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Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, is well known for his work in the band Satisfaction Guaranteed and for his music lessons.
Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, is a highly regarded vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. His band Satisfaction Guaranteed has received critical acclaim and has developed a steady following on the West Coast and around the country. What started out as a class project has developed into a highly popular band that regularly books major shows at area bars, clubs, festivals, and other events. They are a fixture on the local music scene, and have fans who travel hundreds of miles just to take in a show.

Alongside his band, Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, has done a number of successful tours up and down the West Coast. Though they started small, they have become expansive, with dozens of dates included. Today, Satisfaction Guaranteed is currently working on a third album, and they look forward to launching another tour where they can get up close and personal with their fans. Their sophomore album debuted to highly positive reviews, and they expect to enjoy the same success with this album. Additionally, Simpson teaches music lessons. He gets a thrill out of giving aspiring musicians the knowledge they need to write and play their own tunes. Simpson prides himself on being a patient and careful teacher who gives students the encouragement they need to continue pursuing music. He is also able to provide them with the fundamental skills necessary to excel as a musician in virtually any genre.
Jason Simpson, Arizona-based musician and teacher, explains that his band actually began as a high school project. In a music theory workshop, Simpson and pals were able to choose between performing an original composition or taking a written test. His friends opted for the composition, which began their foray into performing together. After recruiting a few other friends to join the group, the project was underway.

Jason writes most of the lyrics, with drummer Alex Emmonds pitching in from time to time. The group’s first performance consisted of a song called “I Want, You Want.” The teacher was so impressed that the students received an A.

But what began as a requirement for class certainly did not stay that way. The boys quickly became hooked on making music together, and took the jam sessions outside of class. Since the group members all attended college near one another, they were able to continue their work together even after high school was long over.

Over time, Satisfaction Guaranteed created a formidable presence in the local music scene. They were regularly playing birthday parties, house parties, local bars, clubs, and open mic nights. The work was not glamorous, but they loved doing it and were glad to get the gigs. Though the group was playing regularly, they were still struggling to find an appropriate name for the band. Late one night as the group members watched TV, they saw an infomercial that inspired them. Thus, Satisfaction Guaranteed was born.

Their sound began to evolve as they grew as musicians. Though it is a unique blend that is hard to describe, some people have compared them to the likes of such esteemed bands as Foo Fighters and Blink 182. They have an upbeat pop sound with catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, still serves as the ringleader and front man for the band, and is continually coming up with new material to blow fans away.

As the group grew, the music caught the attention of one of the boy’s music industry professors. He was so inspired and impressed by what they were doing that he offered them studio time in his state-of-the-art home recording studio. They were overjoyed, and they already had several tracks ready to go. After a weekend’s worth of work at Professor Don McKillop’s (fondly known as Mac) house, the group’s EP called “If You Only Knew” was ready to go. Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, was thrilled with the group’s dedication.

The EP, of course, featured the song that started it all, “I Want, You Want.” However, it also included more updated tracks. They relied on Mac, their friends, and guerilla marketing techniques to get the word out about the EP. Its popularity quickly spread throughout local college campuses. To increase their popularity, the boys dropped their EP at local record stores, bars, and restaurants for listening. Jason truly believes in the power of such marketing efforts, and with good reason.

As the group’s sound became more mature, their list of gigs became more impressive. They were soon playing major bars and clubs almost every weekend. This was in addition to their work on a full-length album. The result was a powerful debut called Smoke and Mirrors. Jason Simpson, Arizona musician, was overwhelmed by the response.

The album was hugely popular among those who were already fans, but also allowed the boys to expand their reach. They did an online release, thus making it even easier for fans and potential new fans to get a hold of their music. This technique worked wonders, and soon the guys were playing to packed houses. Instead of strumming chords in front of supportive family members and friends, he was delighted to see complete strangers singing along to their music.

The boys’ popularity quickly grew, and they have since been able to establish themselves as a real presence in the local music scene. Jason is thrilled at the group’s popularity and cannot wait to continue making music with Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Jason Simpson, Arizona musician and teacher, cannot wait to continue to make music with his bandmates from Satisfaction Guaranteed. With so much success in a short period of time, the group is thrilled to think about what the future of the band might bring. Currently, the group is working on a third album, which is highly anticipated among die-hard Satisfaction Guaranteed fans. Once this album is released, expect a tour in support of the record. Simpson explains that the tour will probably be the group’s most expansive yet.

Jason still has a true passion for singing, songwriting, and performing. He looks forward to getting to use these skills each day as he delights crowds full of fans of all ages. In the future, Simpson hopes to play new venues that the group has yet to perform in. Playing new spaces is something that Simpson finds exciting. He looks forward to enjoying these opportunities as they unfold for the band in the future.

Above all else, his future is going to be focused on making music with his bandmates. Jason Simpson, Arizona wants to evolve their sound with each new record, and constantly keep fans on their toes. This may include incorporating other influences, using new instruments, and collaborating with other artists.

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