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Bruce Foerster is a disciplined leader with years of experience working as a managing director of a prestigious luxury resort in Belize.
Bruce Foerster holds an impressive resume that is filled with diverse experience from a wide range of industries. Most recently, he worked as the managing director of Jaguar Reef Lodge, a luxury resort located in Belize. Foerster held this position at the resort from 1991 to 2011, where he developed numerous skills to make him the successful leader that he is today. At the resort, he was in charge of managing various aspects to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Some of his responsibilities included:
-Managing overall luxury beachfront operations.
-Controlling an extensive staff of experienced personnel and making sure that everyone completed their tasks efficiently and competently.
-Training new staff members in the duties that entailed working at the resort and passing on his managerial expertise to other workers.
-Managing payroll by ensuring that everyone was rightfully compensated for their services.
-Handling marketing and advertising duties to attract potential guests by enhancing the resort’s appealing qualities.
-Overseeing maintenance and repairs completed at the resort by ensuring that all defects were quickly identified and taken care of as soon as possible.
-Managing housekeeping to make sure that the resort’s lodgings were all kept in pristine and livable conditions.
-Organizing tours of the resort to show potential guests the benefits of staying with Jaguar Reef Lodge.

Bruce Foerster’s life is not all about working. He enjoys spending time with his three children and partaking in various hobbies that embrace his love of the great outdoors. Some of his favorite pastimes include tennis, boating, golfing, skiing, swimming, and camping.
Bruce Foerster has cultivated a hardworking lifestyle since he was young. After graduating from Gulf Islands Senior Secondary School in Ganges, British Columbia, in 1975, he went on to attend the Professional Association of Diving Instructors College. He graduated from the Jacksonville, Florida-located organization in 1976 with multiple credentials. He was granted the certification to work in the scuba diving Industry, and he is also qualified to work as a CPR instructor.

In 1977, Bruce moved to Chicago, Illinois, to pursue his first real professional endeavor. He became a chemist and technician at the Illinois Institute of Technology and held the two positions until 1981. It was at this location that Foerster became involved with many laboratory responsibilities. These consisted mainly of designing and monitoring waste treatment systems.

Bruce left his job as a chemist to pursue a career as a commercial pilot in 1982. He worked primarily in Prince Albert, the third largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. While working for the Athabasca Airways, he flew a variety of aircrafts to a vast assortment of locations. His work consisted of delivering goods and people to remote areas in a timely and efficient manner.

Later on in the 1980s, Bruce Foerster took on a diverse set of jobs. In 1983, he worked as a commercial diver in Comox, British Columbia. He was employed by an organization known as Allied Seafood Divers. He went on to work as a stereo salesman at A & B Sound in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1984. It was not until 1984 that he began committing himself solely to one particular job that he would retain for the next nine years. Foerster spent the late 1980s to the mid-1990s working as a financial planner in the securities industry. Some of the companies he worked with included Investors Syndicate, Stenner Financial, England Securities, and Vantage Securities. His core responsibilities in this position entailed designing and managing investment portfolios.

In the midst of his career as a financial planner, Bruce Foerster took on the position of managing director of Jaguar Reef Lodge in Belize. Between 1991 and 2011, he was in charge of overseeing the aspects of this refined luxury resort that has seen great success. Thousands of people have come to this resort for the past 20 years to enjoy its comfortable suites and myriad of activities. Located in scenic Belize, Jaguar Reef Lodge is the prime choice for retirees and vacationers who want to indulge in the beauty of nature.

Bruce explains how the lodge is located near the Barrier Reef, which is recognized as one of the top snorkel and dive sites in the entire world. The lodge is also adjacent to exotic tropical rivers, the Mayan ruins, and expansive jungles filled with indigenous animals. Some other features nearby include the Sittee River, offshore cayes, and enormous flats that provide some of the best spots for kayaking and fishing around the globe. Jaguar Reef Lodge is situated about one mile south of Hopkins Village and spans across a 600 acre peninsula. Seven miles of this location is dedicated to white sand that tourists enjoy basking in while soaking up the sun’s rays.

Jaguar Reef Lodge hosts a collection of fun activities known as “Adventure Tours.” These tours typically last between two to eight hours, depending on the activity. The prices are affordable and allow for tourists that are even on the strictest of budgets to indulge in fun wildlife activities.
-Birds of Paradise Birdwatching – Lasts approximately three to four hours and costs $70.
-Cayo Mayan Ruins Exploration – Consists of eight hours of exploring and costs $95.
-Sittee River Boat Excursion – Lasts roughly two to three hours and costs $60.
-Barrier Reef Snorkel – Takes about five to six hours to partake in snorkeling and only costs $70.
-Ancient and Modern Mayan History – Consists of six to eight hours of activities that cost $95.
-Jaguar Preserve Hiking – Lasts around six to eight hours and costs $120.
-Glovers Reef Snorkel – Lasts approximately three to four hours and can range from $70 to $120.
-Mayflower Zip-Lining and Waterfall Rappelling – Consists of eight hours of extraneous activity and costs $125.
-River Cave Expedition – Lasts two to three hours and costs $50.
-Sittee River Kayaking – Consists of five to six hours and costs $70.
-Mayflower Waterfalls Hiking – Lasts four to five hours and costs $70.

Bruce Foerster explains that, through January and March, tourists can view the Scarlet Macaws as they come back to Belize. All of these tours are led by friendly and knowledgeable guides who are certified in their craft.

There are some features that are not included in Jaguar Reef Lodge’s package listing. Bruce Foerster states that tourists have the option to engage in any one of the following activities.
-Relaxing under a hammock on the beautiful beach while reading a book.
-Fishing in one of the many coves around Belize and attempting to catch the various underwater species.
-Kayaking down the coast in a glass-bottom boat, allowing for coral- and fish-watching.
-Bicycling to Hopkins Village to speak with the friendly locals.
-Visiting the local drumming center and learning about the traditions and customs of the Garinagu people.
-Laying by the pool to get a tan.
-Lounging at the tiki bar and engaging in a conversation with one of the many friendly, experienced bartenders.
-Wandering around on the seven miles of beach, which was declared one of the finest beaches in Central America by International Living Magazine.
-Renting a golf cart and exploring the local villages and rivers.
-Gathering a group of friends and hosting an exhilarating game of beach volleyball.
-Indulging in a massage, manicure, pedicure, or any other aesthetic treatments at the renowned Butterflies Spa.
-Bartering with the local Mayan Indians who are selling beautiful hand-made jewelry on the beach.
Foerster explains how visitors to Jaguar Reef Lodge will never find themselves bored since there are so many activities for them to enjoy.
Bruce Foerster plans to continue developing his skills as a leader and organizer. After spending so many years in a diverse workforce, he believes that he has created an assortment of skills to make him a competent manager. He is very disciplined in everything that he does, having a strong work ethic and an eye for small details. He takes pride in his efforts and will carry on this notion into his future endeavors.

After spending over 20 years in the tourism industry, he has cultivated a strong adeptness in the art of hospitality. This industry is only growing, and it needs competent leaders such as Foerster to lend their talents. Bruce displays the qualities of a go-getter and knows how to work well with others. This makes him an effective leader that can successfully organize and mobilize staff members toward a common goal.

Another quality that will help Bruce Foerster succeed in the future is his integrity. He believes that this quality is important for a businessman to have if he wishes to make a name for himself in the industry. Therefore, Bruce always holds integrity as his foremost quality. He always ensures that he is providing the best communication and is always staying true to himself and the people with whom he interacts. Not only that, but Bruce finds himself to be a flexible and reliable person. It is difficult to find someone on whom people can truly trust or rely. Bruce Foerster makes sure that he is always there for people who need his help and that he is always giving 110 percent of his effort.

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  • Gulf Islands Senior Secondary School , United States , Ganges, British Columbia

    Secondary School
    - 05/1975
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors College , United States , Jacksonville, Florida

    - 05/1976
Career History
  • Managing Director , United States , Dangriga, Belize , Bruce managed all aspects of luxury beachfront adventure travel resort including staffing, training, payroll, marketing, operations, maintenance, housekeeping, tours, etc.
    01/1991 to 01/2011
  • Financial Planner , United States , A list of the businesses Bruce worked for during this time includes Investors Syndicate, Stenner Financial, England Securities, and Vantage Securities.

    not defined
    01/1984 to 01/1995
  • Stereo Salesman , United States , Victoria, British Columbia

    not defined
    01/1982 to 01/1984
  • Chemist, Technician , United States , Chicago, Illinois
    01/1977 to 01/1981
  • Commercial Pilot , United States , Saskatchewan, Canada , Bruce flew a variety of aircraft delivering goods and people to remote locations.
    to 01/1982
  • Commercial Diver , United States , Comox, British Columbia

    not defined
    to 01/1983
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  • Resort Management
  • Hospitatlity Management
  • CPR
  • Diving Instruction
  • Scuba Diving
  • Tavel
  • Tourism
  • Communications
  • Aviation
  • Sales
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