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Bobby Skotidakis

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Bobby Skotidakis is the CEO of Les Entreprises BPEC Inc., a Quebec-based company that recycles restaurants’ old cooking oil into clean-burning biofuels.

Bobby Skotidakis lives in Montreal Quebec, with his wife Niki Skotidakis and their 3 children. Here he owns and operates the second largest biofuel source recycling company in Quebec, Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. Les Entreprises is a 24 hour service business that helps out over a thousand area restaurants by collecting and hauling away their used cooking oil. They also clean the grease traps and grease caps at these restaurants, sometimes offering free grease trap cleaning promotions to their clients.

This used cooking oil is then hauled away to recycling centers to be turned into useful, clean burning biofuels such as biodiesel. These fuels are then put to a variety of uses, most notably going to fuel long-haul delivery trucks and farming equipment, supplementing and sometimes replacing outright the regular diesel fuel that these clients require. As fuels like biodiesel are renewable and burn relatively clean, they are much friendlier to the environment than traditional fuels based on petroleum such as regular diesel. These biofuels also reduce domestic dependency on foreign oil, leading to better energy security and more productive cost margins for the agricultural industry.

Bobby Skotidakis runs Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. on a solid foundation of excellent customer service first. By overseeing all of the company’s responsibilities and functions, Bobby can make sure that it provides only the highest quality service to its clients, utilizing the highest grade equipment to perform its jobs efficiently and effectively. Les Entreprises BPEC also offers travelling services by truck on a weekly basis, including emergency services where necessary.

Bobby Skotidakis graduated from Chomedey High School in Laval, Quebec, before beginning Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. The biofuel industry, as Bobby knew, has been and continues to be a highly competitive field, with the continually growing popular interest in alternative energy sources making the production of biofuel an attractive and lucrative industry.

Bobby Skotidakis saw the potential in this market and the societal need for companies such as Les Entreprises BPEC to help fulfill the demands of biofuel production. He has made Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. one of the top contenders in biofuel recycling in its area through a combination of this market insight and an understanding of what his clients want and the kind of service that they expect and deserve.

A Partial History of Biofuel Sources

Les Entreprises creates biofuel out of used cooking oil, primarily vegetable oil, which has traditionally been one of the most common ways to create these biofuels such as biodiesel. However, Bobby Skotidakis’ method is not the only biofuel creation method that has arisen out of the search for a cleaner, more sustainable fuel source. Many top energy researchers have also found degrees of success in utilizing the following biofuel sources.

Corn has proven by far to be the widest utilized source for the creation of biofuels, whether it has been turned into cooking oil or simply used straight from the cob. Corn owes its widespread utilization from the fact that it is easy to industrially process and easy to grow in fast, high-yield crops, making it one of the most readily available biofuels sources out there.

Debate has arisen, however, over the use of corn as a biofuel source solution that is viable in the long term. This is because the energy consumption efficiency of corn-based biofuels is not as high as compared to other fuels sources. Corn typically requires a lot of energy input to turn it into a biofuel, which somewhat negates the effective energy output of the resulting fuel source.

Sugar cane has made itself another top source of biofuels in recent years, especially in the warmer, tropical areas where it naturally grows such as Brazil. Sugarcane ethanol has actually made Brazil an energy independent country, as it can be blended into gasoline at high percentages or used purely on its own.

Sugar cane biofuel, however, has always been somewhat rough on the internal workings of the vehicles that run on it, even going so far as to gum up the interior machinery of older vehicles. Sugar cane also does not grow well outside of its native tropical habitat, so it has not seen the same widespread application as other biofuel sources.

Soy beans, however, have proven to be a viable crop in many places all over the world and can also be used to create biofuels. The oil from soy beans is incredibly easy to produce and has a wide variety of applications, from jet fuel to biodiesel.

The problem with most of these biofuel sources, however, is that they are also all food crops. Researchers have long been hesitant to begin relying too heavily on food sources as fuel sources because doing so would create conflict between the fuel and food industries as to whether a crop should go toward feeding people or fueling their machinery. This debate is one reason why Bobby Skotidakis and Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. utilize used cooking oil for their biofuel production. This oil has already been utilized as food to feed consumers, so collecting the waste byproducts of this cooking process to utilize as biofuels avoids the food or fuel debate by making sure that the biofuel source in question puts in time as both.

The Most Commonly Used Types of Biofuel

Just as biofuel producers have found many sources to work with over the years, biofuel has been engineered into several different variations, each with their own strengths and drawbacks. The two most widely successful types of biofuel by far, however, are ethanol and biodiesel.

Ethanol is the biofuel that most consumers have become familiar with. It is basically pure alcohol concentrate, mostly distilled from crops such as corn and sugar cane. Ethanol is then blended with regular gasoline to reduce the overall pollutant emissions that are put out when these gasoline blends are burned. Advances in biofuel research and development technology have resulted in more ethanol-heavy blends, with the end goal being to slowly wean off the need for gasoline entirely.

Biodiesel, meanwhile, is the renewable answer to petroleum diesel and the biofuel in which Bobby Skotidakis and Les Entreprises specialize. Used vegetable oil and animal fat are the most common sources for the creation of biodiesel, which is why so many companies like Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. rely on the used cooking oil from restaurant chains as a primary materials source. This has also had the added benefit of saving this cooking waste from ending up in landfills, instead seeing that it is converted into a useful resource.

Bobby’s Philanthropy and Pastimes

Outside of his work with biofuel production and Les Entreprises BPEC Inc., Bobby Skotidakis has taken the time to help out with several local community charity organizations. These organizations are scattered across the Hellenic Community of Montreal, Quebec, and include such sites as the many local children’s hospitals. Bobby has also helped out at several of the local synagogues with his support and volunteer work.

But while he has enjoyed his work serving his local community through charity foundations and the production of renewable energy resources, Bobby Skotidakis has also been known to enjoy engaging in a variety of hobbies strictly for his own entertainment from time to time. These hobbies have also gone a long way toward helping Bobby stay in good physical shape.

One such hobby is swimming, which Bobby has always loved to do both indoors and outdoors. When he is outdoors, Bobby also has found pleasure in going on long bike rides. And lastly, Bobby has proven himself to be an avid tennis player.

Above all else, though, Bobby enjoys loves spending time with his wife and children. His family means everything to him, so Bobby makes sure to spend as much time with them as possible and include them in as many of his activities as possible. This includes traveling with them up north and taking them sailing, skiing, hiking, and more. Before he is anything else, Bobby Skotidakis is a devoted family man.

Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. promises to see even more growth and opportunities for success in the future under the skillful management of Bobby Skotidakis. The company already serves more than a thousand area restaurants by hauling away their otherwise useless kitchen waste byproducts and turning them into a useful and increasingly vital fuel resource. This resource then goes on to provide tremendous support to local area agriculture workers, saving them money by giving them fuel source alternatives besides needing to rely on simple petroleum diesel.

As the demand and need for biofuel continues to grow, Les Entreprises BPEC Inc. can look forward to a growing demand and need for their own services on both fronts. As a renewable and alternative energy source, biofuels are quickly becoming essential as traditional fuel supplies of petroleum oil continue to dwindle. The environmental benefits of biofuels over traditional fuels is also only growing in importance as severe climate change becomes more and more of a pressing issue.

Bobby Skotidakis also plans to continue his charity volunteer work with worthy organizations all across the Montreal, Quebec area. While he has already donated plenty of his support to the area’s religious institutions and youth medical centers, Bobby would like to spread his support even further to continue bettering the conditions of his community.

Bobby will also be staying in shape through the regular practice of his favorite pastimes. Biking outdoors, playing tennis, hiking, skiing, skating, and going for a swim all bring him joy and a regular, healthy exercise regimen. They also present excellent opportunities for spending time with his beloved wife and children. This, along with the good that he does for his community through his charity work and his company’s vital professional services, all add up to make Bobby a very fulfilled man with a very bright future.

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