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Israel Benedek

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2020-11-02 14:52:16

Disorganized and unprofessional
I should have noted the first red flag from my second interview, but I was so pleased to be immediately offered the position that it went right over my head. There are two locations for this company: one in Denville, and one in Paramus. I interviewed at both locations as asked, but I originally thought that I would be placed at the Denville location since that was what was mentioned in the job posting. However, after my second interview, I was told that I'd be at the Paramus location. "Great!" I thought. It was even better for me to work at the Paramus location because it was closer to home. It didn't strike me as a hint of the disorganization within this company. Fast forward to two weeks later. I had quit my job since I was offered a full-time offer at CBS. CBS was even willing to match my salary requirements and again, the sudden location change to their Paramus center made it all too perfect for me. Then 3 days before my official start date, I got a phone call saying they had to move me back to the Denville center. That wasn't such great news since I had been planning my entire year and expenses around working in Paramus, but I let it pass because I knew I originally applied to the Denville location, so I really couldn't complain. Red flag #2! During that same phone call, I was also told that my start day would be pushed back one more day. Hmm, weird. Red flag #3. The day before my start date, I spent my entire morning running errands for my first official day at my new job. Then I got another phone call from the company: My position has been canceled, "due to internal developments, the position has been eliminated." All the disorganization finally added up and I surprisingly wasn't shocked at the news. The company is going through major changes and opening up new locations, so they probably overhired. But regardless of that, they wasted my time and really screwed me over. It's just really annoying that they did this at the VERY last minute. I literally got the call at around 3pm, around the end of the workday. It's even more annoying that I've been job hunting for months and was finally offered a position, so I ended my job search, and then was basically told "nevermind" the day before my official first day. What if I had moved to be closer to the job? I would be in an even worse position... This could have been anyone. I just wanted to share the disorganization and unprofessionalism of this company. Be wary when applying.


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