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11/09/2020 @ 02:13 am

A truthful review It's hard to truly list all of the cons compared to the one pro - but the other reviews all speak to the same nature. The turnover rate is astronomical. The probability of you making it past the internship is easy 10:1. To tackle the largest issues, they are noted below, and are not all inclusive. Training: Once you start, your training is reading. Reading federal and state regulations. No background to how regulations are written, what the jargon is, but just starting to read. Out loud. And if you mess up, be prepared as it will be broadcast to the entire office. There is no formal process to start your position. Either you make it by learning everything, or you are terminated. There is no clearly stated requirements to the position, or checkpoints or milestones to hit. Don't think you can leave work at work. You have to take work home, either to read, learn, or prepare for a project. There is no separation of work and personal life, which is hard to shake once you leave. You'll be put on the spot in front of the entire company while management asks you a question they know you don't know the answer to, just to ridicule you in hopes that that will help you learn quicker. Travel: You live inside your car. Be prepared, it is easy to rack up more than 5,000 miles a month, as well as hundreds of dollars in toll fees a month. The wear and tear outweighs the subpar reimbursements. You are constantly on the road. Forget being home between 5 and 6 like normal 8-5 jobs, all travel is required outside business hours. 40 hours/week is the minimum you work. But everyone is salaried, so there is no overtime. Day trips over 150 miles one way is not uncommon. They do take care of your hotel, but usually go for the cheapest, seediest hotels in the worst parts of town, and are completely complacent with finding the best deal for their employee's safety. Even if this topic is brought up to management, you will be staying in the same location next time you are in town. Health: As per another review, anxiety and high stress are the norms of otherwise healthy young adults. This is only work induced, but carries on to personal lives and affects at home mental health. Seeking healthcare is a joke, as you only get three hours of sick/vacation a month, it doesn't carry over, and there are blackout dates. Just like an airline. You are constantly on edge walking on eggshells to ensure management doesn't blow up over spilled milk. Also, see above travel. You are also constantly eating on the road. If you accidentally bring your lunch when you are with someone, expect it to go to waste, and expect to spend money you are not reimbursed for. Good luck finding healthy options at remote locations in your per diem limit. There is a federal website on per diems per city - that they do not use. This average per diem is a good 20 dollars higher than what is granted to you (only when you travel outside DFW are you reimbursed). Management: This is probably the worst aspect of the job. Management is not prepared for managerial duties. Constant beat downs, degrading words, fear, micromanagement, etc are norms. Interpersonal skills must not have been criteria when the employees were chosen. There are times that are so apparent and uncomfortable when management have "closed door" meetings about employees sitting on the other side of the paper thin walls. There is nothing off topic when management talks to you, or about you to others, such as incredibly sensitive personal topics, and whatever comes out of their mouths is always to build themselves up and to tear others down. The whole company is run on a bully tactic. Once employees leave to take on new ventures, horrible, manipulative, fabricated gossip is the only thing you hear for months on end, until the next person is terminated or leaves. Proper business management is also a fault in the company. Privacy: A joke. You have no privacy. None. Don't ever think you do. Compensation: If you are just starting out of college-most of the hires are- the numbers look great. Once you take on car maintenance, rent, bills, loans, etc, you're lucky to break even. No healthcare, no retirement, mediocre mileage return. No possibility of increased compensation, or evaluations. They try and make you feel that you can't do better anywhere else. Overall, this position has scarred me, family, and friends. There is no benefits to the position. They are not on your team, and though they will throw their religious, family, and moral views on you, they do not follow what they preach. Save your sanity and your health and find a position somewhere else.

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