David Berkowitz

United States, Illinois, Chicago
80 years old
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Born in Aurora on January 30, 1943, David Berkowitz Chicago enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago, but never got his degree. The naïve artist, discovered his passion for painting while in hospital, after suffering a serious spine injury during a football match. When he was in hospital, he started painting portraits of patients.

Berkowitz started exploring and doing small volumes with drawings that show some pain and treatment methods. Drawing and focusing on understanding pain somehow helped him relax. Then he began to go deeper into the process. Some of the topics that he addressed early in his career are closely connected with understanding and analyzing pain. That is, in his opinion, a dangerous area because it can easily slip into poignant.

As a naive naive art painter and entrepreneur, Berkowitz nurtures a quite unique style. His paintings have been described as alive and different for each "viewer". They change, depending on the viewer's readiness to see, experience and receive. The paintings are a higher frequency that wants to flow through us. How it will take us and enrich us depends on our expectations. As he explains in the recent interview for Patch, one of the main reasons why David choose naive art is because he sees it as an escape from chaos to fairy tale. Naive art is pure, childish and original.

Now, most of David Berkowitz Chicago’s art works are somehow connected with the images seen in his early childhood. The magical regions of childhood, the fairy-tale horses are just some of the things that make this artist unique. Through the creative process, he expresses his ideas on canvas, transmitting his own emotions and sensations. His context is formed by a balance of peace and clarity, giving his works a sense of authenticity and genuineness. For him, the most sincere form of expression is the search and not the improvement; it is the search that leads the artist to deepen his passion.

Soon after Bekrowitz graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he returned in Aurora, where he joined a local art group. It wasn’t long before people started asking him to buy his paintings. It was then, when David Berkowitz Chicago realized that he can do painting professionally, not just as a hobby. So, he started creating artwork and a local art dealer helped him find buyers. Once things took off, he decided to open his own studio, and that is how David Berkowitz Chicago Atelier came to existence.

In his, decades long history as a naive painter, David Berkowitz has had over 20 independent exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and about 30 joint exhibitions all over the USA. His paintings are included in many private collections around the world, and some are displayed at the American National Museum and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. An overview of the art collection displayed at these galleries can found at Berkowitz profile at Pictorem.

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  • School of The Art Institute of Chicago , United States , Chicago

    Bachelor of Arts ,

    David Berkowitz Chicago The Art Institute of Chicago is among leading contemporary painters in the USA. His profile at Google Scholar

    08/1969 - 03/1973
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  • Chicago Art Deco Society , United States , Greater Chicago Area

    Art Specialist
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