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David Loughnan is a funds management professional and day trader based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
One of Australia’s brightest funds management professionals, David Loughnan is passionate about investment and eminis day trading and, in particular, about analysing trading risks versus benefits.

In his career, he has amassed much experience in a variety of fields, ranging from construction to teaching, like many of us, it took him some time to find where his true passion is—but now that he has found it, he is able to truly excel in investment management business.

He does this through his current work with D&D Investment Managers. The company is built on the premise that today’s global economy provides investors with innumerable opportunities, but also many challenges and potential hazards. That’s why individual investors and financial professionals alike depend on thorough, expert wealth management—which is exactly what David Loughnan and his team provide.

Indeed, among Australia investors—including both individual and institutional investors—D&D has come to be known for its client-centred services. The company is also celebrated for how well its advisors understand risk, and adapt their strategies to offer consistent returns in any and all market conditions.

The passion of Loughnan and his team, then, is simply to provide investors with the opportunities in diversification and risk management that they truly need to thrive. Loughnan loves what he does, so much so that even in his spare time he frequently opines on issues related to day trading, risk management, and beyond.
We all take our own unique paths in life, and some people find great success on paths that may strike others as a bit unusual; for evidence, look no further than to the life and work of David Loughnan. His has not been a conventional or a traditional trajectory. Indeed, his path has been nothing if not circuitous and unpredictable. And yet, it has led him to where he is today—to a place where he is recognised as one of the top eminis day traders and investment management professionals in Australia.

Yes, David Loughnan has found much success in the fields of investment management, risk mitigation, and business ownership. He currently owns and runs D&D Investment Managers located in Sunshine Coast Queensland. The road to here has been fraught with surprises, but all of his life experiences have ultimately given him the confidence he needs to succeed in finance.

David dropped out of school when he reached year 11, which surely sets him apart from many financial professionals. While leaving school early is most certainly not recommended for everyone, it was the right thing for Mr. Loughnan to do. He did not care for school, was not sufficiently challenged by it, and ultimately craved real world work experience. Thus, he dove headfirst into his career.

Of course, at this point in time, his career was not in finance. Actually, upon announcing that he did not wish to continue with his education, David Loughnan was informed that construction workers make a lot of money, and thus he began an apprenticeship in that area. He worked on many projects that he found to be genuinely interesting, and for a long time assumed that this would be his vocation for the rest of his life.

When Loughnan met his wife, Donna, the two of them quickly became serious and decided to look into purchasing a home. This is when David realised that he needed to get even more serious about his career, and so he launched his own business at the age of 25. He accepted a loan from his father-in-law and in a short span of time found himself running a truly successful business—and earning a serious amount of money.

The problem was, he was working constantly. He felt as though he had no life, no time to devote to his passions—among them sports and, of course, his family. He decided there must surely be an easier way to earn a living, and so he started looking into some alternatives. He invested in some property management courses, and for a brief span of time considered getting into this field.

But of course, David Loughnan eventually found his way into the share market and the world of day trading. He was hooked almost from the get-go. While property investment was something that might have brought success in the long run, day trading offered a chance to start making money almost immediately—and that really caught Loughnan’s eye!

This is not to say that he was a wildly successful day trader from the start. Actually, he lost quite a bit his first year—but he also saw the potential to stick with it, get more serious in his strategy, and ultimately become an day trading guru. That’s exactly what he did. Before long, he was not only succeeding in his own day trading, but he was also teaching the principles of day trading to others.

This brief stint in education paved the way for Mr. Loughnan to go into investment management business which is where he is today. He got his financial service license and put in some time at a company that trains others in the basics of day trading.Before he shifted into investment management services area creating D&D Investment Managers. This is where he is now, and it is truly what he loves!

So it may not have been a conventional path—but it led David Loughnan to exactly where he wants to be!
Predicting the future is not something that any of us can do with great accuracy, and that’s certainly true for David Loughnan. It is, indeed, hard to say where he will be or what he will be doing in 10, five, or even two years’ time. What we can say is where he hopes he will be. Indeed, Loughnan’s passion is to see his company, D&D Investment Management, continue to grow and to thrive. Given the prestigious track record the company has already amassed, it is not difficult to imagine Loughnan getting his wish.

This is despite the fact that, in many ways, the global economy and the Australian economy are both very much in flux. For many financial professionals, this level of uncertainty might offer pause. While Loughnan and his team are quite aware of the world’s precarious state, they are not concerned about their own ability to continue offering superior results to their clients. The company has developed the strategies that it needs to offer consistent returns in all market conditions—which will surely prove integral to its longevity.

Another passion of Loughnan’s is to get more people interested in investing. He firmly believes that the time to start investing is now, and he works to educate individuals on why this is the case. He plans to continue this work of education in the future.

And, on a related note, he is a proponent of educating investors on such topics as day trading psychology, risk vs. benefit, and beyond. David Loughnan is zealous to see what comes of these endeavours in the future.

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    Completed an RG 146 course in derivatives and is authorised to provide personal and general advice to retail clients.
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