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Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, is a highly experienced holistic health counselor with a passionate commitment to excellence.
Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, uses and applies the many practical therapy principles that allow for opportunities that can create change for the better, enhance personal growth, and promote the healing of relationships of all kinds. He works with patients of all backgrounds and present situations. Dr. Ryan helps his patients discover new ways to view their relationships and their lives, as well as make positive changes and develop ways to achieve their goals.
He leverages his more than 30 years of professional and personal growth to provide insightful knowledge and real healing tactics to his patients. Each of his methods for lasting transformation is founded on three basic steps: patients must be grounded with their bodies, learn how to create connections with their hearts, and remove any blocks that prevent them from connecting with their higher wisdom.
As a mind, body, and spirit healing psychotherapist, Dr. Ryan works with patients to help them learn and develop skills to use immediately in grounding their bodies, leading with their hearts, and soaring with their spirits. These skills are taught in a simple-to-understand way. Patients are able to learn, understand, and utilize such skills to improve their lives right away. Long-term counseling helps patients in developing new skills, removing blocks preventing success, and gaining confidence to use these new skills.
To best serve his patients, Dr. Ryan provides counseling in person. However, he has also developed methods for counseling patients over the phone, through Skype, Facebook, or Google Hangout. In turn, he can continually serve those under his care, wherever they may be.
Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, now holds multiple doctorates, degrees, and certifications with prestigious industry organizations. He has spent decades expanding his knowledge, enriching his understanding, and growing his skills in both Western and holistic approaches to counseling, health, and wellness. These efforts have resulted in an incredible reputation, founded on excellence, and he has been recognized as the 2013 Best Family Counselor for Newport Beach.
He first began his studies in 1973 when he earned his initial degree in psychology at California State University. He continued on to earn a master’s in counseling psychology from California State University in 1976. Once he received this degree, he went on to earn his doctorate in clinical psychology from International College, which was granted in 1982.
For years, he offered his services and expertise to clients. Dr. Ryan leveraged his extensive education in providing patients with the most caring and comprehensive support possible. But in 2001, he continued to grow his education by attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Here, Dr. Ryan earned a doctorate in divinity, and in 2013 he became a doctoral candidate for metaphysical psychology at Sedona University.
Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, is on a continual journey of growth. This has led him to take part in many respected industry affiliations and earn certifications and roles that improve his ability to serve his patients. Such roles include becoming an ordained minister within the American Fellowship Church, as well as for The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP). Additionally, he has become an ordained ministerial counselor and spiritual teacher for this same organization.
His extensive experience and genuine care for patients have earned Dr. Ryan prestigious status with many organizations. He has earned diplomate status and board certifications with The Pastoral Medical Association, The American Institution for Integrative Medicine, and The American Association for Integrative Medicine. He also holds diplomate status and certifications with additional organizations related to professional counseling, holistic health, energy medicine, energy theology, mind and body medicine, and wellness therapy.
Furthermore, Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, is a Board Certified Holistic META Health and Wellness Expert. This status was granted through the Association for META Medicine. Because he is certified through this organization, he is better able to help patients learn the true underlying cause of their condition, and empower them to become more proactive in regards to their emotional and physical symptoms.
Another status he has earned is a holistic and non-denominational Energy Healer and Miracles Minister at AIWP. This organization is a nonprofit association, which promotes integration of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as healing and community service. He is the founder and spiritual director of AWIP, and designed this organization to empower spiritual people in learning methods to become more energized and able to promote the well-being of others.
At his practice, each counseling session is highly tailored for each patient. Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, utilizes his expansive experience and knowledge through these associations, roles, and degrees to develop powerful models for personal growth. He utilizes methods such as Spirit Energy EFT™, returning to love relationship counseling, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques, alternative medicine, energy medicine, integrative health, NLP, and much more.
These approaches to patient care have resulted in overwhelming patient satisfaction and happiness. Many of his past and current patients have happily offered positive testimonials, praising him for his work and the results he has helped them achieve.
These state-of-the-art techniques are designed to help patients become their best selves, and live the life that they truly deserve. In a stressful world, many people need new ways to cope with the stress they face every day. This is why Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, has specifically developed his treatments to be realistic and applicable in the real world.
By leveraging his extensive training in holistic and Western psychology, Dr. Ryan is able to give patients the tools they need to heal their wounds. He has developed powerful ways to overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Through this, Timothy has a proven and positive track record in assisting thousands of patients in identifying and ridding themselves of the underlying causes of their unhappiness.
As more and more patients discover the power of holistic healing, Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, will continue to offer his family and individual counseling services, as well as his energy healing techniques. He remains committed to helping patients work through their problems by utilizing both traditional and non-traditional psychology. In doing so, he can provide the best of both worlds of psychology and deliver comprehensive and effective treatment to his patients.
He also remains committed to offering clients the latest methods in relationship healing and enrichment, as well as complementary medicine, and health and care methods. His long-term goal has always been and will continue to be helping and serving as many patients as he possibly can. Helping people has always been what Dr. Ryan has wanted to do, and he remains just as passionate about helping people today as he was when he first began.
As for his business, Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D, aims to establish a highly specialized niche to better serve patients as a relationship expert, a holistic mind and body integration, and energy healer. He hopes to educate more people about the benefits of energy psychology, as well as META healing techniques. In doing so, patients can become more aware of their options and can be more informed when seeking out care for their biggest challenges.
Dr. Ryan has offered many workshops on his areas of expertise, and he plans to continue offering them in the future. His commitment to education drives him to continually expand his workshops and the number of people he teaches.
Overall, his personal goals are to simply live a healthy, happy, and balanced life. In doing so, he can better teach others to do the same.

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  • California State University , United States , Long Beach, California

    BA Psychology; MS Counseling Psychology
    - 01/1973
  • International College , United States

    Ph. D Clinical Psychology
    - 01/1982
  • American Institute Holistic Theology , United States

    Holistic Theology
    - 01/2001
  • Sedona University , United States

    Canidate, Ph. D. Metaphysical Psychology
    - 01/2013
Career History
  • Research Associate Dean of Students Counselor , United States , California

    01/1982 to 01/1984
  • Psychology, counseling Health and Wellness , United States

    to 12/2099
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  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Family Issues
  • Emotional Issues
  • Business Finance
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Energy
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationships
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