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Matthew Roblez is a certified and published structural engineer as well as a celebrated wrestling announcer and commentator.
Matthew Roblez is the director of structural engineering for McNeil Engineering firm. He is board certified in engineering and is a co-investor in McNeil.
Roblez serves as the principal structural engineer for numerous projects, extending his skills to construction management initiatives and seismic analysis. He and his team of structural engineers take on projects in diverse categories, serving the needs of private citizens, corporations, and the government.
As an engineering director with McNeil, he offers services including civil and structural engineering, land surveying, high-definition scanning, general consulting, and landscape architecture advising. In every area of his professional career, he is committed to upholding the McNeil firm policy: efficient, timely, and economical solutions for every client.
Matthew Roblez is a well-respected leader in structural engineering. He has garnered acclaim for his technical publications and his professional lectures. He relies on modern software as well as his personal engineering skills to provide high-quality results to the clients of McNeil.
Matthew has diversified his skill set by engaging in an additional career as a professional wrestling announcer and commentator. He has gained recognition and acclaim by contributing his vocal talents to benefit the fans and participants of Ultra Championship Zero in Utah. He works with Zero 1 Pure Pro Wrestling in Arizona and Squared Circle Pro Wrestling in Texas.
An active contributor to his community, Roblez currently coaches slow-pitch softball. He is a spotter for ESPN 700 radio, a local ESPN affiliate that broadcasts University of Utah football and basketball games.
Matthew Roblez began his professional career by pursuing a degree in civil engineering. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Utah.
As a skilled structural engineer, he joined McNeil Engineering, a firm specializing in personal client relations and highly customized projects.
As a team member, he learned to balance safety, conservation, and client satisfaction to uphold the firm’s reputation for excellence.
He joined the firm in offering landscape surveys and reports that both elevated visual appeal and assisted in the conservation of natural resources. Recognizing the importance of serving the community through preservation, Roblez partnered with McNeil in the firm’s efforts to preserve historic stonework by diligently documenting existing conditions and stone maps at heritage sites.
A specialist in structural engineering, Matthew partnered with fellow professionals to plan, design, and construct buildings and civil works projects. The structural engineers were primarily assigned to low-rise and mid-rise commercial, medical, residential, institutional, and governmental buildings.
Success in the structural engineering branch relied on analysis skills as well as solving problems related to structures and foundations. Roblez and fellow engineers relied on innovate software to investigate structural systems and provide valuable early-stage engineering designs.
As a member of the structural engineering department, Matthew came to rely on constructability and seismic analysis. Matthew Roblez created alternative designs to save on construction costs as well as time. He became responsible for accurate documentation related to structural analysis, design, specifications, and construction. His career included field observation, construction management, and concrete technology consultation.
He and fellow engineers worked with reinforced, precast, and pre-stressed concrete, including production, transportation, and assembly. He filed structural investigations and reports as well as structural damage and failure analyses. He oversaw construction products and materials development as well as the repair, strengthening, and retrofitting of structures.
His extensive responsibilities as a structural engineer contributed to numerous joint successes with McNeil Engineering.
Matthew Roblez and the firm employed surveying and civil engineering strategies for projects at Gateway Salt Lake. The team provided ALTA surveys, site layout, subdivision plots, grading, draining, roadway design, site utility design, and stormwater detention. Roblez and McNeil Engineering gave stability and efficiency to Gateway structures including Fidelity Office Tower, Gateway 5 and 6, and the Hyatt Hotel.
The two oversaw the engineering needs of Dugway Military Housing, an extensive 20-home residential housing initiative. Creating 17 new homes in English Village as well as three homes on Colonel’s Hill, Roblez and McNeil implemented layout advising, civil and landscape design, recreational area design, and the creation of two new culs-de-sacs with new utility mains. The firm’s efforts achieved military standards as well as LEED Platinum certification.
At Ashley Valley Ballpark in Vernal, Utah, he and McNeil provided vital structural engineering design services for the park’s announcement booth and two-story concession stand. The project relied on a prefabricated truss roof system on timber-framed walls. Using Revit 3D software, Matthew Roblez and his fellow structural engineers connected multiple construction systems for the park’s new features.
Matthew and McNeil designed the two-story Cable Mountain Lodge hotel. In 2006, the new structure met the International Building Code and met seismic design category D, one of the highest categories in the country. Matthew and the team were able to evaluate safety, structural integrity, and lifespan for the Draper Bridge, relying on advanced 3D scanning and modeling.
Matthew and McNeil redesigned the natural landscaping of the University of Utah Health and Sciences building. The firm created a functional and appealing walkway, ecologically-suitable plants, and a new irrigation system to reduce water consumption by 50%.
Outside of his lucrative career with McNeil Engineering, Matthew cultivated unique talent as a professional wrestling announcer. He perfected the art of wrestling ring announcing under the alias MK Bandit.
In 2009, as MK Bandit, Matthew Roblez performed in over 40 wrestling events. His efforts helped to boost the popularity and success of American Xtreme Wrestling (AXW).
From 2009 to 2012, heincorporated his engineering skills with his interest in wrestling. He edited and directed each of AXW’s promotional videos. The 80 AXW promo videos on Matthew's YouTube channel have garnered over 10,000 views. He assisted in the design and construction of a new AXW main event ring that remains in use today.
Matthew Roblez was proud to partner with the efforts of AXW to bring high-quality wrestling entertainment to devoted fans. He joined AXW in working with non-profit organizations, allowing fans to support charitable causes while enjoying a variety of wrestling styles.
In addition to his career as an announcer, he has been a participant in and supporter of athletics since age 8. In 1987, Matthew helped Judge Memorial Catholic High School reach the Utah State Hockey playoffs.
From 2007 to 2011, he was a dedicated supporter of the Salt City Derby Girls roller derby organization. He was Head Referee for the organization from 2009 to 2010. He provided financial backing for the Salt City Derby Girls banked track, which was then christened the Bandit Banked Track to thank Matthew for his vital support.
Roblez trained as a professional sales representative for Mary Kay cosmetics. While many know Mary Kay for their makeup line, the brand also offers complete skincare for men, including cologne, shaving cream, and facial washes.
As a rep for Mary Kay, he learned to treat his position as an independent business. He drummed up commissions and managed work hours while growing his client base. He was able to make a positive impact in the lives of clients while building his own skills in sales and client relations.
He was proud to partner with Mary Kay in providing vital philanthropic donations to worthy causes. Mary Kay has donated over $31 million to domestic violence associations worldwide. The organization pledges financial support for research to cure breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. As a Mary Kay rep, he supported the firm’s environmental initiatives by using recycled materials and safe product ingredients.
Matthew Roblez has balanced his professional career with diverse passions, community involvement, and support for philanthropic giving.
Matthew Roblez will continue to pair excellence in structural engineering with diverse hobbies and support for his community.
As a wrestling announcer and commentator for Ultra Championship Zero, he will bring his enthusiasm and vocal talent to the forefront, providing entertainment for devoted participants and passionate fans. He recognizes the propensity for such athletic endeavors to unite diverse individuals as a single community of fans.
He will continue to pledge his time and energy to Ultra Championship Zero, contributing to the popularity and success of professional wrestling in Utah and across America.
At McNeil Engineering, he will continue to expand his skills as a leader, director, and engineering expert. Matthew will foster strong collaboration efforts within the structural engineering department, using foresight and problem-solving to guide his team.
Partnering with McNeil, he will uphold the company’s policies on conservation, historic preservation, and client care.
Roblez will continue to devote careful attention to environmental impacts, implementing designs that will provide aesthetic appeal and practical usage while making superb use of natural resources. He will uphold the firm’s method of heritage preservation by carefully considering and documenting the impact of new projects on significant local masonic structures.
As an experienced, industry-recognized structural engineer, he will continue to value the trust placed in McNeil Engineering by its clientele. He will rely on the latest technological innovations and his own areas of expertise to transfer practical, cost-effective engineering solutions to the firm’s valued clients.
Matthew Roblez will also continue to support the local community by contributing to local athletics and by upholding responsible engineering policies and practices.

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