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Joy LevinePalmBeach

United States
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Joy Levine Palm Beach is a New York City resident and corporate apartment business owner.

Currently, Joy Levine Palm Beach lives and works in New York City. As a native resident of New York, particularly West Chester County, it’s not surprising that she chooses to live in the city today. Levine is the successful business owner of a company that offers corporate apartment rentals in Manhattan. The units are available for a 30-day minimum to executives and professionals, as well as students, interns and other individuals seeking a place to stay for a short amount of time. Some of the locations of the units include:

• West Village
• Financial District
• Union Square
• East Village
• Nolita
• SoHo
• Wall Street
• Midtown
• Times Square
• Battery Park City
• Grammercy Park
• Murray Hill
• Turtle Bay

The units come fully furnished and are available from 30 days to one year. The rentals are a better option than hotels as they are less expensive and have luxuries that are not found in typical hotel rooms. All of the units are renovated and come complete with modern kitchens and new appliances. All units have air conditioning, central heating, television and high-speed Internet. In addition, pots and pans, linens and towels and other necessities are provided.

Joy Levine Palm Beach is committed to her work. But, more importantly, she is dedicated to her family. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family members. Her family enjoys taking trips to the beach together as well as going to amusement parks. In her own spare time, Levine likes to go bike riding and also enjoys staying home to work on art projects, read and watch movies.

Joy Levine Palm Beach was born and raised in West Chester County. This county is located just north of New York City and Long Island and is known as one of the wealthiest regions of New York. In 2010, West Chester was home to nearly one million citizens. West Chester County is made up of six cities, 19 towns and 23 villages. The region is known for its unparalleled beauty and features charming colonial-style homes. Many people who work in New York City choose to live in West Chester as it gives them the opportunity to own spacious homes and private property, while still maintaining convenient residence close to the center of the city.

Joy Levine Palm Beach has always enjoyed surrounding herself with her family. Her family is known to take family trips together to the beach and amusement parks. Thus, it wasn’t difficult for her to make the decision to live in her native state. Currently, Levine lives and works in New York City. When she is not working, Levine has always enjoyed bike riding, watching movies, reading autobiographies, solving puzzles, doing art projects and more. Levine has always possessed a sincere commitment to her family and has always greatly enjoyed spending time with them during her time off of work.

Before starting her own corporate housing rental business, Joy Levine Palm Beach worked as an insurance broker for a prominent firm in New York. During her time in this position, she was one of the most successful and highest grossing producers of the company that she worked for. Insurance brokers are professionals who work in insurance retail. Thus, they are responsible for the purchase, sale and negotiation of insurance policies. Typically, in order to become an insurance broker, individuals must obtain an insurance broker license. These licenses differ from state to state.

While working as an insurance broker, Joy Levine Palm Beach began getting involved with the industry of managing short-term rental housing. Before long, she came to the realization that she had a natural passion for the corporate rental industry and pursued it as a professional career. Levine noticed that there was a lack in such housing and felt that she could fill the void by providing alternative housing to executives and professionals on business. She used her natural expertise and knowledge and began acquiring homes to serve as short-term rentals for individuals traveling on business.

Since she started her company, Joy Levine Palm Beach has offered her tenants flexible and convenient housing, at no extra fee other than the cost of rent. Her apartments are always available on month-to-month terms, which create a great sense of affordability, convenience and flexibility for clients. On average, the apartments offered by Joy Levine Palm Beach are 33 percent less expensive than the cost of extended hotel room stays. Levine has always made sure that all of her apartments come fully furnished, providing the luxuries of everyday life. Her selection of apartments differ in size and location. Many of the units provide ample room for friends and family members to come visit.
Many of the apartments have kitchens, which gives tenants the benefit of dining out less and cooking meals at home, saving time, money and energy. The company has always required a 30-day minimum stay for all units. Other than that minimum, the terms of rental are extremely flexible.

Levine’s company has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in corporate rentals in New York City. All of the housing is equipped with amenities including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, central heat and more. All units come equipped with a 32” television as well as general necessities including towel, linens, pots and pans. Many of the units have convenient washers and dryers, eliminating trips to the Laundromat or dry cleaner. Units are offered in locations across New York City including:

• Wall Street
• West Village
• Financial District
• Union Square
• Nolita
• East Village
• Battery Park City
• SoHo
• Midtown
• East Midtown
• Murray Hill
• Grammercy Park
• Times Square
• Turtle Bay

Since Joy Levine Palm Beach started her company, she has witnesses much growth and success. She has received numerous positive reviews since she began offering affordable apartments for short-term leases. Below are just two of the many positive reviews one can find online concerning Levine’s company.

One particular tenant visiting New York City from Connecticut said that finding a rental through Joy Levine “was a great alternative” and made her feel as if she “actually lived in the area.” She added that the price of the unit was exceptionally reasonable and the apartment was a decent size, compared to most apartments in New York City. Overall, the client said she would absolutely recommend the unit and the business, as it provided her with an affordable rental, in a great location.

Another client testimony came from Blaze Goldberg from Boca Raton, FL. Goldberg describes the business as one that provides “great service and value.” She added that it was great to get to a big city and have a place to stay “without breaking the bank.”
All of Levine’s apartments have always tried to accommodate not only individuals, but also families and larger groups of people who are travelling together. Her business is incredibly flexible and she has always tried her hardest to cater to any tenant’s specific needs and desires. If tenants so choose, they can request extra airbeds to accommodate personal guests that are visiting from out of town. Rates for each unit differ according to size and location. Apartments are typically available in studio floor plans or one and two bedroom floor plans.

Levine has always committed herself to provide clients with the best quality service and care. She is dedicated to providing hardworking executives, professionals and students with a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live. The overall goal of the corporate rental company owned by Joy Levine Palm Beach is to provide all individuals with a great, furnished apartment in New York City for a short amount of term.

Joy Levine Palm Beach will continue to provide her executive clients with comfortable and convenient housing in areas of New York City including Wall Street, West Village, Financial District, Union Square, Nolita, East Village, Battery Park City, SoHo, Midtown, East Midtown, Murray Hill, Grammercy Park, Times Square and Turtle Bay. In the future, she may acquire more units to further serve the unique needs of all of her tenants. She is unsure of the growth that her company will experience in the next few years but hopes she will continue to satisfy all of her clients and continue to succeed in the industry of short-term corporate rentals.

Levine will continue to make sure that all of her apartments are as comfortable as possible by providing quality household necessities and amenities. Some of these necessities include basic comforts like linens and towels and pots and pans. Units will also continue to feature high-quality flat screen 32’” televisions and Wi-Fi Internet connection. Most importantly, Levine hopes to provide clients with affordable, as well as convenient, housing. Her current rates run around 33 percent less than the cost of a typical extended hotel stay. She hopes that in the future, she will continue to provide these competitive rates to all of her clients.

Levine will also continue to dedicate her spare time to enjoying her close family. She hopes to take many more trips to the beach and amusement parks with her family members. Joy Levine Palm Beach hopes that her clients will continue to realize the plethora of benefits that short-term corporate rentals offer for professionals who are travelling.


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