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Andrew Heneisen

United States
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Andrew Heneisen is a Florida-based career counselor and coach.

With over 16 years of experience, Andrew Heneisen has become a widely-recognized expert when it comes to helping people find satisfying employment. Especially in troubled economic times, too many people settle for drifting from one dead-end job to the next. Regardless of if they’re a fresh member of the workforce or someone looking for a career shift, Andrew can help anyone find a job that fits their skills and interests. For some people, a satisfying job where they can be immersed in work and subjects that they’re passionate about is an unrealistic goal. With Andrew’s help, hundreds of clients have found just that, however, and he’s proud to be able to assist people of all ages and levels of experience.

In addition to helping individuals find work, a major facet of Andrew Heneisen’s services as a career coach is helping people manage the jobs that they have already. Some people may even already have their dream job, but simply not know it! Without the right time management and balance of work and life, a great job can seem like a terrible one. Andrew guides his clients through all aspects of working and being satisfied with work, including stress management and communication issues. Work is one of the most important parts of life, and without a satisfying job other parts of a person’s life will suffer. By helping people find a job they love, Andrew helps his clients live life to the fullest.

Andrew Heneisen started out on his own career path by following his passion: psychology. It’s a wide and diverse field that offers a variety of options to dedicated scholars, and Andrew was just that. Andrew received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Drexel University in Philadelphia, but wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do with it until he started pursuing his Masters. He saw that many of his friends had ended up at jobs they hated, and some of them were living paycheck to paycheck. Knowing how important it is to have a job that you love in order to be happy, he decided to devote his own professional career to helping others find joy in work. After receiving his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Berkeley, he became a registered career counselor, a position he has enjoyed for over 16 years.

Traditionally, one of the areas of career counseling where he has been particularly effective is in the administration of personality tests and assessments. It’s an area where he gets to fully utilize his education in psychology. They are an important aspect of his work because it’s almost impossible for someone to find a job that they’re passionate about if they don’t know what their passions are. People often jump at the first job that’s available to them, even if it doesn’t suit their personality type. Introverts are rarely good salespeople, for example. These tests have been useful for Andrew Heneisen over the years in his efforts to help people learn about themselves and find better jobs.

In addition to personality assessments and other psychological tools, Andrew Heneisen has demonstrated excellent business instincts over his decade and a half of career coaching. People often come to Andrew because they can’t find a satisfying job on their own. He helps them by demonstrating all the tools available to find new jobs, including online resources and social media. Good businessmen know how to network and branch out to find valuable assets, and by using his own instincts he helps others develop these skills. After helping hundreds of clients, he has stories of people finding jobs that had been right under their noses the whole time.

Another area in which Andrew Heneisen has historically excelled is with the career management side of his job. Almost as important as finding a job is the ability to feel fulfilled and satisfied with it. At some point in the life of a dedicated professional, there will be questions about what is more important -- the pursuit of a career, or parts of life outside of work. These can be difficult things to manage, and Andrew specializes in providing counseling for these troubles. He is also talented when it comes to mitigating other struggles at work, including salary negotiation, communication problems, and problems with superiors. By helping people through these rough patches, he often helps individuals rediscover why they loved their jobs to begin with.

Andrew Heneisen has also helped hundreds of his clients assemble some of the basic tools necessary for job hunting, including top notch resumes. A well-tailored resume is often the key in standing out to employers, particularly in an economy where an open position will often result in hundreds of applications. Over the years, Andrew has become an expert in helping people shine with their resumes, helping them fully demonstrate their skills, talents, and previous experience. This is often particularly useful for his clients who are seeking to change careers after years in one field. This often makes them uniquely qualified for other jobs, but they don’t always know how to showcase their talents.

Andrew Heneisen’s expertise when it comes to networking has also been an invaluable resource for hundreds of his clients. Psychology and counseling is often a matter of communication, and Andrew teaches others to use their own connections and communication skills to open doors for themselves. For many people, the process of networking feels like an exercise in exploitation. Andrew helps to dispel this myth by teaching people how to forge lasting relationships, and then use those partnerships down the line. It may seem like a basic skill, but for many people it doesn’t come naturally.

Andrew’s long history of successful career counseling and coaching has opened up many doors and allows him to pursue exciting new opportunities. He has been the author of a successful advice column, one which was picked up by a variety of local and national publications. He is also a prolific author in his own right, having written three books about job searching, networking, and feeling truly passionate about work. He is so well regarded in the field, in fact, that he has been called on to serve as an expert witness in multiple wrongful termination hearings. In addition to working individually with clients, he often holds group sessions, and has regularly been invited to teach workshops on networking and job hunting.

Ever since he first opened his doors to clients, Andrew has been providing unparalleled counseling and career coaching service. Former clients are quick to remark that Andrew was incredibly supportive, fast to put them at ease, and non-judgmental when it came to their personal situations. These are the qualities shared by any psychological professional, and Andrew is proud to be counter among them.

As the owner and operator of Heneisen Career Services, Andrew Heneisen has years of empathetic and supportive career counseling and coaching experience. Everyone from teenagers to retired military men have walked through his doors, and he has been eager to help all of them find fulfilling employment. Regardless of their level of experience, he has helped hundreds of people discover and pursue their passions through a lucrative career. While his services are broad, they all serve the same ultimate purpose: they help people live their lives to the fullest. When clients come to Andrew Heneisen in search of answers to their problems with work, they can trust that they’ll be getting the absolute best.

At the Heneisen Career Services office, Andrew Heneisen has already helped hundreds of people find a fulfilling and lucrative job that they love. Through 16 years of counseling and coaching work, he has also gained tremendous experience when it comes to helping people navigate their various work-related problems. In the future he hopes to continue doing what he dedicated his professional life to: helping others live happier and more successful lives with a job they’re truly passionate about. Because of his wide range of high quality services, he has built a steady client base that is poised to only expand as word spreads about his coaching and counseling. Offering both individual and group coaching options, he will continue to change people’s lives and help them find careers that they love.

In addition to his coaching and counseling, Andrew Heneisen has also developed an impressive writing career. As the author of three books and the journalist responsible for a widely-published advice column, he is being increasingly recognized as the foremost authority in his field. He hopes to continue writing along with working with clients at his office, because writing provides him with a unique way to reach multiple people at once. Additionally, he has been called to testify in the past as an expert witness in wrongful termination suits, and will be honored to continue lending his expertise to the justice system down the line.

  • 08/1993 to 05/1997
    : Drexel University
    : B.A. Psychology
    : United States
    : Philadelphia, PA
  • N/A to N/A
    : University of California, Berkeley
    : Counseling Psychology
    : United States
    : Berkeley, CA
Career History
  • 04/2005 to 12/2099
    : Owner, Licensed Career Coach
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : San Juan Unified School District
    : teacher
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