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Adrienne Arkontaky

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2020-11-03 08:36:11

Do yourself a favor - don't work here.
Management Absolutely disastrous. Not only is management completely unaware of the hard work their staff puts in, but they are simply unprofessional. For example: The managing attorney will actually speak about current and former employees with her staff. Last year, when an employee was let go, the managing attorney discussed the fact that she would dispute any request for unemployment benefits and spoke about her personal opinions of the individual based on an incident that had occurred. The micromanagement is out of control. There is no trust in the STAFF, even those who have proven their work to be accurate and efficient. Don't expect to be noted on the extent of your work, but rest confident that if you are wearing a pair of shoes that is "not liked" by the managing attorney.... that will be noticed. One of our senior attorneys put in SIX YEARS at our office ? do you know what the managing attorney did? She made her work from home those next two weeks because ?she doesn?t like to look at people after they do that?. It?s just simply despicable. Actions are constantly being made as a result of emotional response. - After giving 24 hours? notice of my departure ? due to the managing attorney?s previous treatment of resignees ? I received an exit letter referencing the flexibility the firm offered to me ?during my hard times.? Last year, my mother was dying of cancer and I chose to take PAID FAMILY LEAVE. The exit letter actually says ? We are grateful to have been able to have been flexible during your hard times.? I still laugh out loud when I read it. The vice president and managing attorney really views me coming back to work after that as her gift to me. I appreciate your gift that I paid into monthly to receive just to watch my mother pass away ? I just can?t even believe the audacity ! Favorable treatment - Attorneys are valued more than staff. Period, end of story. Except of course the office manager who can do whatever she wants because the managing attorney is her best friend lol. The employee handbook states ALL employees must provide 30 days notice before vacation time. Last year, our receptionist wanted to go visit HER ONLY SON who lives in California and only provided 3 weeks notice ? so her request was denied. However, this Veteran?s day (11/11) the attorney requested only 6 days prior for that day.. and of course was granted. She states you have flexibility- but understand THIS ONLY PERTAINS TO ATTORNEYS. If you are staff, you are dispensable. Pay/Benefits - Out of control. The pay is very, very low for Westchester County. You have to beg for a review because you will not get one timely ? or at all. We all received slight increases (I believe due to state law) after a lawsuit was brought by a former employee (one of a few). There is no overtime, but if you show your work ethic by coming early and staying late - it will only be noticed when you stop doing such, it is expected of you to go above and beyond without compensation. There are no bonuses. The girl who had a 5 year anniversary got a watch....... Benefits - I would say the coverage is good but holy banana the legal assistant that handles all of these matters at the office in Auburn is HORRIBLE. I had an issue with my dental/vision - I went to use it (6 months after paying into it) and found out that MetLife did not have me in their system. The assistant told me she'd have an answer for me in a few days - 10 days later I followed up to find out she had an answer and I was "reinstated." So I asked about reimbursement for the past 6 months and was told that was not a possibility lol. Additionally, I moved in August and provided my new address, located in a different town and county and continued to have my previous city's tax taken out because no one thought to provide me with the proper documentation to update this. Misdistribution of Work with Lack of Compensation - The pay is even across the board even when your peer only does half of what you do. For example: the other paralegal who had been there for 6 months could not even make a meeting appointment and huffed and puffed any time something outside the scope of her case list was requested of her. As long as there is someone to pick-up the slack, the management will continuously abuse that person. Work Culture and Environment - The staff talks about each other, there is gossip constantly. The office manager and associate attorney will sit in each others offices all day long and yap yap yap ? talk about the receptionist, make fun someone, because they are obviously perfect. Who wants to work in an environment where staff is constantly talking about one another? I?ve never seen such Finally, The pettiness of the managing attorney is insane. You would think you were working under a young woman, not a 60-year-old, seasoned attorney. My exit letter also referenced that I had ?firm property? ---- which I believe they were referring to the $15 notary stamp ??? with my name on it. But, again, this place is just a black hole. Don?t get sucked in.. just keep looking I promise the fates are not leading you in this direction unless it?s to learn patience. Definitely good to get in, get the experience, and get out as quick as you possibly can. Definitely not a place for a long-term career, which is proven by their turnover rate. The managing attorney likes to blame this on it being a ?young company? ??. But the Westchester office opened 7 years ago ? almost 8?.. so?.


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