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Interesting Features of Rhetorical Analysis Essay


Are you looking for legit essay writing service? Before starting the main subject, first of all, we need to know what rhetorical analysis is. It is the study of how writers and speakers utilize their words to influence their readers.

Basically, authors entice their audience by integrating these 5 characteristics in their writing:


It targets people’s emotions and gives them a chance for catharsis.




The cheap essay writing service provider builds credibility in front of his audience in order to gain their full trust.


The writer brings logical reasoning in his work to satisfy readers' logical faculty. 


Kairos is an exact or appropriate time of the deliverance of the speech either it is in written or verbal form. For example, Martin Luther wrote his speech “I have a dream” and delivered it on an appropriate time of history during the time of the civil rights debate.


Stasis is the standing point of the argument where two writers agree upon what the problem is but could not agree upon the solution. A good writer should be able to move from stasis and move further in his writing. 

Now moving further, I want to include that not everyone has good writing skills. I have witnessed this throughout my academic experience. A lot of students lack good writing ability and need constant support and training to improve. Since time isn’t a luxury most students have, I would suggest that you take assistance from a professional words counter for essays service. They will produce excellent work for you and even help you in analyzing a rhetorical essay by giving you a step-by-step guideline.

Features of Rhetorical Essay Analysis

While analyzing a rhetorical essay, you need to keep your focus on the things mentioned below. The rhetorical essay will not only describe and analyze the text but it will also evaluate it and evaluation will be based upon your opinion. 

Form and organization

Form and organization are rhetorical features to create logos, pathos, and ethos in the text. In all the textual forms, the writer needs to know about his audience, that which element (logos, pathos, and ethos) will work for the audience. Suppose you want to write a persuasive essay and you are afraid that your target audience will not read your essay then you can use pathos that can affect your readers and immediately establish ethos to prove your credibility. 

Use different Devices

Try including rhetorical devices such as anaphora and alliterations to improve your rhetorical analysis. Let us take an example from Martin Luther's speech “I have a dream”. He incorporated rhetorical devices, anaphora, by repeating an initial phrase “let freedom ring” in his research paper topics. The purpose of anaphora is to emphasize a certain point artistically. 

Figurative language

The three characteristics as mentioned at the beginning of the article, rely on the use of figurative language. This includes metaphors, simile, and analogy. The figurative language can be used from sentence structure to the entire composition. John Donne took the help of figurative language in his 36 line-poem “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” in which he compared two separated lovers with the two legs of the compass. 

The rhetorical analysis considers all the elements that are necessary to produce a captivating piece of writing. The writer should know his audience, medium, and the context in which he wants to initiate communication with the intended audience. 

 Analyzing a rhetorical essay is not a piece of cake. It is better to hire a professional writer rather than lowering the quality of your work. We all pay a lot to enter and complete college, and no one deserves to suffer because of not being able to catch up as quickly. 


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