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Connecticut Real estate expert Gary Richetelli is an avid traveler, philanthropist, and successful businessman.
Connecticut born and raised, Gary Richetelli is a known and proud real estate success. Though his company has passed down to his son Michael, he has used his education and experience as a professional to help move it along since its founding in 1977. Today, however, he likes to find time for travel and leisure. Gary has adventured through the United States, South America, Canada, and Europe.

During his travels, Richetelli has found Florence, Italy, his destination of choice. But no matter where he is, he loves nothing more than combing fine wine with dining, family, and friends. Dinner wines are usually fruity and have less alcohol than a robust Chardonnay or Cabernet. Rieslings and pinot noir wines are light and are known for their full flavor; these wines activate salivary glands and enhance food flavors.

Gary's favorite region in Italy to buy wine is Piedmont. The area is internationally known for its rich Chiantis and Barolos, both full-bodied and flavorful. However, every person’s wine tastes are different and there are countless variations for what makes certain wines good. Different regions have different soil compositions and grape-growing climates, and some of the world’s best wines come out of unknown wineries in Chile or even New Zealand.

Understanding wine is an art in itself. Like with his business endeavors and travel adventures, he finds that practice makes perfect and there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life. When he is not busy traveling, he is an avid community and philanthropic supporter.
Gary Richetelli was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1947. Throughout his life, he has become a well-known real estate success and financial expert in the Connecticut area. He graduated from Notre Dame High School before studying business management and administration at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Subsequently, he holds a masters degree in finance from the University of New Haven. The university was founded in 1927 and has become a leading facility for online learning. It is renowned for its chiropractic school, one of the first in the country as of 1991.

Gary Richetelli was an extraordinarily successful student who found that study and hard work really do pay off later in life. Educations are investments, and making a wise investment takes sweat, brain power, time, and capital. The best students understand that studying and achieving high marks, whether in major-related courses or general education classes, is a means to a better end. Today’s students lack some of the overriding factors that lead to a worthwhile education; for one, students graduating high school see secondary education as a necessity. This creates an entitlement problem and reduces the work students put in. In consequence, universities are becoming more expensive and graduating lower quality students. This, of course, is not always the case.

Well-meaning students look for opportunity everywhere through internships, scholarships, and advanced classes. By harnessing the educational power of an institution and everything that comes with it, students can prepare themselves for a life of business success. These students are the ones who go to classes, turn in quality work on time, and actively seek to improve themselves in every way possible.

Gary Richetelli applied his education in the founding of Colonial Properties Inc. in 1977. The New Haven-based real estate company became a trusted and successful brand over the past three and a half decades. As a family-owned company, Gary encourages professionalism and courtesy in deals both big and small.

Colonial Properties Inc. specializes in several markets, including landlord, seller, buyer, and tenant representation, market evaluation and analysis, investment advisory, and property management services. Representation for landlords, sellers, and buyers is important for all parties involved. Without a well-meaning, educated broker to push through and negotiate deals, real estate would not exist. Having proper representation allows homeowners and potential homeowners to utilize the real estate company’s networks and services.

Colonial Properties Inc. is involved with residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Market evaluation is a driving factor in almost every real estate decision whether a company is looking to move buildings or a homeowner wants to sell a property. For home sales, the company looks into sales comparisons, neighborhood average incomes, estimations, and other market factors to determine how much a house should sell for. Having a real estate broker, even though they do charge for the services, is beneficial in almost every way imaginable. Even at a six percent brokerage fee is negated by selling a home for seven percent above its expected value.

Gary Richetelli helped the company become an expert on property investment. The business assists investors researching potential properties; this includes looking at regional markets, the investment’s feasibility, re-development opportunities, and other aspects. Property investment, despite real estate struggles, is a booming opportunity for people looking to invest capital.

Besides developing his company, Gary has actively supported philanthropies and community events throughout his life. He has given time and financial support to the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Fund, AMITY CLUB, OEDC, Yale New Haven Hospital, and several other foundations that focus on physical health. Gary Richetelli is also an avid supporter of his local Chamber of Commerce, an organization that supports communities through business associations and partnerships.

Community support systems, whether they research cancer treatments or give scholarships to high school students, are great ways for cities to build its reputation and community all at once. Most organizations require direct capital investments; however, there are several other ways to take part. Events like fun runs, car washes, and charity auctions show support to supporters from the organization seeking support — confusing, but an effective way for securing funds to continue operations.

When Richetelli of Connecticut is not supporting local charities or traveling, he is probably shopping around for his next sports or luxury car. He is a proud owner of a 1967 Ford Cobra, a 2007, A 599, 430, AND CALIFORNIA Ferrari, and several luxury cars including a Jaguar XK, BMW 335i, RR Phantom, a flawless Bentley Convertible, and several other sought after collectable exotic luxury classics. Expensive cars are a huge financial investment; not only do they cost a lot, maintaining them for resale (which many car enthusiasts do to buy more cars) takes work. Whether a person is invested in luxury, sports, or classic cars, the same fundamentals hold true.

Refurbishing cars, on the other, is a much more complicated endeavor. Car enthusiasts will often look for a beat-up car and spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to restore the vehicle back to its former beauty. Restoring cars is a rewarding experience, though, and many hobbyists take joy from riding around in their masterpieces. Restorers often put in enough work to re-sell a car at a higher price than the investment. This way, patient and careful hobbyists can stay financially ahead in order to fully enjoy their passion.

Traveling, though, is still his preferred hobby of choice. Gary Richetelli has traveled Europe, South America, Cuba, the Caribbean, and other destinations around the world. Gary believes that travel, like business, is something that takes practice and trial and error to do well. Every destination a family chooses to go on offers its own challenges. Going to Nepal, for example, needs an entirely different packing strategy than heading down to Mexico.

Planning for trips is a crucial step for making every vacation memorable and worth the financial investment. It is important for travelers to gather necessary documents like passports, travel information, medical info, and other paperwork and make copies in case originals are lost. Packing, another difficult travel endeavor, takes practice. Good travelers take what they need and will use instead of loading up heavy luggage with dozens of outfits and shoes. Gary Richetelli believes that any trip has the potential for greatness if travelers plan well in advance and focus on having a great time.
Richetelli hopes to continue traveling in his retirement. Though he has visited many far off destinations, there is still an entire world full of adventure. He also wants to keep up with his other hobbies; wine tasting is easy enough through traveling, but keeping his garage stocked full of sports and luxury cars is a more difficult task. More than anything, however, Gary hopes to see his business reach new levels of success.

Gary Richetelli passed the reigns of Colonial Properties Inc. to his eldest son Michael more than a decade ago. Keeping up with modern trends and technology is a surefire way for businesses to stand against competition and continue to succeed in every realm imaginable. As communication systems advance, only the most forward-thinking companies will make it in the end.

Diversification is also a necessity for business success. Over the years, Colonial Properties Inc. and Gary Richetelli have branched out to different regional markets and started offering investment advisory services. Long-term investments are a great way to secure financial comfort for future retirement.

Philanthropy, though, is something he sees no end to. By supporting local organizations, groups and individuals are able to provide the lifeblood of these foundations with capital and service. Charities are capable of making noticeable differences in the community as long as they have the support to stay operating and in business; all they need is a little effort on the part of the community they serve. As he settles into retirement, Gary Richetelli of Connecticut is beginning to understand how important it is to stay active in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and social and fund raising organizations that benefit the community.

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    Business Management & Administration , The University of Bridgeport offers career-oriented programs for motivated students who seek personal growth and professional success.
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    Masters In Finance , The University of New Haven is a private, top-tier comprehensive institution recognized as a national leader in experiential education. Founded in 1920 on the campus of Yale University in cooperation with Northeastern University, UNH moved to its current West Haven campus in 1960. The University operates a satellite campus in Tuscany, Italy, and offers programs at several locations throughout Connecticut and in California. UNH provides its students with a unique combination of a solid liberal arts education and real-world, hands-on career and research opportunities.
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  • Founder , United States , Orange, CT , A full service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage company, Colonial Properties, Inc. of New Haven County, Connecticut handles all types of commercial and investment real estate transactions including the sale and leasing of retail, industrial, office, and investment properties as well as brokering land and business sales throughout New Haven County and the state of Connecticut. For both Commercial and Residential Property brokerage, no one can service your needs better than Colonial Properties. A family owned and operated firm for 35 years, we have been meeting the needs of our clients since 1978.
    01/1997 to 12/2099
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