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Karl Talbot is an entrepreneur in Quebec and works in Marketing and Business development, starting up his company TALK Enterprises.
Karl Talbot is in the business of marketing and development. A big part of his mentoring is finding funding and marketing support for young business people. His current company, TALK Enterprises, as well as his previous endeavor, Nemex, is actively involved in all facets of taking startup products or services with great potential and innovation to the market. The company takes them to the market to teach young people and clients to be successful entrepreneurs. Talbot created TALK Enterprises to offer clients comprehensive services in advertising and campaign development. Karl helped grow the sales at Vaudoise Insurance Company, a Swiss company with a strong marketing strategy. He also helped to double sales at Biotrek Pharma.

Most of Karl Talbot’s clients pay for their services just like a regular marketing agency, but for certain innovations. In short, through a network of investors, the client finds and provides seed money and marketing know-how to help young entrepreneurs get ahead in advancing their business and products.

Talbot has the wherewithal to provide business opinions in all fields, including politics, and the impacts they have on business start-ups. He believes startups are the fuel that drives innovation and a strong economy.

Talbot makes sure to pay attention to the individual needs of each client and considers every detail that will ensure success. With this approach, Talbot’s campaigns are designed to prove not only incredibly effective, but also long lasting. Learning from the help and guidance of his mentors, he had the ability to gain valuable insight and advice in the world of marketing. He has also had the opportunity to see his industry in a new light. Talbot strongly encourages developing professionals to establish relationships when they are given the opportunity.
Karl Talbot is a strong advocate of education, and highly encourages formal education. He also wants students to pursue higher education and constant learning. Talbot experienced the marketing industry during a quick stop in Switzerland. He then knew that this was the industry he loved and wanted to continue with it. Because of this, he returned to Canada and later attended and graduated from Laval University- an institution in Quebec City, Quebec- with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations and a minor in Public Communication and Marketing.

After graduating from Laval University, Talbot began his marketing career in the pharmaceutical industry at TBF Pharmatrek. He served as the Director of Marketing there. He witnessed many business transformations in his time at the company.

In 2001, Talbot left pharmaceuticals to work for the Canadian marketing and public relations firm, Darwin Media Group. Talbot excelled in his position, being the head honcho of multiple contracts and business relationships with top U.S. brands.

He previously held a position with Vaudoise Insurance Company, a Swiss company with a strong and solid marketing strategy. He eventually jumped sales at Vaudoise Insurance Company, and later doubled sales at Biotrek Pharmacy during his first year working as the Vice President of Marketing at this company.

His success in marketing allowed him to meet one of the biggest investors in America today- Kevin Harrington. Kevin Harrington is an investor that today appears on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. Harrington served as a mentor to Talbot, and Talbot learned a lot from him and his success. Because of this professional advice, Talbot believes it is vital to success to have mentors. He is a huge advocate of having others gain the support they need from mentors.

Talbot has also organized important events, and was part of the success of the 100th anniversary of the Plains of Abraham where he had the NHL Stanley Cup and an “Honorary Doctorate” presentation to legendary performer and singer Celine Dion.

Karl Talbot was the first to receive a U.S. President, Bill Clinton, in Quebec City in 2007. His private meeting with the President changed his life and Talbot began working on nonprofit projects that could help improve the world, a longtime dream of his. Talbot had his city listed as a potential Red Bull Air Race host for 2008. Unfortunately for those involved, the City mayor died just 72 hours after giving her written okay to hold the event. Because of this situation and the elections that followed, Red Bull didn’t want to wait for a new mayor and decided to take the event somewhere else. They later wrote a letter that said that Talbot’s submission to host the event was the best they had ever received.

In 2010, Karl Talbot became the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of TALK Enterprises. Talbot has previously contributed to creating videos in support of PhitAmerica.org, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping American youth lose weight and become more in-shape. Talbot is a huge fitness advocate. PHIT projects are all geared towards the same goal- building a healthier and happier future and one that is committed towards the greater good. TALK Enterprises is credited as the sponsor of this rare and influential program that is continuing to inspire America towards healthier living for everyone.

Karl Talbot’s career has had many professional accomplishments, but not just with production and marketing development for the business world. Although he is successful with all of these undertakings, Talbot takes the time to spearhead and actively contribute to many organizations. He spends a lot of his time on his charities and it remains a huge part of his life.

As a supporter of these endeavors, it is apparent that Talbot feels strongly about promoting increased amounts of physical activity among people throughout the world. He realizes that many do not like to exercise using the traditional methods such as going to the gym and riding the elliptical, working out on the treadmill, or running around the neighborhood. Instead, he talks about scuba diving being an activity that provides the calm of the ocean and uses more overall body strength when participating.

Through scuba diving, individuals are able to gain strength through regular swimming and will develop better control of their breathing. Scuba divers typically gain their abilities in agility and flexibility as they swim through the waters, under varying conditions and sometimes rough waters. Karl Talbot also loves sailing and wind surfing for a more calm experience. Talbot loves anything involved with water, and frequents the ocean as a way to both exercise and relax.

Talbot also says that scuba diving allows people to see the world in a new way. It is described as an “alien world” to be in the ocean. Talbot loves travel opportunities like this and believes it is a very positive thing to help businesses as well; it expands horizons and promotes language.

Karl Talbot is also a bilingual professional, speaking both French and English. He finds multilingualism to be extremely important. How important does he think being multilingual is? As a father of two boys 7 and 10, both his boys speak French, English and Spanish. Many companies in both America and Canada look for applicants who can speak a plethora of languages to better serve the customers who are only able to speak these languages. Spanish and Mandarin top the list, but it is important to know other languages as well, especially if employers want to work with international companies. Multilingualism, in turn, presents new travel experiences as well.

In 2012, Karl Talbot was hired by the DryShine President to design their national retail campaign. Talbot got NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson to become a spokesperson of the products. He has also founded The Women and Children’s Embassy Foundation. The nonprofit mission provides funding and guidance for young and single mothers to receive an education and other opportunities to advance themselves economically. The official launch of this great organization is planned for autumn 2013. The organization also purchases malaria medications and donates them to people with diseases in Africa for treatment and care.

Talbot is skilled in professional sports product endorsements, such as developing campaigns with legendary athletes, including well-known professional athlete Bo Jackson. Karl Talbot stays dedicated to advancing business development and implementation of strong marketing strategies.
Karl Talbot continues to manage marketing and business development at TALK Enterprises. He is considering working on a blog that will take aim at giving those involved in Business, opinions in all the business-related fields. This blog should be made public shortly. He wants to help others with things like politics and the influences they have on business start-ups. Talbot wants to continue being a mentor to young entrepreneurs. Talbot believes start-ups are what brings about innovation and a strong economy. His passion remains with business-start ups as this is what he loves to do.

Karl Talbot plans to launch The Women and Children’s Embassy Foundation, projected to get on its feet in autumn of this year. The foundation currently does not have a website, but is being established. The website for TALK Enterprises has plenty of information about the company on it now, but a new, updated version is coming in the next few weeks. He plans to continue mentoring while still maintaining his companies and charities.

Talbot remains skilled in business strategy and marketing. In the future, he hopes to continue what he’s doing by creating strong business leaders with comprehensive business plans and a solid vision. Talbot encourages drive and willingness to take risks in what they do. He continues to remain ambitious with what he does, and he does it well.

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