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Perri Weissman is an experienced and passionate lawyer specializing in the fields of healthcare law and compliance.
Perri Weissman is currently employed as a legal consultant at PMP in New York, NY. Since February 2012, she has performed Corporate Integrity Agreement Readiness Assessments. This job requires her to review policies and procedures and conduct systems reviews across multiple types of work, as well as coordinate presentations and workshops. She is also in charge of Compliance Monitoring Program Design and Development, a long-term effort to engage a pharmaceutical client’s legal, compliance, and business units during the introduction of a new compliance monitoring program. In this capacity, she performed analyses and created methodologies to fulfill new monitoring and promotional requirements. Lastly, Weissman worked with the State, Federal, and International Aggregate Spend Requirements and Disclosure. She researched international transparency regulations for 26 different European Union member nations, and filed state aggregate spend disclosures for clients.

PMP, the firm which employs Perri Weissman, is a management consulting firm devoted to helping clients with compliance, finance, sales, and marketing processes. The firm has clients in several industries, including Specialty pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, and medical devices. In this capacity, PMP often works with medical affairs, research and development, regulatory affairs, marketing and sales, and legal departments within their client’s organizations. Additionally, PMP offers a special suite of technological services to assist clients in dealing with automated health care compliance processes.
Perri Weissman began her career after graduating from the State University of New York in Albany. She gained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in education, and graduated with an impressive 3.45 grade point average. She went on to obtain her Jurist Doctor from the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College in Central Islip, NY. Weissman graduated in May 2010 in the top quarter of her class; she was also honored with the CALI Award for Future Excellence, which was the highest honor accorded to her class.

Perri Weissman was exceedingly busy during her years at law school. She founded and became president of the Elder law Trusts and Estate Society. She was a team leader with the Pro Bono Project, New Orleans, during which she traveled to Louisiana for eight days to help elderly men and women apply for FEMA aid. This sparked an interest in travel, and she later flew to Hong Kong to study abroad during the summer of 2008; the experience gave her valuable hands-on experience in comparative international law. During her years of study, Weissman also became certified in WestLaw and LexisNexis legal research.

Weissman was admitted to the bar in both New York and New Jersey, and is also eligible for admittance in Washington, D.C. Before graduating, Perri Weissman worked for major drugstore Duane Reade as a compliance intern. Between May 2009 and August 2010, she interpreted commercial lease provisions, modified contracts, researched state licensing operations, and performed compliance audits. She also participated in continuing education at the Health Care Compliance Association, including CMS webinars for effective compliance programs. Both this real-life experience and the continuing education available prepared Weissman for her current position with PMP.

Perri Weissman has settled in a highly specialized field of law: Healthcare compliance negotiations. While she is quite happy in her line of work, it’s not uncommon for friends and acquaintances to misguidedly seek legal advice from her, misunderstanding the technicalities of the legal profession. Simply put, Weissman reminds her friends that not every lawyer is qualified to address all types of legal concerns – most have distinct specialties that should be considered when hiring legal representation.
Weissman reminds prospective clients that it is important to research any attorney before you engage their help. Shop around and explore your options. Choose attorneys who have experience in your area of trouble.

In her daily life, when she’s not busy practicing for PMP, Perri Weissman strongly believes in the benefits of pro-bono work, perhaps as a result of her time in New Orleans. One of her current pursuits is Two Together, a tutoring program that operates through the Jewish Community Center. Two Together provides free, one-on-one tutoring to school children between the ages of eight and 18. Over 150 tutors currently work with Two Together, and collectively they greatly increase children’s chances of graduating and being accepted into college. Especially in a large urban area such as metropolitan New York City, school-age boys and girls benefit enormously from tutoring, which provides role models and improved confidence/self-esteem, in addition to an improved mastery of skills.

Weissman also fights against cancer through charitable outreach like the Revlon Cancer Walk, The Diabetes Walk, and the Breast Cancer Walk. The Revlon Walk began in 1994, and has grown into one of America’s largest fundraising events. Cumulatively, these walks have contributed over $68 million to breast cancer research, a cause about which Perri Weissman feels passionate.

Aside from her standard bar memberships, Weissman also belongs to the Women’s Bar Association, the Intellectual Property Law Society, and the Student Bar Association. The Women’s Bar is a “non-profit organization devoted to improving the status of women in society, educating women lawyers and assisting them in professional development and advancement, and promoting the fair and equal administration of justice.” Weissman feels that as a woman in a field still populated mostly by men, it is important for female lawyers to be able to bond together and share their experiences and wisdom with each other.

Perri Weissman is a dedicated and passionate lawyer. She has grown into a competent, well-rounded individual through her dedication to charitable work and external research and development. The hard work and ethics she displayed in college paid off with a respectable position at a well-regarded firm, and Weismann is certain to continue developing and learning due to her incredible diligence and drive.
As her career progresses forward, Perri Weissman will continue to demonstrate the intelligence and determination that has driven her this far. She looks forward to continuing her education through seminars and other external opportunities, and seeks to continually expand her knowledge of the complex field of healthcare law and compliance. Weissman has always had an active interest in furthering the legal field, which requires a deep understanding of its various facets. Thinking back on her days in Hong Kong and Beijing, Weissman also confesses to a desire to travel more (whether that is business related or strictly a pleasure venture). Her work with the European Union for PMP has stoked an interest in international law that would deeply appreciate an opportunity to observe practices in any of the nations with which she negotiates.

In her personal life, Weissman will continue her work with Two Together, and explains that working with the children is addictive. While she does admit to hoping to one day get married and have children of her own, for now Weissman is content. Teaching those young children to read and write reminds Weissman that she owes a great debt to all the educators who helped her achieve her dreams in law, and she hopes that she can have a similar impact on the lives of her students.

Additionally, Weissman plans to continue her work with fundraising for cancer research and treatment. Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosis in the United States, and Weissman feels strongly that now is the time to make moves to halt this disease once and for all (and it doesn’t hurt that those charitable walk/runs are a great way to get some exercise!). All told, whether it be in her charitable endeavors, her tenacious law career, or simply her free time, Perri Weissman displays incredible resolve and intellect. She is excited to meet the future and all of the challenges that it brings.

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  • Touro College , United States , Central Islip

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  • State University of New York , United States , Albany, NY

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