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AdeyemiFawoleAB AdeyemiFawole
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Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is from Alberta, Canada. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is a post graduate in English Literature.Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole did his schooling from the University of Alberta where he received the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Master of Arts in English Literature. At present, Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is working as a teacher and teaches English Literature up to graduation level. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole knows English fluently while he has average knowledge of Russian language. Besides teaching, Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole has been researching independently in English Literature as he wants to give English Literature a new dimension and also wants to do something new in this field. In English Literature, Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole likes the books of Shakespeare, Lascelles Abercrombie, Thomas Arnold, Timothy Garton Ash, Norman Angell, Sacheverell Sitwell, John Keats, William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John-Clare. In free time, Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole likes reading literature and business books, traveling, listening to music, watching movies and writing on favorite topics. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole wants to become a linguistic of English language. In future and in profession he wants to open an institute of English language where he wants to give the students a proper guidance about English and teach them innovative things in English. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is planning to write grammar tips for the convenience of the students who want to learn English language and want to become flent in English and these blogs will be posted on the blog sites of Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is going to tell you the significance of English Literature. As per Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole, Literature is said to be a mirror of the society. It tells about the lifestyle and mentality of people. Therefore, if you want to know about any society, you should read literature associated with that particular society. For example, if you want to know about lifestyle and mentality of French people of ancient age, you will have to read ancient literature of France. If you want to know about life style and culture of French people of medieval age, you will have to read the literature of that era. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole further adds that reading any literature will give you wisdom and pleasure, but reading English Literature would really be a great experience for you. Why? Reading English literature books will not only offer things like wisdom and pleasure but also help you in building your career. How? English has become a global language and if you have good command over this language you can make your livelihood without having any professional or technical qualification. And interestingly you cannot have good command over this language without reading literature works in this language.
Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is going to tell you about the great author William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth was born on April 7 1770 in Cockermouth, Cumberland, in the Lake District. John Wordsworth was his father. He lost his father when he was just 3 and his mother when he was just 8. So, he lost his parents in his early age. Due to some domestic problems in his life, he experienced separation from her beloved and his neurotic sister Dorothy. William Wordsworth succeeded to complete his education because of his uncles. His two uncles supported him to continue his education at a local school and at Cambridge University.
Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole says that William Wordsworth started his career as a writer in 1787 when his sonnet was published in The European Magazine. In the summer vacation of 1790, William Wordsworth visited many countries like France and Switzerland. When William was on his second journey, he met a French girl named Annette Vallon, daughter of a barber-surgeon. With her, he had an illegitimate daughter Anne Caroline. This affair inspired him to write a poem "Vaudracour and Julia". Wordsworth tried his best to hide the affair from posterity but he could not succeed in his goal.
Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole tells that William Wordsworth met Coleridge in 1795 and till then his economic condition had improved a lot. He published his great work ‘Lyrical Ballads’ with the inspiration of Coleridge. He started working on ‘The Prelude’ 1798 and completed that in 1805. This large and philosophical autobiographical poem was first published in 1850. Wordsworth spent the winter of 1798-99 with his sister and Coleridge in Germany, where he composed several great poems, including 'Lucy' poems. His second collection of pomes appeared in 1807. His main works were done between 1797 and 1808. Wordsworth died on April 23, 1850.
Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole is planning to write some blogs regarding the great authors of English Literature. Adeyemi Fawole AB Adeyemi Fawole hopes you will like those.

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