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Vikram Butani

United States
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Entrepreneur and CEO of Kubtec, Vikram Butani is dedicated to keeping the world healthy.

As the founder of Kubtec, an X-ray technology company, Vikram Butani is a proven health expert and professional. He opened the company less than a decade ago but it has risen to new heights and has become a nationally-renowned X-ray machine manufacturer. Kubtec focuses on providing and designing high-quality digital X-ray systems; its product line includes digital specimen radiography systems, cabinet X-ray systems, flat panel detectors, portable systems, conveyorized machines, non-isotope based irradiators, and other systems.

Located in Milford, Connecticut, the company was the first to offer 16-bit X-ray images. Innovative as ever, it incorporated touch-screen systems and other technological advancements into its X-ray systems. No matter what the product, Kubtec is committed to quality and reliability. Vikram Butani realizes that customer satisfaction is at the core of the company’s continued success. Kubtec holds a 100 percent warranty record on all systems installed worldwide since its inception. Kubtec is also committed to environmental and health safety. It recycles and reuses materials at every opportunity in order to ensure a healthier world. Based in technology, the company believes in efficiency and strives to reduce printed waste by using electronic communication.

Vikram Butani founded the company with quality in mind. As a global leader in digital X-ray imaging systems, Kubtec took a lot of drive and commitment to get it to where it is today. Visionaries like Butani utilized their knowledge of medical systems, business, and customer satisfaction to make imaging systems for scientific research, forensics, pathology, and clinical environments. Kubtec’s digital X-ray cabinets are self-contained, portable, and extremely versatile for pathologists around the world; the XPERT 80 model is even capable of viewing breast specimens. It has a broad product line that has found a home in many radiology departments, research labs, and hospitals throughout the world.

Founded in 2005 by Vikram Butani, Kubtec rose through the ranks as a leading X-ray manufacturer with its XPERT digital specimen radiography systems. XPERT systems are used in clinics, universities, research and development labs, forensic departments and specimen radiography. Each of the company’s X-ray systems is designed with compact features capable of fitting in almost any environment. Though small and compact, each X-ray machine is counted among the best in the medical field.

The company has introduced several products throughout the years; in 2009, the XCELL irradiator systems went onto the market, the Flat Panel Detector Digiviews came out in 2010, and newer versions since then. In 2011 the company received recognition for the Digiview 250, a system used for neonatal imaging.

The XPERT 80-L is the first and only digital specimen radiography system in the world that is available with a 17 inch x 17 inch (43 cm x 43 cm) active area. This system is installed in Pathology departments at some of the most prestigious hospitals in North America. Kubtec is the only company in the world to offer this product and includes cutting edge technology enabling Pathology departments to be at the forefront of medical technology today.

The XPERT 20 Digital Specimen Radiography System, for example, is one of its top-selling products. It is used for examining tissue and biopsy samples and features user-friendly software; the XPERT 20 has a small focal spot X-ray that takes extremely detailed images of even the smallest samples. Its compact size, large detector, automatic exposure control, multi-image sending systems, and auto-calibration make the XPERT 20 a smart choice for hospitals and research labs.

Vikram Butani started Kubtec to design and provide cutting-edge X-ray technology. The machines are frequently used for detecting breast cancer and imaging biopsy cores, organs, bones, and surgically excised breast tissue. Stereotactic breast biopsies are done with cancerous breast lumps that are small and hard to feel or too deep for standard X-rays. Two different images are taken at unique angles and software turns the two, two-dimensional images into a three-dimensional image. This allows surgeons to better locate where a lump is situated.

Needles are used to biopsy the cancerous region. This step, usually done before surgery, uses a digital mammogram machine to guide the procedure. Patients often opt to get a stereotactic biopsy because they are affordable and easy. Most people only require local anesthetic and the procedure is hardly invasive compared to full-blown surgery. Most importantly, standard biopsies do not leave scars.

Over the past eight years, Vikram Butani has guided Kubtec to success. The company manufactures portable X-ray devices, cabinet systems, and conveyorized machines. Each system is designed with the environment and patient in mind; the company understands how crucial keeping safe and decreasing waste is. It has also brought on skilled customer service associates to assist hospitals, labs, and other health-related industries learn about the products. Transparency, especially in the health field, is important; doctors are experts and usually know what they want, so it is important for medical technology companies to offer detailed information to potential clients.

The company is especially committed to going green at every available opportunity. Vikram Butani encourages his employees and manufacturing processes to utilize efficient, sustainable, and reliable work ethic. It gained a “High Standards” certification before many other imaging companies did because of its concern for bettering the environment. It received three different ISO certifications and complies with the Canadian Medical Device regulation, FDA, and European MDD to ensure it creates high-quality, safe equipment.

Kubtec products are built out of durable materials in the United States. Every aspect of production, from software programming and design to packaging and shipping, emphasizes efficiency. Its flat panel detector series includes the Digiview 200, 250, and 4020. These are high quality and economical systems that are used in laboratories and hospitals throughout the country. The innovative Digiview line uses low doses of X-rays to make high-quality images.

The XTEND Portable X-ray series, however, is one of the best imaging systems in its class. These high-frequency systems are lightweight, powerful, and versatile. The XTEND 80 HF and 100HF are maneuverable and hold the title as the lightest portable X-ray machines with the largest output.

Software is important for X-ray systems; user-friendly interfaces can mean life or death when it comes to looking for cancerous regions or other complications.
The Artemis is a software feature capable of increasing its XPERT systems’ output. Artemis gives unprecedented mammography quality views of stereotactic cores and excised surgical tissue specimens. In essence, the software helps high-resolution images become even better by reducing noise and increasing structural detail. Kubtec also designed Digicom, software that acquires x-ray images and converts images into DICOM files which is a dedicated format for saving images with patient information embedded in it.

Vikram Butani has brought Kubtec to the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction. Here are a few things its clients have to say about its various products:

Dr. Charles Cox, a world renowned breast surgeon, and Professor of Breast Surgery at the University of South Florida, says: “I’m very happy with the image quality and how the system operates; it has dramatically changed the way I practice medicine.”

Dr. Laurie Margolies, the chief of breast imaging at Mt. Sinai Hospital, says: “Eliminating the worst wait times (10-15 minutes) has been a huge benefit to our patients as well as our staff. Patients love how quickly a biopsy can be completed. No one has to leave the room anymore to X-ray a specimen — the unit is right there and creates high-quality, detailed images available in seconds.”

Beth Vara from the Tully Health Center in Stamford, Connecticut, says: “The images we’re getting are spectacular. When you’re looking at micro-calcifications that are smaller than a grain of salt, image quality is an important thing.”

Dr. Frazier from Bryn Mawr Hospital in Pennsylvania says: “The quality of the images was excellent; the ease of use and the clear value of the XPERT 40 made the decision an easy one for us.”

The head technologist from BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Canada says: “Our department has used the Kubtec system since 2007. Researchers find it easy to use and have been impressed by the quality of the digital images. Kubtec’s service and support allowed us to upgrade our system and they are available when we have any questions.”

Radiologist Duane Wilson in Washington says: “I used to feel uncomfortable with the technologist leaving the room to image a specimen. Now, with Kubtec, they can stay in the room for the entire process.”

Vikram Butani accomplished what he dreamed to achieve by focusing on customer satisfaction and product quality. The company has made it a long way in just eight years and it has no desire to slow down any time soon.

Butani understands that a company is not built overnight. Instead, it takes years of hard work and innovation to survive as a business, especially in the medical field where there are so many applications and restrictions on every product. Kubtec digital X-ray systems have taken off and are found all over the world because of their affordability, efficiency, and easy-to-use software. Kubtec does not sit idly by after selling a product; instead, the company actively seeks out customer feedback to learn how to improve its products.

Kubtec specializes in neonatal imaging.
Its DIGIVIEW 250 flat panel detector is the highest resolution detector in the world for imaging infants at very low radiation dose levels in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). The DIGIVIEW 250 acquires the highest resolution images using low amounts of radiation safe enough for neonatal use, extremities, or pediatric imaging. The DIGIVIEW 250 is incredibly versatile and useful under various circumstances as it does not need to be connected to a particular x-ray source. It can work independently with any existing x-ray source in the facility. It is portable, robust, and provides high-quality images without extreme radiation. It comes with user-friendly software, including important features like exposure index and repeat-reject analysis, that enable imaging at minimal radiation dose levels, thereby protecting infants against excessive exposure to radiation.

The company’s XPERT radiography systems are used for imaging breast tissue specimens. According to research, one in eight women will develop breast cancer throughout their lifetime. It is crucial to stay healthy and get checked, a hassle Kubtec makes easy with cutting-edge technology.

Vikram Butani, the company’s CEO, has diversified Kubtec since its founding. The company’s equipment was even used to take X-rays of mummies in Peru and Ecuador and on other archeological digs. Kubtec is an innovative company that doctors and researchers are proud to purchase products from, whether they are taking X-rays of infants, mummies, or of the everyday broken arm.


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