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Gary Eyler

United States
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Gary Eyler is the CEO of American Credit Exchange and the College Network, lending his expertise to the online education and financial services industries.

Gary Eyler is a leader in both the financial service and online education business, and has pioneered massive movements to enhance the way people manage their personal finances and education. One of the companies he leads is American Credit Exchange, which offers debt recovery services and receivable management. The other business he has spearheaded is the College Network, which has revolutionized online education for professionals who want to delve into the health care or business professional field.

There are many factors that have attributed to Gary Eyler’s success. He has more than 40 years’ worth of experience in the business world, and has actively remained involved with all of the businesses that he has owned in the past. Gary sees himself as a job creator who is benefiting the market and the economy. Over the years, he has proudly generated more than 25,000 jobs for people around the country.

Gary has also spent time in the education industry, thus allowing him to successfully manage and operate the College Network. He has provided the path for more than 200,000people who sought out to achieve their degrees or professional certificates.

According to Gary, the key is to always look for improvement. Leading by example, he is constantly seeking ways to not only improve himself, but to also enhance the qualities of the people around him. He is a very giving individual who looks forward to sharing new ideas and past experiences with others who need guidance and assistance with their personal or professional lives.

One of Gary Eyler’s proudest accomplishments is establishing the College Network. Founded in 1992, this organization and its partnering universities have provided accessible educational programs for individuals who are seeking degrees or professional certificates solely through distance learning.

According to Gary, there are varying programs available through leading universities, so participants can attend for their associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree entirely online. The major areas of study provided through the College Network include health care, nursing, criminal justice, business, legal studies, lean six sigma, marketing, project management, fire science, human resources, and many more.

The College Network’s partnership with universities lets it offer all kinds of certifications for people who want to delve into the workforce. Gary indicates that one of the most popular programs involves the organization’s online nursing degrees. Learners can engage in online Comprehensive Learning Modules that will allow them to complete their general education and elective courses without having to compromise their established career or family life. These modules give them the ability to sit for challenge exams that may care credit that is transferable to one of the partnering universities, including:

- Angelo State University
- Boston State University
- Regis University
- Purdue University
- Lake Superior State University
- Indiana State University
- Corporate Education Group

Gary Eyler praises the College Network’s elaborate programs in the nursing field. The following degrees are available for prospective learners wishing to work in this health care sector:

Associate Degree
- Paramedic to RN

Bachelor’s Degree
- LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
- RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
- Health Care Administration
- Health Information Management

Master’s Degree
- RN to MS in Nursing
- MS in Nursing

Project Management Certificate Programs have become popular over the years as well. Gary Eyler describes how there is a higher demand and higher salary rate for people who have official certification in project management. A study conducted by the Anderson Economic Group predicted that there are 1.2 million project management positions that need filling each year until 2016. The College Network can help people get on the right track toward achieving this role.

Another survey conducted through Project Management Institute’s project management professionals found that this sector’s professionals located in the United States can earn an average of $111,000 a year. There is virtually no reason that anyone would avoid getting a Project Management Certificate since it can produce incredible results in their job search.

The College Network’s partners certification programs are offered in multiple formats. Gary Eyler lists these formats as:

- Online Project Management Certificate Program – A self-paced, on-demand instructional course for people who are already engaged in their spare time.
- Project Management Certificate – A course that comes in either a traditional classroom format or through a virtual, instructor-led setup.
- Advanced Project Management Certificate Program – A traditional classroom-based course.
- PMP Prep Fast Track Program.

Gary Eyler’s organization has produced many satisfied clients since inception. In addition to this, corporate and academic educators have shown their praise for the College Network and its extensive programs.

John J. Bonanno, president of the Boston University Corporate Education Center, stated, “Boston University Corporate Education Center has been in partnership with the College Network since November 2004. Our organization partners with many companies and we have found the College Network to be one of the most successful partnerships we have established. The College Network has consistently met or exceeded our expectations and they have proven to be an organization of high integrity.”

His excellent leadership and understanding of education in the United States is what has made the College Network so successful, and will continue to enhance this prosperity for years to come.

Gary Eyler is very optimistic about the next couple of years regarding his businesses. He intends to continue offering online education through the College Network, and offering debt recovery services through the American Credit Exchange. While his practices have allowed him to succeed thus far, he understands the importance of adapting to a changing society. That is why he also plans to experiment with new tactics to accommodate new generations of learners and debtors.

Globalization is one of these changes that business owners have to accept in this new day and age. Gary hopes to expand his global efforts through international partnerships. He understands that these borders must get torn down if a business leader wishes to change the industry. His current endeavors include building a global brand across South and Central America, and Asia.

As far as the education and debt collection industries are concerned, Gary Eyler believes that they will only improve with time. Online education is always “on” and always available for learners to access. With the modern technological marvels that bless society nowadays, there are vast opportunities for education. Gary and his team are constantly finding new and exciting ways to deliver affordable, convenient, and real world education to students at their own pace.

While he is carrying out the future success of his businesses, Gary will also continue to engage in philanthropic efforts. As mentioned earlier, he wishes to help people, which he is able to do through his involvement with the Humane Society of Indianapolis and the St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis.


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Career History
  • 10/1992 to 12/2099
    : CEO & Chairman
    : United States
    : Las Vegas, Nevada
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : CEO
    : United States
    : Las Vegas, Nevada
  • N/A to N/A
    : Carbon County School
    : Math Teacher
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  • Online Education
  • Financial Services
  • Leadership
  • Business Development
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