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Blake Zimmerman of Houston has dedicated his professional life to the servicing E&P in the power generation for oil and gas exploration needs.
Blake Zimmerman is currently the partner of NxtGen energy, an innovative company that seeks to use natural gas to generate power for production equipment. NxtGen is based out of Houston, Texas and apart from being a partner Blake is also one of the founders. One of their main goals is to eliminate the use of diesel fuel at or around their worksite. It’s fair to say that Zimmerman has dedicated his life to his work as he hopes to create more alternatives for domestic energy. He has a strong understanding of how part of the natural gas and oil extraction process can be detrimental to the environment and he works to find solutions to that problem every day.

Thanks to research and technology advancements, Blake is able to ensure that less damage is inflicted in the pursuit of viable energy resources. Using state-of-the-art tools like power electronics allows engineers to more accurately control the production of oil and gas. Being able to control these area's cuts down on the amount of energy required produce the oil. While he’s certainly enthusiastic and passionate about his work, he also spends time traveling around the country. When he’s not working, he is dedicated to spending time with his family, golfing, listening to music, and cooking.
Blake Zimmerman has spent his career working to develop the best ways to approach natural gas and oil exploration. From very early on in his career, he understood that these practices could offer Americans an alternative to the domestic energy that was causing undue harm to nature. Although he has spent multiple years in the natural gas and energy industry, he began his career after graduating from Texas A&M where Blake was a member of the Gas Processors Association. His colleagues noticed his drive and passion from very early in and he quickly became well respected among his classmates and colleagues. He took his dedication a step further by becoming involved with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as well as the Gas & Electric Partnership.

After helping to found and operate NxtGen Energy, Blake Zimmerman began to explore more environmentally-friendly energy sources. NxtGen Energy began to assist other companies in their recovery of oil and natural gas from wells and natural reserves. It offered a much more environmentally sound opportunity when they provided the natural gas based power generation that was used to run the production equipment. NxtGen became a part of the upstream petroleum industry as they searched for new alternatives to the traditional exploration and production of natural gases. Rather than using diesel to power the production equipment, Nxtgen uses EPA certified natural gas power generation and state-of-the-art technology power electronics to better control the energy required that are most likely to have the greatest energy returns.

Nearly one million wells across America have undergone fracking. Fracking is a term used to identify hydraulic fracturing which allows companies to pull natural gases from below the earth’s surface. Fracking often requires engineers to pump pressurized water into certain types of rocks, which then emit natural gases. It’s important to note that these natural gases are important to various aspects of everyday life. Some of these natural gas extraction processes can be damaging to the environment even when experienced engineering teams conduct them.

Since 2006, the amount of shale natural gas offering in America has increased by 39%. Technology advancements have garnered an industry shift where the oil production out of every well has doubled since 1985. Companies have decreased their drilling to accommodate the technology advancements in the industry. Nxtgen set the precedent for responsible and effective drilling with Blake leading the way.

When Blake Zimmerman was not assisting Nxtgen in their revolutionary practices, he was enjoying time with his family and friends. His grandparents owned and operated a rural Texas restaurant, which helped him learn to appreciate the wealth of knowledge in the culinary industry. Zimmerman began to sincerely appreciate cooking and experimenting with different kinds of food. In his travels across America he has tasted the finest cuisines with different cultural flares. Although he has an appreciation for different foods, Vietnamese style is among his favorites.

Blake finds peace and relaxation in music. Although he has dedicated his life to his career, music has always been a part of his life. In his visits to New Orleans, he loved to listen the jazzy compositions that he came across around the city. Every year in Austin, Texas he loves to attend the South by Southwest music festival which boasts days of music and activities. In 2012, over 19,000 music industry professionals came together at South by Southwest to offer discussions, panels, and demo listening. Each year he is able to experience new sounds and new people from all walks of life. Blake Zimmerman is able to handle various aspects of his exciting life while still remaining dedicated to his passion for the natural gas and oil industry.
Over the last decade the oil & gas industry has made great strides to be more environmentally and technologically sound. Blake Zimmerman of Houston, Texas is highly respected in this community for being an integral part of that shift. His leadership as a founder of Nxtgen helped usher in changes that enabled it to handle the rigors of energy resource production, gathering, and transmission. In the future, he plans to continue his work to ensure that drilling is completed using the best methods available.

He spends free time on his Texas ranch going fishing or hunting. These types of activities keep him in tune with nature which is important in his decisions at Nxtgen.

Whether its new technology to make production more efficient or new methods to make the process safer for the environment, Bake is committed to doing it the best way possible. In the meantime, he spends time with his family fishing when he can get away. He also is quite the sports fanatic and plans to continue share that passion with his 11-year-old daughter. He is able to share his love of golf with his daughter and he even caddies for her during her junior competitions. Blake Zimmerman of Houston finds a balance between his time with his daughter and the things in life that make him most happy.

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  • Texas A&M University , United States , College Station, Tx

    Industrial Distribution
    01/1990 - 01/1994
Career History
  • President , United States , Houston, Tx , Providing Production Optimization, Remote Power, Controls & Monitoring, Artificial Lift Systems to E&P companies.
    05/2012 to 12/2099
  • Corporate Accounts Manager , United States , Houston
    01/2010 to 01/2012
  • North America Sales Manager, Oil & Gas , United States , Houston, TX , Microturbine
    01/2008 to 01/2010
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