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Arman Izadi

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas
Age: 36 | Profile views: 1.7K
4.91 of 5
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Reviews (11)
4.91 of 5
2019-08-15 15:57:53

I have worked with Arman Izadi on several projects. He is very professional and deserves a positive review.

2019-08-17 21:51:37 - edited

Arman (Armani) Izadi was a pleasure to meet. He painted our boys and girls club for free and the kids loved him. Great guy

2019-08-27 16:08:32

Arman Izadi is a great guy who loves to help out the community. His artistic spirit brings so many creative aspects to the community.

2019-08-27 16:09:40

Arman Izadi is a stand up guy with creative, one of a kind ideas.

2019-08-29 17:34:48

Arman Izadi is one of the most lazer focused guys I have ever met. You give Armani a task and he always gets it done, over and above the call of duty. Arman Izadi has worked miracles at The Graffiti Mansion time and time again.

2019-09-05 13:34:24

Arman Izadi is a hard worker. He sets his mind to a goal and goes for it and he is very driven. He cares about others and goes out of his way for the community. He supports his friends and always has their backs. Arman is just an all around great guy.

2019-09-05 13:48:48

Arman Izadi is an overall great guy. We all have our moments but he always stays on the right path. Cant wait to see future projects and what he has planned.

2019-09-05 16:54:14

I think Arman Izadi truly has good intentions. He is a very unique guy and brings great energy wherever he goes.

2019-09-05 19:17:35

Arman Izadi is great to work with. Very professional and gives quality results.

2019-09-05 19:24:11

Super cool guy. Interacts with his followers and he is super down to earth. Has creative ideas and knows when to have fun and when to talk business.

2019-09-06 13:54:34

Arman IZadi is a great guy to work with. Would highly recommend working with him.

"Armani Izadi is an american businessman, leading hospitality entrepreneur and renowned social media insider.
Arman Izadi has been recognized as one of the world’s most successful avatars of viral media, he has built a team that has curated and powered the highest grossing nightclubs in the world, from Macau to Hollywood to Las Vegas, and has been instrumental in helping them achieve staggering margins.
Armani Izadi weaves over 15 years of event production and business development together with innovative media to create legendary experiences that move the needle for brands. This results in real business results, sales and success among the brands he chooses to partner with.
Arman Izadi is the Creator of the hugely successful “Graffiti Mansion” project in Las Vegas, while working alongside influencers like Disney’s Jojo Siwa, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Tanner Fox, Faze Rug and many more.

Presently, Izadi lives a very creative, fast-paced life. “I love the rush of making a deal”, he says from the set of a million-dollar party he put together in 5 days what would take most companies 2 months and double the money. Never mind that Chris Brown, well-known artist Desiigner and every top influencer is calling it “The party of the year”, he is already on to the next deal — Ten times bigger than this one.

His father leaving early on, Armani had a rough transition into adulthood. As a young teenager, his mother was taken to the hospital where she lapsed into a yearlong coma, but Armani refused to give up on her. Arguing with the doctors as a 15-year-old saved his mother’s life; Armani had to fight with them not to take her off life support and because of his single-handed efforts has been rewarded with 19+ more years with her and still counting. Armani had to grow up quickly and develop tenacity and grit that has propelled him to his success in business and media today.

Arman Izadi has big plans for the future. He is always looking for the next big idea or ways to help out in the community. Stay tuned to see whats next!


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Career History
  • N/A
    : Arman Izadi
    : Influencer
    : United States
    : Nevada
    : Las Vegas
Core Competencies
  • Hard working
  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • Laser Focused
  • Aggressive
  • Leadership
  • Teachability
  • Innovative
  • Competent
  • Good Listener
Greatest Attributes
  • Hard worker
  • Works well with others
  • Professional
  • Customer Service
  • Leader
Greatest Business Achievements
  • The Graffiti Mansion
Worst Failures in Business

No Worst Failures in Business Specified

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