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Keren Taylor

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2020-11-09 09:19:46

Stay Away.
I have never felt more inferior at a workplace until my time at WriteGirl. My experience nearly broke my spirit to work with non-profits. The management needs to take a course in respectful management, since they don?t seem to know how to talk to staff. They are supposed to be ?role models? to these teen girls, and what role models they are... of how not to be. I came in incredibly excited to work for what seemed like a great girl-power oriented organization, but have left jaded and frankly BULLIED by one staff member in particular. The disrespect was so blatant to me, it?s like my presence was a nuisance rather than a resource! The part-time staff were truly considered untrustworthy and incapable. Staff never truly get competent and EFFICIENT training, instead having to sit through long rambling meetings and be yelled at when a mistake occurs. With a general lack of organization and planning there is not enough time made for event logistics preparation leaving event staff to scramble. The micromanagement was absolutely the worst I?ve ever experienced. I felt like the management thought I was a complete idiot! They seemed to have a lack of trust in the skillset of their staff they hired, but whom they desperately need. I also felt pity for interns who have to deal with much snark and frustration, which is completely inappropriate for the interns to have to suffer through, let alone employees. It?s really no wonder everyone who figures out WriteGirl?s issues LEAVE. Anyone considering working here, think about your sanity and how much you can tolerate - honestly just run. The bulk of their staff leaves almost every year, has the management even considered an internal reflection on WHY? Perhaps hire a external consultant to really see what?s going on with your organization! There are many other similar cause organizations and I strongly suggest trying those out first before supporting or working with this non-profit. WriteGirl has several issues including ignorant white feminism, a deluded savior complex, and unbelievable lack of diversity and no intersectionality within their organization. This organization has been known as WhiteGirl, and still should be. Women of color are merely tokens to add to their made-up statistics. It costs 0 cents to be decent people who check themselves, yet they cannot seem to afford that. In order for this organization to survive in a call-out climate where word spreads quickly, they need to change internally FAST.


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