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11/09/2020 @ 05:39 am

I felt free the day I left Monkedia Where do I start? 1) The CEO is manipulative and operates on deceit. I was so excited to be joining a very ?cool? tech startup, only to start seeing cracks within months. He is only talk and no action, says he puts people first but surrounds himself with his friends and has closed-off meetings with only them. Makes sudden drastic changes without giving employees a heads-up. Doesn?t listen to new ideas or encourage people to think outside the box. Doesn?t promote women. The list goes on 2) The clientele are less than stellar. Companies listed on the website aren?t accurate, they?re just one time projects that the CEO happened to do years ago and didn?t even directly involve those large companies. Most of them come from his personal circle and religious affiliated referrals from there. 3) The work. I was hired to be a data analyst, along with many others. None of us did the work we were hired for. We were like interns and were constantly promised that we would transition to a full analyst role, yet that never happened? I?ve been at other places where I did this exact same thing, and I?ve never had to stick so closely to the formula the CEO made and memorize processes. Where was room to think creatively? Lots of overqualified, genuinely innovative employees who, if given the chance, would outshine the CEO on any day. Keywords? if given the chance. 4) The environment. Ah, the great open office plan. The happy hours. The games and fun. Just a few gimmicks to keep us all at work until 8pm every day and lose personal lives :) Oh, and no work from home! The CEO doesn?t trust employees to work from home (although all this work could be done remotely) and I recall a time when he asked me about the time a coworker came in and why he left early (he came in at 8:30, left at 5...) We were constantly watched on cameras to see when we were walking in and out. 4) The Canadian team. It was impossible to communicate with them effectively. The CEO?s other yes-men were there and also never listened to employee feedback or thoughts. I felt like I was talking to a wall throughout meetings with them. There are many more things I could discuss. Dishonesty, lack of transparency, fear inducing tactics... none of us were ever sure if we were doing well or not. Our performance reviews would be glowing, then some of us would be laid off weeks later. It was an extremely toxic place for me and my coworkers and a time of frustration and disappointment. We often questioned our own capabilities and ended up not thinking for ourselves eventually. I felt free when I left. Potential job applicants- save yourselves and take a look at LinkedIn if you?d like to see for yourselves. Every high-quality employee has left the company. Many were suddenly let go. Take a look at their backgrounds, where they are now, and how long they stayed at Monkedia. I have never seen such turnover and such bright people. There is no longer an HR team. The analysts and even data leads I worked with have all left. The creative team has left. The people who remain are the few that the CEO is clinging on to because he desperately needs them. Save yourselves the trouble and find a worthy place to work at. The early positive reviews are here because employees are asked to do them within weeks of joining the company. Don?t fall for them. This is the worst place I?ve ever worked at.

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