continuous years.
With many other successful positions to her name, including country director of Mexico for Wendy’s International, regional vice president for McDonald’s Corporation and vice president of operations for Mrs. Field’s Famous Brands LLC, Livia brought profit and successful strategies to all these companies.
In 2007, she worked as the regional director of operations for Blockbuster, Inc. There she developed, supported and executed strategies to deliver regional sales and great results to company-owned stores throughout the state of Florida. While creating profit increasing initiatives, Livia Combs reported to the area vice president and directed a team of 17 district managers to ensure that profit margins increased each year.
Livia Combs continues to offer her services throughout the state of Florida. While working with the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), Combs found sanctuary in the mission to enlighten and educate the public on the issues concerning Cuban relations. Her work with CANF allowed her to reach out in the community and offer her best to the people who needed it. Although she stopped working with CANF in 2002, Livia is still involved in the local Hispanic community through mentoring efforts. Furthermore, she volunteers at the local food pantry to help community residents through tough times.
Having lived in numerous places and having traveled across the globe and back again, Combs is always looking for new and exciting professional endeavors to concern herself with. The love of the food industry has stayed her passion all throughout her years and she looks forward to what the next few decades will offer her. Her mountain of experience and unwavering dedication to the job allow Livia to make the best out of all situations. From crew member of McDonalds to vice president of operations of numerous companies, Livia Combs knows that nothing is impossible with knowledge, stamina and determination.
Combs savors the time she has left before returning to the workforce. Spending time with her family and traveling to various countries in the world, Livia Combs will bring many professional assets to the table with her when the time comes.

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