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Benjamin Navarro is a business consultant working in California who specializes in implementation of green technologies.
Working out of his office just outside San Francisco, California, Ben Navarro specializes in the implementation of green technologies. Having been a part of this field for over a decade, Benjamin has always held a special interest in improving the way companies interact with nature. Renewable resources are the ideal solution for oil alternatives and promise a long-lasting source of energy.
While Benjamin specializes in green technology, he consults all businesses on how to improve efficiency. Taking clients of all sizes, he prefers working with companies who give back to the community in some way. Most of the community service done by Ben goes to protecting the arts. He is always on the lookout for a new way to encourage this creative outlet.
Navarro feels that art is the purest form of communication between people. Dating back to cave drawings, art has played a role in human development. In the modern age though, many have lost their passion and no longer see art as a critical part of life. To battle this, he regularly hosts events to display the pieces of local artists.
Beyond physical art, such as sculptures, Ben Navarro actively encourages local musicians. Often bringing these musicians to perform at his art shows, he ties the two forms of expression into a single passion. It is not unusual to find Ben playing his own instruments, either. An accomplished guitarist, Navarro takes pride in his life’s balance of art and business.
Benjamin has worked in business consulting for over a decade, and has found his calling in the implementation of green technology. His services originally began in manufacturing efficiency. He entered this field after realizing his logical approach to problem-solving could greatly benefit those looking to start up or grow their businesses.
At a young age, Benjamin began showing an interest in arts and philosophy. Though he never studied philosophy until reaching college, he was naturally gifted in fields related to this logical science. Never accepting “good enough” Navarro constantly questioned why things were as they were. Eventually, his questioning became too much for those around him, so he began searching for answers on his own.
When in high school, he found himself attracted to arts and science. His enjoyed the challenge of tying the two together and finding their common traits. He did this through taking a deeper look at what makes art beautiful. Refusing to accept “good enough,” he began to see patterns in art that seemed mathematical or scientific in nature.
That ability to spot patterns turned out to be his greatest natural asset. Uncovering problems and finding weak links seemed simple to Ben Navarro, yet they eluded many of his peers. An average student, Navarro found solace in music and mechanical science. It wasn't long before he began playing guitar and joined a small group of friends to form a band.
Guitar is a popular instrument to play, but it takes years of practice to become a truly skilled player. Guitarists require exceptional hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, an attentive ear, and thick skin. Benjamin worked hard on all of these skills and became quite talented. The most important part to him, though, was the intricacies of the pieces he performed.
Navarro took influence from guitar legends such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and Brian May. These musicians each played with a distinctive style and passion. Benjamin wanted to emulate that passion in his own work, and began writing his own music. Noting the patterns in popular songs of the time, it didn’t take long for his songs to take shape.
Though the life of a musician was tempting, Benjamin Navarro knew it wasn’t where he wanted to take his life. He continues to play in his spare time to this day, but has ceased writing his own music and playing as part of a band. Instead, he prefers having bands play at functions he throws to support the arts.
While music was his first passion, all of the arts hold special interest to Navarro. He regularly holds events to display the works of local artists. Taking a particular interest in paintings and sculptures, he shows all forms of art. Benjamin encourages artists to branch out and find new ways to express themselves through their work. These events are held in different locations, often galleries; on special occasions, though, the chosen location is unique.
One such unique event was held beachfront and supported a local installation artist. Some of his unique pieces were too large to fit indoors, so they were moved to the scenic view to be displayed in all their glory. This event in particular raised money for the artist and the band that was invited to play. Benjamin was proud to host these events and plans to continue doing so.
The outdoor location was chosen for more than one reason, though. While the pieces were too large for general galleries, Navarro used the occasion to raise awareness of renewable resources. All the power and lighting for the event was gained through solar and wind energy. This was done to show how worthwhile these still blossoming technologies are.
In his profession, he often suggests the use of these tools for a lower carbon footprint. His journey to consulting did not take very long because of his logical mindset, and green technology seemed one of the most logical areas to develop. He brings to clients his distinguished history and background in business.
After college, Benjamin Navarro went straight to work as manager for a manufacturing plant. This is where he put his skills of logic to use and began to reinvent the day-to-day processes of the small plant. By focusing more attention on critical points of production, he was able to increase site productivity within months of beginning this position.
Noticing how there was lag in shipping and receiving, Navarro went to his superiors with a plan. Getting the go-ahead, he began to implement a course of action and improve productivity. He reduced turn-around time for incoming goods by 20 percent and overall site production saw massive improvement through the process.
Recognized for his immediate success, Benjamin then began branching out to other areas of production and plants. By analyzing current practices and speaking with employees, Benjamin easily created plans to improve efficiency. While some required more work than others to implement, they all yielded positive results.
Moving on from this position and company, Benjamin entered the world of business consulting. His method of intense analysis and clear communication with every level of employee allowed him to see exactly what parts of the company needed attention. Upon targeting weak links in a business, he showed incredible consistency in resolving issues. These problems can range from inter-personal disputes between colleagues to underpowered equipment.
When it comes to underpowered or dated equipment, Navarro is quick to take action and display the benefits of green technology. Whenever equipment is upgraded, it often requires more electricity to run. To reduce costs, ben has created a system that streamlines the eco-friendly production of electricity.
His consistent work with companies has given him a reputation with providers of wind and solar power. Using these connections, he works with installation specialists to provide the most efficient installation possible. Once installed, these technologies pay for themselves within years and have immediate appreciation by local communities. Benjamin Navarro now focuses his efforts on bringing environmentally friendly practices such as solar power to all businesses in the area.
Benjamin looks forward to a bright and green future for all of his previous clients. He hopes that by encouraging the implementation of green technologies like solar power, they will see continued success in their fields and substantial growth. Navarro also looks forward to working with many more companies in the area to increase their efficiency.
By implementing green technology in business practices, he thinks that the industry will expand and be more easily accessible to personal homes. By protecting the environment, the world will remain a healthy place for all generations to come. He hopes that by doing his part through consulting, he can spur others into adopting the same business practices.
As a supporter of the arts, Navarro also plans on preserving historic forms of expression. Though this area sees little attention compared to its former glory, the future is still bright and hopeful for musicians and artists alike. Benjamin hopes that he can one day begin a foundation to carry on his events that cater to local and small-time artists.
Ben also hopes to one day refocus his attention on his own art form. Playing the guitar has always been a passion, and he wishes to pursue it further as he ages. Already getting back in to the swing of creating instead of repeating, he would like to see his old band-mates get back together. This personal goal is still on standby though, in favor of Benjamin Navarro's professional advancement as a business consultant.

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