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A retirement and wealth management professional, Tony Dietrich is the president of Asset Planning Strategies.
Tony Dietrich is committed to the fields of retirement planning and wealth management, and has a true passion for helping individuals map out strategies to help thrive during their retirement years. He works as a retirement financial planner and advisor, and his specific areas of expertise include life insurance planning, retirement income planning, wealth management, preservation, and estate planning. Additionally, he places a heavy emphasis on helping clients reduce their portfolio risk, and he seeks to ensure that the clients’ retirement money remains with them for their entire lives.

At the present time, Tony Dietrich manages individual and corporate portfolios in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and even the District of Columbia.

In terms of what sets his wealth management business apart, Tony Dietrich says that his uniqueness stems from his emphasis on minimizing portfolio risk, on reducing overlapping of holdings and fees, minimizing standard deviation, and on maximizing proper asset allocation. Also worth noting: His firm is totally independent, which means there is nothing to sway him or keep him from offering the very best products and advice for each individual client. This is wildly different from how most financial planners work.

Finally, he works with all aspects of financial planning. He does not just work with stock markets or managed accounts, but can also utilize fixed assets like annuities that can prove very beneficial to clients.

In terms of his personal life, he loves the outdoors. In particular, he enjoys fishing, skiing, and snowboarding, and he also has a true passion for animal rescue. He is also a family man, and is happily married.
Tony Dietrich is a leading retirement planning and wealth management professional, currently managing portfolios for individual and corporate clients in several different states. He has ample experience in this field, but more than that, he has a deep and abiding passion for helping his clients establish long-lasting wealth—ensuring that their retirement money outlasts them, not vice versa!

Tony brings a strong educational background to his work. He graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in biology—an unusual degree for a financial planner, perhaps, yet it stands as proof of his dedication to learning. Just as important: He has accumulated much experience in his field. He has been working as a financial planner for more than 19 years, and he has always been self-employed.

In terms of the range of clients he works with, he deals with retirement investing and planning in a number of states. In fact, Tony Dietrich is certified to conduct business in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

There are several areas of retirement planning and wealth management on which he specifically focuses. His areas of expertise include life insurance planning, retirement income planning, wealth management, capital preservation, and estate planning. His goal, in working with any client, is always the same: To ensure that the client’s money lasts through retirement, and that the client is able to enjoy the kind of retirement lifestyle he or she wishes to have.

Tony is distinct from other retirement planners in a number of ways. When asked what makes him unique, he points to his emphasis on minimizing portfolio risk, reducing overlapping of holdings and fees, minimizing standard deviation, and maximizing proper asset allocation. Also important to note: Tony Dietrich takes pride in being fully independent advisor; furthermore, his firm is completely independent, which is very different from the majority of financial advisement firms out there. There is nothing keeping him from making the best decisions possible for his clients, and no reason why his professional judgment might ever be compromised or swayed.

Committed to offering truly robust financial planning and retirement investment services, Tony deals with all aspects of wealth management. He works not only with the stock market or managed accounts, but also with fixed assets like annuities, which can be highly beneficial to clients. Because he has the ability to work with the market, or take money out of the market, he can truly create the most beneficial portfolio management program for the client, and set them on the path toward successful retirement.

Tony Dietrich is passionate about his work, but he is also passionate about animal rescue. In particular, he is involved with an organization called GRREAT, or Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training. This organization has been uniting these wonderful dogs with loving families since 1983, and it is a cause about which he cares deeply. Dietrich notes that anyone who shares his love for animals, or is interested in bringing home a golden retriever, needs to check out the GRREAT website (, which boats a long lineup of beautiful animals available for adoption.

Dietrich is an animal lover, and also a lover of the outdoors. He enjoys spending time in the natural world and enjoying all the goodness life has to offer, and he especially enjoys such sports as snowboarding and skiing. He enjoys fishing, as well.

He is a happily married family man. In the future, he hopes to continue enjoying the best of what life has to offer, surrounded by the people he loves.

All of these unique passions prove that Dietrich is a multi-talented man, living a rich and rewarding life both in the office and out. He is committed to improving the lives of his clients, and just as committed to enjoying a satisfying life on his own terms. Tony is a consummate professional, a committed philanthropist, and an avid outdoorsman.
What does the future hold for Tony Dietrich? Nobody can predict what the next day will hold, at least not with any certainty, but he certainly has some goals in mind. On the one hand, he hopes that he is able to keep doing what he is doing—that is, to continue helping his clients plan for their own successful retirement—but he also understands the need to change. His industry is ever-changing, and one of Dietrich’s big goals for the future is to keep his business model adaptable to the ebb and flow of the economy and the financial services community. To put it another way, Dietrich says he hopes to avoid falling into a rut or getting caught up in outdated ways of doing things.

In particular, he hopes to continue making smart, savvy use of Internet technologies. He understands that the Internet is enabling people to stay on top of their personal or corporate finances like never before. His own hope is to provide his clients with new tools for keeping their finger on the pulse of their portfolios.

Dietrich has his fair share of personal goals, as well. He is an avid outdoorsman and an extreme sports fan, and he hopes to continue pursuing both of these passions. One of Tony Dietrich's big aims is simply to be able to stay active and to enjoy what life has to offer. Of course, this also means spending plenty of time with his family and continuing to put his marriage first!

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  • George Mason University , United States , Fairfax, Virginia

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