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11/09/2020 @ 02:28 am

Avoid At All Costs This is info from 2018 so take it with a grain of salt as some things may have changed. There are some fake positive reviews posted on here as I am sure Kumar has had his employees write them in order to get more people to apply. Please don't be fooled as almost everyone hates working here, even if they do succeed in this environment. 1) Pay - Starting as a fresh college grad, you are paid $15 an hour as a legal assistant. While I was grateful to be hired given my lack of experience, you quickly realize how underpaid you are. Kumar basically wants you to be a full on lawyer without any training. Kumar described the job as "sink or swim" in my job interview. My first assignment was to draft a letter for someone applying for political asylum. I was given no formal training and told to just do it. When finished, Kumar berated me for the letter saying that it was not good enough. It became clear that he really meant it as sink or swim. He will not support you in any way. He will expect you to do his job, pay you the bare minimum, and insult you on top of it while calling it "managing." 2) Office Politics - Kumar very clearly has favorites in the office and it results in a very toxic work environment. During my time, there were cliques within the workplace resulting in stress on top of the work. Kumar will promote or demote you based on whether or not he likes you - which is directly tied to your performance. Meetings are very awkward as he will basically go down the line and tell you why you are messing up. Kumar is usually always in meetings or in court so this time is all he has to provide feedback. I thought this was normal for a work environment but, as I have seen from other jobs, this place is just awful. 3) Late Hours - If you are applying here, be ready to work late nights, weekends, and pull some all nighters. I worked here when the H-1B visa deadline approached and the place was chaos. The team was working from 9 am until midnight for weeks trying to process as many applications for clients as possible. If you tried to go home at your scheduled time, Kumar would see you as lazy and not taking your job seriously. You feel pressured to work and while some people may thrive in that environment, for me it was anxiety inducing. Kumar does not respect the work-life balance of his employees and wants them to be completely dedicated to him. 4) High turnover - This place was a revolving door when I got here. When coworkers mentioned the name of somebody in a story I would ask who they were and the response was always "They don't work here anymore." I pieced it together when there would be so many people mentioned as working there almost not long before I was hired. I also witnessed many people leave this job due to conflicts with Kumar or for better opportunities. Some of these people were actually performing very well in their jobs which was shocking. If you do get let go, see it as a blessing. This place is awful and I have found better opportunities, better pay, and better environments that make this place nothing but a bad memory. If you are interested in law and really desperate for experience then apply here but be warned that it may make you re-think your priorities. Kumar was by far the worst boss I have had in my professional career and this job made me lose any interest I had in law school.

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