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Cycling, in addition to a beautiful sport, is a philosophy of life. Not only must you ride your bike to compete but also to move from one place to another with great speed and also to get in shape, although if we want to take our first steps in cycling a little more seriously
Many people are used to bike rides, either mountain bikes, fixies or traditional ride bikes, but a bicycle rider is different. If we want to start in this world it is very advisable that before buying a bicycle of these characteristics we borrow one or rent it and try it for a few days
If we really like and want to continue with that of becoming cyclists, we can go to a specialized store and let us advise by an expert. We do not necessarily have to buy a bike for beginners
With an initiation bike you will begin to acquire the necessary experience so that in a while, and if you still like cycling, you can opt for a more complete and better quality bicycle

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  • Carew's high school , Bangladesh , Dhaka

    Masters , In this case, we would worry more about the quality of the components, the difference in quality and proposals offered by the different brands, the initial adjustments, the saddles, pedal classes, handlebars and all those indispensable parts that you always have to have in account when choosing a bicycle.
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