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Jeffrey Burgess, DDS is a retired dentist who currently delves into writing, editing, and photography.
Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, is a retired dentist from Seattle, Washington, who enjoys the arts. After practicing dentistry for many years, Jeffrey has turned his attention towards other fields. Currently, he holds several positions in various companies. Each job utilizes his different talents, allowing him to live a diverse lifestyle.

Jeffrey is the CEO and Director of Oral Care Research Associates (OCRA). Using his knowledge of dentistry, he leads the company in its research to improve oral health. Oral Care Research Associates shares its findings with publications, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The company partners with top scientists and investigators to complete the most accurate research. OCRA is currently contracted with OraHealth Corporation for research associated with their products, including Xylimelts which can be used to reduce dry mouth.

Jeffrey is the Editor-in-Chief of InceDental. This publication provides information on the dental industry from around the world. InceDental’s articles contain helpful information regarding medical practices including:
- Case studies in Oral Medicine and Radiology
- Literature on radiology’s relation to dentistry
- Educational articles

Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, is also an editor and writer for Medscape. A subsidiary of WebMD, Medscape features articles written by medical professionals and academics. Jeffrey has written countless articles on Medscape and a similar medical website, Although he is no longer working as a practicing dentist, he still enjoys educating other professionals about current dental topics and dentistry.

One of Jeffrey’s leisure activities is photography. He is the owner of his own business called ImagesFX. His specialty lies in Fine Art ‘Fusion Photography’, a term he crafted early in the 1980’s (see Wikipedia). This style is recognized by its unique blend of traditional and photojournalistic qualities. Fine Art Fusion Photography is an emerging photographic art form that is gaining artistic status because of its unique creativity.
Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, has developed his knowledge of dentistry for over 40 years. After graduating from Seattle University with his degree in Biology, he enrolled in the University of Washington Dental School. He completed his four years at this school under the Mosby Scholarship Award.

Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, continued his education in 1985, when he returned to University of Washington Dental School. He studied for two years to attain his Masters in Oral Medicine with his Certification in Oral Medicine. He supplemented his studies by completing rotations in Neurology, Dermatology, Otolaryngology, and Pain medicine.

While acquiring his dental certifications, Jeffrey also studied at University of Washington’s Medical School. It was here that he completed his Post Doctoral Fellowship in Anesthesiology. He was asked to contribute several chapters to the publication, “Medical Text on Pain.” Jeffrey acted as a consultant at the Medical Center Pain Center and later served as an Attending as well.

For 18 years, Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, owned and operated South Sound Oral Medicine. His practice specialized on assisting patients who suffered from various oral defects including:
- Orofacial Pain
- Oral Mucosal Disease
- Salivary problems
- General oral issues
- Sleep disorders
Since it was a specialty practice, patients required a referral from their physicians and dentists. Dr Burgess had the exclusive contract with Group Health Cooperative to treat their patients with temporomandibular disorders for over 10 years. Jeffrey sold South Sound Oral Medicine in 2005, and the clinicians still working in the practice continue to see his patients.

From 2009 to 2010, Jeffrey Burgess, DDS worked at EBM Technologies USA, LLC. The company was established in the United States in 2000, but William Pan created it in 1988. Currently, it is headquartered in Hawaii, but it holds corporate offices in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Jeffrey’s position at EBM was that of Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America. The company specialized in the implementation of PACS, or picture archiving and communication systems. PACS let medical and dental professionals store images digitally, allowing for easy transmission and collection. EBM has led to the installation of over 1000 PACS around the world.

EBM’s staff consists of medical experts from the United States, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The company employs over 250 professionals from various fields. They specialize in areas like research, management, sales, support, compliance, marketing, and development.

For the past several years, Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, has participated in other ventures. In 2005, he opened his own consulting LLC firm. He assists EBM with the distribution of their Pangaea Dental PACS unit. This product is designed specifically for usage in dental facilities. The implementation of Pangaea Dental allows for dentists and doctors to maintain flawless communication.

Since 2005, Jeffrey has also acted as Director of the Seattle Barista Academy. His role consists of reforming the educational goals of the academy. Some of his responsibilities include:
- Assisting in the development of their website:
- Developing new educational materials such as a training manual and DVDs
- Acquiring new barista recruits
- Enhancing the academy’s marketing


Outside of dentistry, Jeffrey pursued other artistic hobbies. In 2005, he invented the trademarked name of Fine Art Fusion Photography. This practice blends qualities of aesthetic art with photographs, creating a beautiful, enhanced image. This unique style has earned him prominence in the field of photography.


Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, has penned many articles on the dental field. His content is featured in countless publications and texts. He has written about many topics related to the dental and medical disciplines. Some of these include:
- Oral Cancer Screening
- Management of Oral diseases
- Dietary impacts on oral health
- Dental implants
- Pain management
- Diagnosis and treatment of Orofacial pain
- Bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) management

Digital radiography

Jeffrey’s most recent article covers digital radiography and its usage in dentistry. Digital radiography is the practice of taking medical photographs using x-ray sensors. This holds many advantages over using photographic film. It is both faster, and allows for digital enhancement. Since 2000, over 75 percent of medical offices have converted to digital radiography.

However, only a small percentage of dentists have followed this practice. A survey from 2007 revealed that less than 40 percent of dentists utilize digital radiography. It is predicted that this number will double by the year 2016.

Oral cancer

Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, wrote an article about the importance of oral cancer screening in April of 2012. In 2011, over 37,000 Americans were expected to develop some form of oral cancer. The death toll from this disease was estimated at approximately 8,000 people. These statistics show that oral cancer has a higher death rate than lymphoma, testicular cancer, and skin cancer.

Jeffrey further discusses the different factors that account for oral cancer like age and race. Oral cancer is difficult to detect early because it is often painless and difficult to spot. That is why it is vital to attend regular check-ups with a dentist to catch tumors early. If a tumor is detected early, the patient has a significantly higher rate of survival.


Bruxism is the condition of excessively grinding or clenching one’s teeth. A number of factors can cause bruxism, like medical side effects or disorders. Teeth grinding can have detrimental effects on a person’s dental health. Tooth enamel is worn away, gums become sensitive, and headaches occur frequently. Scientists are performing case studies to determine if there is a correlation between psychological health and bruxism.

Dietary effects on oral health

A person’s diet has monumental effects on their oral health. The amount of cavities and dental erosion is determined by several factors in one’s diet. Food and drinks that cause oral ailments include:
- Sugary drinks
- Highly-acidic drinks
- Fermentable carbohydrates
- Processed starch

Instead, people should focus their diets on healthier foods to preserve their teeth. Some foods that are beneficial to dental health include:
- Milk
- Eggs
- Yogurt
- Vegetables
- Sugar-free drinks
- Water

Dental professionals encourage people to take proper care of their teeth. People should monitor their eating habits and oral functions. If there are any abnormalities or unusual changes, it is advised to seek attention immediately. Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, has published numerous articles to help the public identify early signs of dental disorders.
Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, will continue his practice of writing dental articles. He wishes to keep the world of dentists and patients informed on his findings. The field of dentistry is constantly changing, with new technology leading to significant developments.

Recent articles have suggested that dentistry is moving towards digitalization. One way that modern dentists are conforming to the digital revolution is through their x-ray machines. Newer technology allows for digital pictures, which are easily transmitted across computers. This also lets medical professionals enhance their pictures, seeing a clearer view of the x-ray.

Dentists are switching their procedure for treating cavities. Instead of using drills, some offices employ lasers to fill in tooth decay. Lasers are used to whiten teeth and eliminate gum disease as well. Professionals estimate that lasers will become a major tool in a majority of dentists’ office in the future.

Nanotechnology is a branch of science that is still in development for commercial use. This technology uses miniscule objects called “nanoparticles.” In dentistry, these nanoparticles can provide a myriad of benefits.
- Dentists can coat teeth in nanoparticles to protect them against germs and plaque.
- Nanoparticles are extremely durable, making them ideal for composite teeth and dentures.
- Nanoparticles are stronger and make for better fillings in cavities and tooth decay.

While dental technology advances, it is still up to the people to take care of their teeth. Dentists encourage their patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to brush regularly. No matter how advanced technology becomes, it is still one’s duty to maintain their dental health. Jeffrey Burgess, DDS, believes that maintaining a healthy mouth can improve a person’s medical status and will lead to a better quality of life.

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