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ChuckS Arnold

United States
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Chuck S. Arnold is a business consultant with Summit Trading Limited.

Chuck S. Arnold is passionate about business—and in fact, his business is helping other businesses to establish firm footing, and to lay the groundwork for ultimate success. He is currently a consultant with Summit Trading Limited, and in this role he is able to put his years of business experience—and his truly creative approach to problem solving—to good use.

His focus is on working with established companies looking to take the next step. Often, this means helping business owners settle on the best, most prudent path toward expansion. In other instances, he helps companies to prepare themselves for the difficult—but ultimately rewarding—process of going public. Arnold also works to help companies gain access to capital markets, as well as advising on long-term business strategies and proposals.

His list of professional interests goes on from there. In addition to working with established companies, Chuck S. Arnold also consults with start-ups. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their bright ideas and creative new business prospects off the ground.

Arnold is well-regarded within his and many other industries, and for good reason. He is known for his unparalleled foresight in the consumer market for many different products and strategies. With that said, he also has many interests outside the office, including his abiding interest in water sports. He is also an avid fisherman.

Finally, Arnold is a committed family man. He is a firm believer in family values, and believes these values to have big benefits even in the business world.

Chuck S. Arnold loves business ownership. He loves the strategy and the creative thinking that are needed to steer a company toward long-term prosperity. He has exhibited his own intuitive knowledge of how businesses can flourish—not just within his own enterprises, but also enterprises for which he has consulted.

He spent the first part of his career as an entrepreneur. He established numerous successful companies, but was not content to rest on his laurels. So, he decided to translate that success into something that would help other entrepreneurs, going into business as an advisor and consultant. Chuck has worked in this capacity for more than 25 years and counting.

As a consultant, Chuck S. Arnold has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes. He has worked with small businesses and large conglomerates; with start-ups and with established brands. He has assisted companies through liquidation, international expansion, and more. Since 1992, his mission has been to consult with companies wishing to go public, while also assisting public companies seeking to achieve their marketing and financing objectives.

He has been responsible for financing, capitalizing, and structuring start-up companies at every stage of the business cycle. He has worked with them from the inception stage all the way through their public offerings and beyond. To every start-up that he works with, Arnold brings his own unique ability to integrate marketing concepts and financial strategies, all on behalf of overall development.

Even aside from his work with start-ups, he has been responsible for placing more than $1 billion into public companies, with as much as $400 million in a single transaction. Significant mergers and acquisitions have occurred strictly as a result of Arnold’s urging, and through his network of financial specialists and international business professionals.

Chuck has carefully cultivated many positive, working relationships with international retail brokerage firms, investment bankers, traders, fund managers, and independent investors. These relationships are crucial to what he does as a consultant. He is able to call upon this network to perform a wide range of functions on behalf of his clients—including advising, public awareness planning, financial relations campaigning, and more.

Unsurprisingly, Arnold’s expertise as a business consultant has been called upon in many different ways. For example, he has traveled extensively as a guest speaker, presenting at public and private affairs and offering his own views on leadership and business growth.

Chuck S. Arnold left the lecture circuit behind following 18 years of public speaking, so that he could focus more on his primary role as a consultant. With that said, there are many ways in which he seeks to make a difference, even beyond his advisory work. One example among many: During the apartheid days, he served on the Board of the Christian Media Foundation in South Africa, helping provide funds for radio pulpits.

He has won numerous sales awards for small companies. There are many other honors and achievements he might list, as well. For example, he was a member of the board of directors for two different mutual funds, the Total Return Fund and the Income Plus Fund.

Arnold completed one year of study at Harbor College, some years ago now. What makes his achievements in life all the more remarkable is that he opted not to complete his college degree. He came to the conclusion that higher education was not for him, and as such he excitedly moved into the workforce. Most of his education comes from real-world, hands-on experience.

In addition to his work as a consultant, he has developed a true love of fishing and water sports. He sees aquatic activities as representative of business success. “Water is always fluid—just like business,” he explains.

Arnold is nothing if not relationship-centered. He believes that much of his own success comes from the long list of professional relationships he has been able to form. Chuck tried to bring family values like loyalty, service, and compassion into all of his business dealings.

Chuck S. Arnold cannot help but be passionate about business. As a leading consultant, he has helped many companies establish paths toward greater and greater success. He has played an important role in advising established companies and brand new start-up ventures in equal measure. He loves the work that he does, and as such, he has no intention of ceasing it: Though the future is impossible to predict with any certainty, Arnold hopes that his future remains in business consulting.

Even now, Chuck is working to build his own future as a business consultant. He is actively courting new clients in several different industries. He is focusing particularly on the medical, tech, and natural resource sectors. He is also seeking high-growth companies in the fields of food processing and adult care/housing.

“My professional goal is to utilize my experience and contact resources to help companies take advantage of opportunities that exist in the medical, technology, and food processing industries, among others,” Arnold comments.

Arnold highlights these industries, in particular, because he sees in them much potential for growth and expansion. In the food processing industry, for instance, there are many current trends that have changed the game, including a greater global emphasis on nutrition. He sees a chance to become more involved in this industry and to propel food processing companies forward. Likewise, the medical and technology sectors are experiencing so many innovations that business development opportunities abound.

Chuck S. Arnold hopes to take advantage of these opportunities in the not-so-distant future.

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    : Los Angelas
    : One Year of Study
    : LosAngelesHarborCollege
    : United States
    : Los Angeles, California
Career History
  • 01/1992 to 12/2099
    : Senior Advisor & Executive Business Consultant
    : not defined
    : United States
  • 01/1980 to 12/2099
    : Guest Speaker
    : not defined
    : United States
Core Competencies
  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Public Speaking
  • Capitalizing
  • Start-ups
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