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Martin Foont

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2020-11-02 15:35:26

Horrible company; don't work for them.
Everyone has a judgey outlook and you can feel the attitude coming from them a mile away. There is absolutely little to no training, and no one helps you out when you need it because they have a million other things to do. They always try to take you down and are always out to get you. I used to smile a lot more before joining this company. They don't like to see you succeed and people will always try to take you down here, even for the most miniscule of things. I have never been in a more toxic environment than this, where people are out to get you on the daily, and you always have to be worrying about covering your tracks or leaving trails in fear of being written up. They can't even deal with their own problems so they just resort to writing you up instead, thinking that will solve the problem, but only builds up even more resent. Don't even think about making "friends" here. They will only turn their heads on you. It's really a man-eat-man, dog-eat-dog environment here. No one will teach you anything and you're literally being thrown into the fire, while they just sit there and watch you burn. They always say they have time or can help you, but in reality, they're just waiting for you to annoy them to the point where they can file a report against you, even though you are just trying to do your job. I have never been more negative ever in my life prior to joining this company and it has severely impacted my mental health. People on the same team don't even want to talk to you. That's how bad it is. No one cares about you. Whoever does not want to associate with you becomes very apparent and you feel dehumanized there. Your work is underappreciated and undervalued because it is either under another name or just doesn't get mentioned unless you are at the top of the hierarchy and there is very few room for mobility.


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