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Lystra Belvey is a highly educated consultant in the IT and telecommunications field who has specialized as a project manager for many ongoing AT&T 4G LTE developments.
With extensive experience and success as a contract consultant and project manager, Lystra Belvey delivers exceptional confidence assisting with ongoing projects at AT&T Mobility located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She specializes in progressive 4G LTE technology and telecommunications, one of the most popular services in the United States.
Proud to work for such a comprehensive and reputable brand, Belvey takes extreme care in her work to deliver exceptional results and ensure projects are completed efficiently and with high-quality results. Specializing in LTE deployment, Lystra has been involved in the deployment of 1,800 cell sites in the EPA market.
Through her professional management responsibilities, she is trusted to oversee cost, quality control and construction scheduling regarding cell site buildouts. This position requires Belvey to have a strong capacity to direct and lead other professionals, as well as develop key relationships with third parties to ensure project completion. In her day-to-day work, Lystra works closely with vendor management to ensure equipment inventory is up to par and ready to serve.
In addition to these responsibilities, Lystra Belvey is committed to working intimately with staff members and technicians. Her aptitude in communication has proven instrumental in resolving any issues before or after integration regarding infrastructure projects for new sites and existing facility modifications.
With a strong understanding of the construction and technological processes in cell site buildouts, Belvey is a strong part of expanding AT&T 4G LTE coverage. From financial responsibilities to staff oversight, she is a respected leader in the field and provides the utmost confidence in ensuring facilities are developed, built and maintained with quality.
As a single mother and dedicated professional, Lystra Belvey has always remained focused on achieving new heights in her career to provide for her family and advance her dreams. With years of hard work and education, she is now a contender in her field—one often noted for its high concentration of male professionals—and serves as an inspiration to other career and family-oriented women.
Lystra has always maintained that education is the key to advancing professional skills, and holds a strong appreciation for academics in her field. She began her academic journey at Philadelphia Community College in the mid-1990s, where she obtained an extensive assortment of educational lessons. As a result, she earned certification in banking and financial operations in 1994, lending her the extensive fiscal management skills that she continues to use in her project management responsibilities. In 1998, she earned a degree from PCC in communications, which inspired her to pursue a career in telecommunications and business leadership.
From 2008 to 2009, Belvey reentered the academic world to stay current in her industry and gain the skills that have made her such a pivotal project manager and consultant for AT&T. During this time, she attended the respected Villanova University where she earned her master’s degree in project management.
While earning a graduate degree was a major accomplishment, Lystra Belvey had her mind set on learning as much as she could, and completed several courses to further extend her professional knowledge. She also completed an educational program in project management for IS/IT professionals and mastering project management. She gained her Business Analysis Certificate in 2009 from Villanova University.
Attending Villanova University inspired her to take advantage of the professional and academic opportunities offered at the historic University of Notre Dame in Indiana. In 2009, she completed several courses, including those involving executive leadership and management, executive team leadership, as well as leadership strategies.
Lystra Belvey remains an inspiration to many, as she was able to complete her advanced educational goals while simultaneously focusing on her career. In 2006, she began working as a senior network provisioner with her current employer, AT&T. Throughout this position, Belvey became very familiar with the IT and engineering processes needed to expand the service provider’s network. This position served as a solid introduction to her current comprehensive understanding of cell site buildouts and related operational responsibilities.
While attending school, Lystra Belvey served as a network finance analyst and project manager at SunGard Availability, a notable IT and telecommunications company based in Philadelphia, Penn. Faced with many rewarding challenges in this job, Belvey proved to be an instrumental part of development and resolution for ongoing projects in the company.

Not only did Belvey oversee vendor management and conduct extensive transactions, she also maintained relationships with overseas specialists to ensure efficiency. Although she accomplished a lot in this career role, she was particularly noted for helping the company recoup nearly $200,000 through the unique methodologies and procedures she introduced.
In 2010, Lystra Belvey returned to work for AT&T as a project manager, where she oversaw many projects at once with exemplary efficiency and quality assurance. Not only did she manage a civil team of 30 professionals, but she also led cross-functional compliance teams to ensure standards were met in both enterprise-level business projects as well as infrastructure construction projects.
During this time, Lystra was noted for her work with the Ethernet-to-the-Cell-Site program, which was responsible for integrating cell sites from existing technologies to Ethernet technology. Here, she managed end-to-end implementation on the construction portion of the integration program. Lystra also managed more than 500 cell tower orders, allowing her to dive in and gain extensive knowledge of technical operations behind this telecom giant.
Although many of these initial responsibilities appear overwhelming at first look, Lystra proved able to exceed expectations to ensure success for AT&T and allow for her professional growth as a project manager.
Currently working as a contract consultant and project manager for AT&T Mobility, Lystra Belvey is constantly motivated to expand her capacity of service in the IT and telecommunications industry. Encouraged to advance her career and build a health life for her children, she continues to focus on ways she can transform her professional abilities to take on more comprehensive projects in a full-time, non-contract role.
Having witnessed how much hard work and dedication can pay off in the long run, Belvey believes that her career field offers exceptional opportunity for advancement and will allow her to continue to do what she loves in a greater capacity.
She remains inspired by the forward motion of the telecommunications industry, and the work of AT&T in particular, as she stays focused on the current innovations and projected goals of this sector. As mobile technology becomes increasingly important in everyday life, she looks forward to playing a major role in laying out the projects that will help drive progress in technology and modern society.
In addition to remaining encouraged by the progress of the IT and telecommunications fields, Lystra Belvey is also interested in advancing the opportunities that women have in this male-dominated profession. Having found success in this field, she hopes to see more female professionals interested in developing careers in this technical field. As both a confident single mother and progressive professional, Belvey believes that all women have the potential to achieve professional dreams while also providing a satisfying life for their families.

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  • Villanova University , United States , Villanova, Pennsylvania

    01/2008 - 01/2008
  • Villanova University , United States , Villanova, Pennsylvania

    Masters of Business Analysis
    01/2008 - 01/2009
  • University of Notre Dame , United States , Notre Dame, Indiana

    Leadership & Management
    01/2008 - 01/2009
Career History
  • LTE Program Manager , United States , King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
    08/2013 to 12/2099
  • Network Analyst , United States , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    01/2007 to 01/2010
  • Senior Network Provisioner , United States , King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
    10/2006 to 04/2007
  • Senior Project Manager Escalation , United States , Horsham, Pennsylvania
    07/2002 to 08/2004
  • Val-Co Companies ,

    Purchasing Manager
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Core Competencies
  • Telecommunications
  • IT Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Coaching
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Vendor Management
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Provisioning
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