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Anne-Marie Grey

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2020-11-02 14:23:46

USA for UNHCR is a shame for the High Commissioner for Refugees. It is non ? profit branch that is interested exclusively in money. Helping people as a highest cause is a joke that upper management is using for gaining more personal profit. Shame on you! You are a disgrace for this world; using people in a huge problem to gain money is simply a sin. I?ve been hired to work as a fundraiser in the USA for UNHCR Miami, FL. I was honored and extremely excited to work for such respectful organization. As being fully politically aware, I was thinking that helping those in need is the most gracious job I could find. But? Fundraiser in this organization is sent to a street to literally beg for money for straight 8 hours. You are standing at the corner asking each person if she/he is aware of the ongoing conflict that is happening in one part of the world. Long story short, fundraiser is a professional beggar. I?ve seen a lot of people on Glassdoor who are writing reviews saying that you are working with intelligent and educated people. Call me snobbish, but the girl that was my team leader (?!) was spitting on the street while waiting for the next ?victim?, she didn?t know where Syria is and was lacking of personal hygiene. You are begging for money for Syrian refugees and you don?t know in which part of the world that country is, let alone what are the political problems there. This organization doesn?t need smart or good people, they just need numbers. And numbers are made by those who are not aware of the world surrounding them. You are not allowed to accept any cash offered by a lot of people. Your job is to convince strangers at the street to give you their credit card numbers and that?s not all. You need to convince them to become "sustainer" which mean that they are obligated to give you $15 monthly minimum for one year?! Random question to upper management: Would you be willing to give $15 every month for Syrian refugees? And the amount of $15 is chosen because that is the only way for you to get the bonus. Each employee in this organization is obsessed with bonuses, because the hourly rate is $8.25. Also, you are obligated to have at least 8 "sustainers" per week. And if you don?t hit your goal for 2 weeks in a row you are out of this organization. Each person in this organization only talks about hitting the goal or bonus. They don?t care about anything else then their paycheck. Morally, people working in this organization are on the lowest level and I?m disgusted with this fact. Fundraisers are trained every day what lines they should say. Not to mention that those lines are complete lies and they are said only to convince a person to give you the money. Every morning, the person in charge called ?city coordinator? is teaching you lies you should say at the street (e.g if a person you are convincing to give you money says that she/he doesn?t have money, you should say that you already spoke with somebody who had the same problem but when ?they saw how awesome we are, they agreed to give us money?).


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    : Executive Director and CEO
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