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Author and entrepreneur Jeremy Tick discovered his niche in marketing and business rebranding strategies.
Jeremy Tick launched his first business at 24 and has yet to slow down. After leaving school at a young age to pursue his entrepreneurial interests, he has started several small businesses, restructured eight others, earned both an undergraduate and master’s degree, and has worked or consulted for several high profile, internationally-renowned organizations. Tick is an entrepreneur from his core and believes in continuous self-evaluation and improvement – the rationale behind returning to academia after twelve years of work. Performing guided case studies in business management and organizational behavior, he believed, would make him a better consultant. This, coupled with his many years of experience, led to the launch of his consulting and coaching enterprise, Tick Management Group.

Specialization in rebranding and reorganization strategies is a highly sought after skill set that has rewarded Jeremy Tick significant success, especially during these changing times. Companies often struggle with advertising campaigns and corporate images being true to their core abilities, whether they are online, brick-and-mortar stores, service providers, or public personalities - they often need refreshing and restructuring to be successful. Jeremy Tick is a proven expert at finding and highlighting these strengths and reorganizing employee efforts while developing strategies to prevent any potential business threats. His career focus is on rebranding strategies and reorganizing corporate infrastructure; Tick fully evaluates each project and sees how to maximize internal strengths and generate the publicity required for increased future business based on an enterprise’s authentic, value added capabilities.

Jeremy Tick is an avid community and philanthropic supporter. He believes in giving back to programs, foundations, and individuals who have helped him attain his success, just one motivator for him to work as a mentor to adult learners. Fortunate enough to find his niche and achieve early professional independence, by helping adults earn their undergraduate degrees and study things of meaning to them; Jeremy hopes to foster the same kind of self knowledge, motivation and achievement for his mentees. He is also highly active in Friends of St. Jude, children’s disease prevention and treatment organization.
In starting his first business at 24, Jeremy Tick has had led a life of business adventure and entrepreneurial excitement. He left college to explore and experience his passion for business and test his abilities in major markets Boston, Los Angeles and New York, while learning, hands on, through his work with internationally renowned companies. After eight years of work with companies varying in size and scope from local retailer to international taste influencer, he launched his first business and learned firsthand the frenzied but rewarding experience of building a business from more than just an idea: hard work with strategy and a strong grasp of reality.

Entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, are faced with untold challenges that can thwart their endeavors. Jeremy Tick, like other successful startup owners, had to learn everything from the ground up. He learned early on that the best way to ensure success is to develop a firm brand a strong sense of direction and a realistic approach to achieving the benchmarks required for success.

All business gets to a place in their lifecycle where change is imminent. This is a rewarding yet frustrating moment in the business’s development. Owners have to hire new employees, hunt down fresh clients, and start diversifying products and services. All of this becomes a distraction from the main objectives of a business — renewable business and sustainable profit. Startups, in their second stage, will begin to require ‘norming,’ structure and process that wasn’t necessary or even helpful in the beginning stages. This is the time in the business’s life where the value of things like mission statements, business plans, and long-term goals really comes into play. Once a startup matures into a business – it needs to understand what it is really in the business of doing and what measures are required for it’s continued success. This is the time when someone like Jeremy Tick and his firm Tick Management Group becomes of use. People specialized in this field help businesses become better versions of themselves.

For all of his life, Jeremy Tick has believed in the importance of community service. Whether it’s a marathon or walk, charity auction, or high school car wash, non-profits require public support to continue doing what they do – Jeremy has chaired and donated his time to many, many such events. Tick is an active contributor to St. Jude as well as to his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, and mentors adults seeking to further their education.

Following the successful launch of his second business, Jeremy Tick believed it would help him be a better manager if he returned to college and earn a degree in business management and organization behavior. Though he had worked for more than 12 years, he understood the education process he could experience combined with the discipline he would need to develop would be invaluable. Having run two businesses, Tick knew where his weaknesses lay, and found a program tailored for adult learners like him, seeking to become improved versions of the managers/entrepreneurs they already were. Undergraduate programs for returning students expose those who choose to participate in guided instruction, especially experienced entrepreneurs, to new and unexpected challenges; Tick worked as hard as he could and, like in his business endeavors, reaped the rewards and found himself a vocal member of a vibrant community of high achievers, who like him, wanted to continue their journey with the confidence that comes with guidance and mentorship.

Jeremy Tick entered into the State University of New York’s FORUM Management Education Program where he was the second youngest student, despite being 28. This program required a minimum of five years management experience and is reserved for adult learners specialized in management looking to expand their knowledge and gain a competitive edge. Tick graduated in an impressive 18 months and found he wanted to further his education He went on to Carnegie Mellon University where he earned his master’s degree in management and organization design, an extremely competitive program – ranked number 9 in the nation by U.S News and World Reports.

One of Jeremy’s first influential career moves was his going from the John Hancock Funds Communications Department to first interning and then becoming Marketing Associate for Dean & Deluca, the luxury foods and cookware emporium based in New York City. While he worked there, he was responsible for designing all communication efforts and was the point person for all media inquiries and prospective partnerships. With his unusual background, Tick was able to support the creative director to find niche markets and new ways to market products to a new audience. While working at Dean & DeLuca, Jeremy Tick was able to learn about and become an integral member of the product development team, photo shoot and catalogue production, and even a bit of copywriting. His success at Dean and Deluca landed him leadership positions with New York-based SVM Model Management and, eventually, New York and LA based Emperors New Clothes and Shout Out! Clothing.

Since beginning his work endeavors, Jeremy Tick has understood the importance of written communication. Photos, advertisements, and videos are one thing, but the written word has the power to convert clients and build a brand better than most everything else combined. Tick understands that, if maneuvered correctly, precise sentences and well-written content have more impact than a billboard ad or commercial. Tick hold a strong regard for grammar, spelling, and work etiquette – email management, just some of the qualities that helped him secure a project with Vogue.

In 2000, he was hired as an editorial assistant for Vogue, a leading fashion magazine. While there he worked in the ‘market editor’s’ department helping to organize the work required for the launch for Teen Vogue, a project his past experiences had prepared him to handle. Like many of his projects, his unique blend of experiences in both the creative and analytical worlds rendered him vital to the project.

Jeremy Tic has recently published Becoming Toasted, Building Your Brand from the Inside Out, a semi-autobiographical account of his experiences in successful business organization and the brands that can be built from such efforts. The book offers advice for what he calls “Creative Professionals” looking to successfully organize and brand their businesses. Writing a book, however, is easier said than done.

Authors struggle with the notorious “writer’s block,” a self-stopping issue that slows down the creative process. The best advice for circumventing writer’s block is to write through it; if a section or chapter is difficult, for example, jot down notes and outlines and move onto the next one. Having a unique, colorful history like Jeremy Tick does make the process easier. Moving chronologically, writers become more like scribes as they jot down their history and share the wisdom gained through experience. Books like Becoming Toasted, Building Your Brand from the Inside Out are extremely useful tools for experienced professionals to share their message with a larger audience. .

Jeremy Tick, while in graduate school, using the amalgamation of experiences, both academic and practical, launched a consulting firm specialized in corporate restructuring and rebranding. Tick Management Group consults with business leaders to aid them in the many challenges they face in being true to their mission – training and recruiting staff, retaining business, and organizing workflow to ensure high quality output. The company was founded during his time at Carnegie Mellon, when they engaged him to spearhead the global rebranding efforts of the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy & Management.

The university engaged Jeremy Tick’s marketing expertise to help rebrand them because of his unique insight, as a student, and unique experience, as a branding specialist. For the duration of this project, he helped guide key stakeholders and decision makers to educate and promoting the public about the school’s top tier, excellent programs. Jeremy Tick’s insight into the value of quantitative training coupled with his understanding of consumer psychology led to the program’s success. He helped the University to craft of meaningful message to its global target audience of change agents. A rebranding effort is only a success if the public agrees. In 2013 U.S News and World Reports ranked the school # 9 in the world in its class.

Consumers in all demographics are all looking for different thing from an enterprise; this includes pricing structure, brand, corporate mission, product attributes, and other equally meaningful qualities. This said, it is important for rebranding strategies to trim the fat and focus only on what they do best to mitigate risk. Doing so often requires an outside perspective (such as what Tick’s firm offers) to honestly and thoroughly assess a brand. Once the true attributes are identified, rebranding experts use platforms like social media, press releases, and commercials amongst other mediums to share with consumers who they are, or who they have become. Businesses across all industries, especially with the unfolding of our new economy have had rebranding work for help them become more efficient and true to their promise; Jeremy Tick, in the past five, has built a practice specialized to help businesses become better – to date his firm has reorganized and rebranded eight different businesses.
Having started young, Jeremy Tick has found success comes through hard work and determination. He believes that no company is good enough not to perform the work to ensure they consistently deliver upon their brand’s promise. Specialized in helping business leaders understand what their firm truly does best, and where they can profit from reorganization, he is notably one of the finest re-branders in the country, capable of turning around any enterprise in need of change.

Since the beginning of his career, Tick has realized the importance of challenging experiences and continuing education. Self improvement and guided exploration provides people opportunities not found in the work world. Jeremy Tick took advantage of his time at Carnegie Mellon not only by taking master’s level courses, but by taking on the school as a client. He saw were change could happen, highlighted his capabilities, and help the enterprise achieve its mission.

Jeremy Tick sees the value of community support and continues to actively help where he is able. Charities, foundations, service organizations, and others rely on both businesses and individuals to continue and deliver their mission. Tick understands that community organizations aim to better the world; he also understand that without support and a strong hold on their mission, sometimes involving a reorganization and rebranding they will not succeed in their mission. This is why he volunteers - to help non-profits and others looking to change truly understand their capabilities and communicate and draw support with transparency and accuracy.

The publication of Becoming Toasted: Building Your Brand from the Inside, Out marks the beginning of a new chapter in Jeremy Tick’s life. He hopes to spread his message to inspire brand authenticity and as result, higher levels of success in business activity at all organization levels. His book shares the ins and outs of organization to achieve true and accurate corporate messaging while taking readers on a quantitative quest to understand and ‘Toast” their own capacity for success – however they view it. Personal and business assessment, two components to a brand’s truth are qualities that he actively seeks to encourage, and as result, improve. In the end, Tick believes that everyone has the capacity to be successful in his or her own right. Through hard work, strategic risks and a commitment to the ongoing pursuit of excellence, entrepreneurs can achieve untold, meaningful success.

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