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Roger Igo, The Bell Tower President and CEO, has a famed music management career in his past.
Roger Igo manages one of the group’s premier destinations in the United States. The Bell Tower on 34th Street in Houston, Texas is a beautiful, high-end event destination that hosts weddings, conferences, and celebrations of all types. Its location contains breathtaking gardens and terraces that create a beautiful, natural atmosphere even alongside its striking stone pillars and luxurious marble-floored ballrooms. Each and every detail of the space was designed to make guests feel as if they were royalty. At the same time, the exquisite details and attentiveness of the staff ensure that the entire experience feels like home.

Those who know Roger Igo personally are not surprised that his illustrious career has led him to a place where he can combine art and business. As a music industry great who left the world of rock and hip hop for something more, Igo’s keen eye for classic, stylish motifs that create an elegant feeling for all can be found throughout his newest creation. His attentiveness to detail, quality, atmosphere, and experience are what won him accolades in the 1990’s music world. Today, he continues employ these skills as a real estate and business mogul.

Roger Igo is also a father and husband. He is actively involved in his children’s Parent Teacher Association and works with his wife each day at the office. Igo is dedicated to the continual perfection of his craft. He is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Council Cabinet member of the World Affairs Council of Houston, and a graduate of CEO Space International.
Roger Igo is a businessman with soul. Twenty years ago, he was proving it each day as he played music, managed bands, and co-founded record labels. To get there, though, Roger first attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he learned to understand the business and art of making music.

As a musician and music lover himself, Igo decided he wanted to help a talented group of artists make it big. In the early 1990’s he became a manager at Global Village Enterprises in Houston, Texas. There, he specialized in marketing the company and scheduling, managing, and promoting musical acts. He also was responsible for sales and airtime when one of the label’s bands got a new hit or produced a record. As if this weren’t enough for one man to handle, Igo decided to co-found his own record label, World Records, around this same time. He also started a Texas music newsletter and became a host on local radio station KSEV’s “The New Home Radio Show.” Igo was becoming a busy and popular man.

Roger undoubtedly learned a great many managerial and marketing skills during his time in these roles. However, one thing that cannot be underestimated is the amount of multi-tasking ability and tenacity it took to juggle all of these responsibilities at the same time. Additionally, Roger Igo always kept his friends, colleagues and partners in mind, focusing on relationships rather than transactions. He kept his work intentional at all times, making sure to never view any person or clients as just a number. This earned him a coveted spot in the book “Meet and Grow Rich.” This book catalogs famous individuals who worked so well with their peers that it boosted their business performance exponentially. Eventually, Igo decided to try his hand at something new and equally challenging that allowed him to help others in another way. This meant going after his business law degree and becoming an entrepreneur.

After leaving the music industry, Roger Igo studied business law at Houston Community College in Houston, Texas. The program focused on the “principles of law which form the legal framework for business activity including applicable statutes, contracts, and agency.” The program also detailed the commercial aspects of these statutes and laws as well. This set Roger Igo ahead of others in the field.

While still in school, Igo began work as a recovery agent and earned a paycheck of roughly $360,000.00 a year doing so. Although work as a recovery agent was an exciting and rewarding job, it also came with significant risks and large demands on his time. Roger eventually began work as a Vice President of Development at Casa Builders. Here, he could employ his strengths in both management, business law, and marketing. At Casa, he managed to increase the company’s number of home orders by over 700% in just one short year. This began what would become an excellent life-long reputation as a real estate mogul. After he became a licensed Texas real estate broker and holding a position at Martha Turner Properties, Roger Igo was eventually able to open his own development corporation.

In 2004, Igo Developments, Ltd. was born. As the senior director, partner, and developer at the firm, Igo had some challenging but exciting roles on his hands and was determined to make them worth it. Through its initial endeavors, the company oversaw $25.5 million in sales and saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees due to the diligence and expertise of its director, Roger Igo. The Bell Tower, Igo’s next project, would come along five years later.

By 2009 another company would have the benefit of Igo’s leadership. Shortly after 2008, The Bell Tower Group, USA, hired its new company president - Roger Igo. The Bell Tower was formed after the bankruptcy of an event venue in Houston that cost its investors a great deal of money. The venue was soon operated by the Bell Tower Group, which planned to reinvent the site completely. Because of his talents and innovative spirit, Roger Igo was charged with turning this would-be tragedy into a golden opportunity. By revamping the building, its services, and its staff, Roger Igo’s The Bell Tower soon became one of the most sought-after event locations in Houston, Texas. Its fountains, architecture, marble pillars and gorgeous open air garden terraces have earned the location an exquisite reputation for those looking to host a world-class event. With its executive staff, including Roger Igo, The Bell Tower has the look and feel of a perfectly decorated, designed, engineered, and managed space. As a result, its popularity has grown in the Houston area and it has become a well-known staple of the city.

To Roger Igo, The Bell Tower is not his greatest work. Instead, he views his role as a father as one of his most amazing to date. He serves on the Dad’s Club of the Houston Independent School District’s Parent-Teacher Association. He also enjoys spending time with his family on the beaches on Galveston Island when he can. He is dedicated to youth sports and, as a result, regularly sponsors a local little league team. He prioritizes family and views his wife as a close partner in every personal and business venture he takes.

For Roger Igo, The Bell Tower’s name is an appropriate one given his work and his passion. Igo’s dedication to his faith and his church defines him, and have spurred him to support a Christian counseling organization for struggling families called Liberty Path. The group offers support and therapy for those who have experienced trauma, loss, addiction, and other life challenges. As a former member of the non-profit’s board, Igo believes in Liberty Path’s mission wholeheartedly and is proud to be able to support such a valuable cause.
Roger Igo, plans to continue his work for the community both in and outside of his day job. This includes bettering the city of Houston and state of Texas as whole by providing quality services, volunteering, and undertaking philanthropic pursuits. His dedication to his family will continue to guide him in his off time and will remain his greatest priority.

Plans for The Bell Tower include maintaining the high level of service, quality, and care that has earned the venue its already stellar reputation. The venue has already perfected the arts of catering and event hosting, and its staff is committed to staying educated and on top of the latest trends. As it grows in popularity, The Bell Tower plans to expand its offerings and make every event even more tailored to individual needs.

Roger Igo is currently a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, which is a global community of Top Business Leaders committed to changing the world through their work. As part of this movement, Roger will not only dedicate his time and expertise to the cause, he will continue to innovate the field of business management as well.
The portrait of an American family and businessman is undoubtedly Roger Igo. The Bell Tower, his previous companies as well as musical endeavors have equipped him to manage and direct the next generation of leaders, planners, and managers effectively. Through his values and commitment to excellence, Roger Igo is sure to leave a major impact wherever he goes.

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  • Berklee College of Music , United States , Boston, MA

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    08/1988 - 05/1992
  • Houston Community College , United States , Houston, TX

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    04/1993 to 12/2099
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