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Jonathan Shokrian is the creative powerhouse behind MeUndies, a highly regarded intimate apparel brand.
Jonathan Shokrian, the founder and CEO of MeUndies, is a noted expert in e-commerce, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His experience as an innovator has led to his current status as one of the most prominent e-commerce success stories in the country. His company designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality apparel for men and women. The lifestyle brand focuses on four factors: convenience, customer service, amazing products, and affordable prices.

Making purchases online by no means a novel concept. Today, a large percentage of all purchases are made through online retailers. However, MeUndies is dedicated to opening up opportunities for the everyday man and woman looking to purchase basic apparel on the Internet. This saves more money than most people believe, especially considering the lack of a middleman and transportation costs.

As a CEO, Shokrian is always trying to find ways to be a better, more effective leader. For instance, he strongly believes in keeping employees motivated and on track. He also enjoys helping people discover, meet, and exceed their individual goals. Transparency, according to Shokrian, is one of the key differences between MeUndies and other companies. The retailer does not take itself too seriously and believes in maintaining an open line of communication between the brand and its customers.

Professionally speaking, Jonathan is focused on building his business in every conceivable way. The brand’s goal is to create underwear and apparel of the highest-possible quality, and Jonathan has already made enormous strides to meet this challenge.
Jonathan Shokrian grew up in Beverly Hills, California. He attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and soon became immersed in e-commerce and business ownership. In fact, Shokrian became a Top 200 eBay seller when he was just 16 years old. This enthusiasm carried over to his current project, MeUndies, which has become one of the most engaging apparel companies in the marketplace as a result of Shokrian’s branding, product development, and creative talents.

In school, Jonathan Shokrian started a path toward entrepreneurship. He founded a chapter affiliated with the Society of Young Philanthropists in Dallas. The influential group is focused on turning young professionals onto philanthropy through creative events— an outcome that benefits both organizations and the student participants. Philanthropy and community involvement, to Shokrian, are must-haves for any professional. Everyone with the ability to donate time, inspiration, capital, and effort should do so whenever they can.

Largely due to his success on eBay, Jonathan became highly involved in e-commerce at a young age. Online retail has evolved immensely over the years, as customers become more accustomed to making online purchases and more platforms open new opportunities. eBay is a forerunner in this business, though today, private enterprises are starting to take over.

Online retail is not only incredibly convenient; it is also cost-effective. Shokrian saw this as a proactive way to position MeUndies to the masses. Gone are the days of driving long distances to visit one’s favorite retailers. Instead, it is just as easy (and affordable) to purchase products online and get them shipped at low costs. This sales structure led Jonathan Shokrian to build out an innovative marketing campaign and branding strategy.

Most of Shokrian’s experience revolves around viral marketing. With MeUndies, for instance, Shokrian conceptualized viral campaigns that included live video chats with customers (the first ever for a strictly e-commerce brand) and crowdsourcing opportunities. Crowdsourcing is a way for entrepreneurs to fund projects through donation websites. In return, startups offer services and even products to funders.

Two of Shokrian’s viral projects have hit the national spotlight. The first was when MeUndies sent President Obama a pair of underwear every day. This marketing tactic brought new recognition to the company, as well as authority as a quality brand. Shokrian also piloted a marketing campaign involving a vending machine that sold underwear. The viral campaign found acclaim on the Internet and routed customers to MeUndies, where they could learn more about the company’s products and apparel.

Branding, to Jonathan Shokrian, is everything. A brand is how customers remember a company; without it, a company is merely a product label. The best branders are able to create simplistic campaigns that are memorable, engaging, entertaining, and creative enough to pull in new customers and encourage social media activity. Jonathan’s branding tastes have been paramount to the success of MeUndies.

Before MeUndies, Jonathan utilized his passion for photography to create a lifestyle photography website and blog. It focused on concern photography, events, and lifestyle scenes. The site became highly successful due to the quality and originality of the photographs, not to mention the social interaction created by Shokrian. Marketing is all about connecting with customers; what better way to accomplish this than through online platforms?

As noted by his efforts in collegiate philanthropy, Jonathan Shokrian has been involved with several charities for quite some time. He uses MeUndies, as well as his personal time and assets, to help organizations carry out their missions.

The River Fund, for example, is focused on feeding the less fortunate, and empowering struggling individuals. MeUndies funds weeklong emergency hunger relief outreach events. Its last project reached out to more than 500 homeless individuals. The company delivered holiday dinner kits to 120 income-deprived households as well and connected 20 working poor families with government-funded programs. Jonathan and MeUndies look forward to new charitable opportunities in the future.
Jonathan Shokrian has already made waves in the e-commerce industry. His ability to predict market changes and alter marketing plans to meet customer demand is a rare talent for such a young entrepreneur. One of Shokrian’s professional goals is to grow MeUndies into a household brand. Until then, the company will continue building itself into a prominent e-commerce brand.

One of Jonathan’s most notable talents is his ability to manage and motivate his employees. He understands that a company is only as strong as its weakest link, and that weakest link simply does not exist at MeUndies because of how enthusiastic and professional its employees are.

Shokrian is also interested in how customers react to his company. The point of e-commerce is to be open, accessible, and transparent. Shokrian has worked to make MeUndies a company that pushes these beliefs forward in every way imaginable. Customer input is an important step in the creation process as well, especially when a company creates such a personal product. Another goal for MeUndies is to become an accessible brand that is available to everyone, worldwide.

“The World’s Most Wanted Underpants” has changed the apparel industry for good. It is a step toward the future of e-commerce and the way in which people buy and enjoy a product. Who knew that underwear could be so simple, affordable, convenient, and comfortable all at the same time? In just a few short years, Jonathan Shokrian has turned a brand concept into a highly successful venture.

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