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Josh Mellberg is an experienced expert in retirement income planning.
Josh Mellberg is an experienced financial services professional who specializes in retirement income planning for his clients. He is the founder and owner of J.D. Mellberg Financial, an independent financial services firm whose mission is to help their clients achieve an enjoyable and financially secure retirement. Since it began in 2005, the firm has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in its industry, within the United States.

Josh is also a licensed insurance agent throughout all 50 United States, as well as a Registered Investment Advisory Representative. He has nationally trained many financial advisors in the realm of income planning and tax strategies, and in his public speaking career, he regularly conducts presentations on both investment planning and retirement.

One secret to the professional success that Josh Mellberg enjoys today is his continued love of learning and teaching what he has learned to others. He uses this passion to educate his clients on the best strategies to plan for their retirement income, as this is his true passion in life.

This passion has also led Mellberg to create and operate Senior Annuity Alert alongside J.D. Mellberg Financial. Through this company’s website at, he educates individuals everywhere about what their options are when it comes to retirement income planning.

He also owes much of his success to his ability to create opportunity through his own hard work and innovation. He has had this ability since he was a young man, when he was getting his professional start mowing lawns, and he carries it with him today in order to serve each of his clients as best as he can.
Ever since he founded his own financial firm, Josh Mellberg has rocketed to industry success. While doing so, he has made sure to stay grounded in what matters, namely helping his clients create a safe and secure retirement plan for themselves. He realizes that all of the success he enjoys today he owes to his career history of always putting clients’ needs first and delivering the highest quality service that he can.

Education and Business Training

Josh Mellberg began honing his professional skills while still a freshman in high school. This is when he began his first business, a lawn care service. The business held 27 different client accounts, all serviced by a riding lawnmower that he bought himself.

Later, while attending college at Western Michigan University, he covered his own tuition costs by creating and running an online collectibles business. During his senior year, it became apparent that he would still be $15,000 short of his full tuition needs, so he began running four different construction crews that built lofts for college dorm rooms. This covered the last of his educational expenses, and Mellberg graduated from WMU in 2003 with his bachelor’s degree in business management and with no student loan debt.

Early Work Experience

After his graduation, Josh Mellberg faced more financial hardship, as he found himself trying to find work in a down economy. He quickly got to work on his job search, filling out about 140 applications and going to 12 interviews. All of this work netted him four different offers. After careful consideration, he decided to join a trust company.

During his first year with the company, Mellberg worked as a trust advisor, logging in roughly 1,400 miles of travel each week, working on approximately 800 different trust accounts. This is when he ran into his first major ethical dilemma; he realized that not everybody he was selling a trust to actually needed a trust. Instead, he realized that many of these clients could have achieved the same result at a much lower cost.

The ethical problem led Josh Mellberg to leave the trust company to join a captive insurance company. Here he sold annuities, and in his first year alone, he made more than $4 million in investments. Unfortunately, the more experience that he gained, the more he found himself lacking when it came to giving his clients the right solutions. In order to best serve his clients, he realized that he needed a broader portfolio; the only way to expand his portfolio, he realized, was to go into business for himself.

Founding J.D. Mellberg Financial

In 2005, he left his insurance company in order to found J.D. Mellberg Financial. Here he finally had the ability to serve his clients in the way that best suited their own unique needs. It also allowed him to finally make the big impact on people’s lives that he wanted to make, and for all of the right reasons.

Since its founding, Josh and his staff have provided retirees in Arizona with solutions for estate, tax, and income planning as well as asset preservation. More than eight million people all over the United States have come to his firm and his websites in order to better learn how to plan for their retirement income. In addition, his popular financial education videos have received an average of approximately 350,000 views every month for a total of more than four million views and downloads over the past year alone.

Josh Mellberg has since grown his business from just 5 employees to more than 120, plus a network of 200 advisors and agents all over the nation. His firm has also received many different awards, such as making Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power list in 2013 after increasing employee staff by 84 percent over a period of just 18 months. Josh has also received many national awards, including Advisors Excel’s #1 Income Planning Advisor in the nation for 2011, 2012, and 2013.
Josh Mellberg maintains his passions for both learning and educating others, and will continue to use these passions to improve both his team and the financial lives of his clients. This includes continuing his regular trips, flying out once a month to pick the brains of the nation’s top financial advisors. Josh considers these individuals to be his mentors and takes their advice seriously.

Mellberg has also hired an executive business coach in order to assist him with the many intricacies of establishing and running a business. As always, he is extremely generous with this knowledge, sharing it with his clients to help them better understand their own risk tolerance and retirement options.

Unlike many other financial advisors, Josh Mellberg plans to continue encouraging his clients to take on full responsibility for their financial decisions rather than just rely on their advisors, no matter their expertise. While he acts as an experienced coach, the focus will still be on the client to make sure that they understand how their plan works, including the investment vehicle that they have purchased and what the terms of that vehicle specify.

Mellberg’s overall goal for the future is to develop his firm into a successful company that focuses on communicating and serving clients with absolute transparency, even when he is not around himself. To do this, he knows that he will need a robust team of highly educated and highly talented professionals, which is why he never stops working to make both himself and his team better at what they do.

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