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Robert Oliver, Clearwater, Florida resident is an entrepreneur dedicated to guiding Florida residents through their healthcare insurance and helping citizens of Nicaragua improve their quality of life.
Robert Oliver, Clearwater resident is a business owner who cares about giving back. Through his business, Medicaid Filing Services, LLC, he has helped individuals from all over Florida to protect their assets and file for Medicaid. He ensures that his clients receive assistance from experienced and caring staff. Medicaid Filing Services specializes in acquiring Medicaid benefits as fast as possible to residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This service, known as crisis Medicaid planning, helps numerous Florida residents get the healthcare funding they so urgently need.

Oliver is also passionate about his philanthropic work in Nicaragua. He assists Nicaraguan citizens in bettering their quality of life. For example, Oliver is involved in the Agua 4 Nicaragua project, which aims to provide clean water for citizens of Nicaragua. It also provides durable goods and medical services, and educates citizens about the dangers of unclean drinking water. Oliver also contributes to the Rancho Farming System project, which teaches rural farmers about sustenance farming and other sustainable agricultural practices. This work in Nicaragua is important to Oliver because he strongly believes in the importance of giving back to the community and in improving the lives of others.

Apart from his business and his charitable work, Oliver maintains an active family life and remains involved in his community. He has two daughters with his wife, Charlotte, and participates in many hobbies. He enjoys snowboarding, photography, travelling, and playing tennis and basketball. He is also an active participant in his local community. These connections with the community are important to Robert Oliver; Clearwater is his home. Oliver truly believes in giving back to the community that brought him his success.
Although he was born in the Bronx, New York, the true hometown of Robert Oliver is Clearwater because that’s where Oliver has spent most of his life. In 1984, after attending the University of South Florida, Oliver decided to pursue a career in healthcare and financial planning. In order to sell life and health insurance, one must have a license, so Oliver began working towards his certification. After receiving his license, he began working at a large Florida insurer. His hard work and dedication to his job did not go unrecognized. Between 1984 and 1989, Oliver received awards from organizations such as the President’s Club and Top Ten in the United States. These awards distinguished Oliver above other insurance salesmen, and he quickly climbed the ranks of the organization, gaining knowledge about insurance and how to run a business. The experience and skills he gained during his employment at the insurance agency would soon be put to good use when he started his own insurance agency in 1990. With his success at the large insurer, he was confident that he had the talent and experience to manage his own business. His new agency specialized in health insurance and providing asset protection.

By 1996, providing Medicaid assistance to those in nursing homes became the goal of Robert Oliver for Clearwater residents. He forged a partnership with elder law attorneys in order to help seniors find out for which Medicaid benefits they qualify. These attorneys are a valuable asset in this undertaking due to their specialization in the legal issues of seniors. Oliver’s goal was to facilitate the Medicaid filing process, which many seniors found confusing and complex.

There was so much demand for his filing service that Oliver eventually created a company devoted entirely to the process. Robert Oliver, Clearwater resident became the owner and President of Medicaid Filing Services, LLC. The company specializes in helping seniors who are, or will soon be, residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Medicaid Filing Services also helps those who require Medicaid assistance immediately through its crisis Medicaid planning program.

Medicaid Filing Services does not only offer Medicaid-related assistance. The company also provides seniors many other healthcare planning services. Oliver continues to collaborate closely with elder law attorneys, investment brokers and CPAs, which allows the company to provide professional and comprehensive services. For example, Medicaid Filing Services can also provide clients with estate planning assistance, probate, various trusts, guardianship and other services important to senior citizens.

In addition, Medicaid Filing Services, LLC provides free advanced directive forms to Florida residents through its website. This service is ordinarily very expensive, costing between $500 and $5000 through an attorney’s office. These forms facilitate planning for the future and provide peace of mind for Floridians They include documents for a living will, healthcare surrogate, and power of attorney.

However, perhaps the most important service provided by Robert Oliver to Clearwater is education. Many individuals may have misconceptions or misinformation when it comes to qualifying for Medicaid, so Medicaid Filing Services’ staff are well-qualified to inform clients about their options. They regularly correct misunderstandings about eligibility, Medicaid rules and regulations, and other factors. Oliver also works to spread education about Medicaid through his community. He conducts presentations about Medicaid at numerous locations throughout Florida, including hospitals, assisted living centers, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. These presentations allow Oliver to keep healthcare providers and seniors updated about changes in Medicaid policies and regulations, and he helps to debunk myths and clear up common misconceptions concerning eligibility.

Robert Oliver, Clearwater professional, does not limit his charitable activities to his local community. He is passionate about projects to improve the quality of life of individuals in Nicaragua. For example, he is active in the project Agua 4 Nicaragua. Access to clean water may be limited or nonexistent in many developing countries, so Agua 4 Nicaragua aims to provide this life-giving necessity to Nicaraguan citizens. Because contaminated water may contain unhealthy substances such as diseases or toxins, there is an epidemic of chronic illness and even death in developing countries. However, these illnesses are a preventable problem. Agua 4 Nicaragua’s goal is to provide Nicaragua with the resources to acquire clean water, in order to improve the country’s overall health. According to the organization itself, its mission is to educate the populace and “provide medical services, durable goods, and most of all, good clean drinking water.” Helping Nicaragua obtain this critical resource, clean drinking water, will promote good health and wellness and alleviate a great public health concern.

Another philanthropic project important to Robert Oliver, Clearwater resident, is the Rancho Farming System. The main idea of the Rancho Farming System is to develop a self-sustainable farm. The mountains of northern Nicaragua contain nearly half a million farmers living in extreme poverty because they don’t know how to adequately take advantage of the resources available to them. Therefore, the Rancho Farming System teaches methods specifically developed for this region. The farm teaches farmers to raise goats, sheep and rabbits, whose waste then feeds earthworms. These worms then produce hummus, which nurtures the soil, which is then better able to grow vegetables and other crops. The earthworms are also used to feed chickens. This cycle is then able to continue, with each resource used to maximum efficiency.

Farmers also learn other strategies and techniques for living in the region, including foraging, reforestation and medicine. This program empowers farmers to solve problems in their environment, and it builds in them a stronger sense of community with fellow farmers. They become empowered to reduce poverty and hunger in their region.

Farmers in the Rancho Farming System must make a three year commitment to the program. After completion of the program, the farmers return to their villages with livestock that they now house and feed. They have learned the skills to feed their animals and families on just one-tenth of an acre of land. They are then required to share their newfound knowledge to others in their community in order to facilitate the spread of the techniques.

The Rancho Central Teaching Farm contains a cafeteria, dormitory and research center and can accommodate up to 30 families at once. Continued fundraising allows the farm to continue to operate and educate more farmers. To date, the farm has helped over 5000 people in northern Nicaragua learn more sustainable agricultural practices. Robert Oliver, Clearwater, FL resident believes that it is very important to support these farmers in their quest to improve their quality of life.
In the future, Robert Oliver, Clearwater, Florida resident hopes to continue assisting seniors with their Healthcare and insurance needs. He will also continue to reach out and support charitable endeavors, both locally and in Nicaragua. Locally, Oliver will continue to provide his free advanced directive forms through the website of his business, Medicaid Filing Services, LLC. Oliver will continue to educate Clearwater residents of important Medicaid information through his presentations to healthcare providers and seniors.

Oliver will also continue to support relief efforts in Nicaragua aimed at providing Nicaraguans adequate drinking water and sustainable agricultural practices. Oliver strongly believes in the importance of assisting developing countries and making an impact in others’ lives. Therefore, Robert Oliver, Clearwater, Florida professional will continue to improve others’ lives one at a time.

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